Think so,Suddenly felt the strong malice in this world。

Seeing Fang Hao and Guo Miaomiao walking away,Whispered:
“What’s so great about having a girlfriend?I don’t have a girlfriend,But I have freedom!You can experience it till midnight3Can you still play games unscrupulously??I can experience!”
Talking,Suddenly feel sad。
——He doesn’t seem to be really happy。
Hongjing Garden is a garden-style community,More than a dozen buildings have formed a circle,Inside the circle is a small park-like existence。
Fang Hao followed Guo Miaomiao into a building facing north。
Guo Miaomiao lives in this building,On the 15th floor,Towards the garden side,Facing south,Contract area of 103 square meters,But deduct the area,The actual area is more than 80 square meters.。
But in Pengcheng,This can be considered a large apartment,In this first-tier city in China,Most people cannot live in such a house。
Fang Hao lived in his hometown in the countryside3room1Hall house,The area is bigger than this。
After going out to work,Live in small rooms,Have to live with others。
Dormitory of the property company,A house of more than ten square meters can fit seven or eight people,The living environment can be imagined。
Enter Guo Miaomiao’s house,He was shocked:
“Wow,Sister Miao Miao, you live in such a big house alone,So happy。”
“Not so happy,”Guo Miaomiao said quietly,“Living alone in such a big house,Still feel lonely。”
“Then why don’t you find a boyfriend?”Fang Hao asked some surprises。