“but,You are not my opponent。”

“You better leave,This fig,Belongs to me。”
“I don’t want to continue fighting with you,otherwise,Get figs in a while,Someone came up to snatch,I have no power to protect the fig。”
Shangchuan,An expression of not wanting to fight,Advise the third sister。
“Ha ha!!I am not your opponent?”
“I’m not as arrogant as you,You are so arrogant。”
“In this case,Then keep fighting。”
“Who wins and loses,Still unknown!”
Third Sister finished,Sword again。
“it is good,Then keep fighting。”
Three sisters,Finished,Toward Shangchuan,Continue to shoot。
Lin Yu on the trees,See here。
Look around,See a certain place,Have one,Very suitable for sneaking。
Take advantage of everyone,Look towards the side of the battle。
Picked the figs in one hand。
“Brother,Come up and take me away。”
Got figs,Lin Yu looked at the second brother,Yelled。
“it is good,I am here。”
Luo Fei sees people around,Look towards the battle。