Study: early feeding of premature babies

Study: early feeding of premature babies

[导读] 英国的一项新研究发现,早产儿的肠道功能虽然不健全,但仍可较早开始给他们喂奶,这不会增加早产儿患上肠炎等肠道疾病的风险,相反还有Benefits such as shortening the time it takes a baby to inject nutrients.

  There is a theory that premature babies often cause diseases such as enterocolitis due to inadequate development in the body.

Therefore, many premature infant care institutions first inject nutrition fluids to their children, and then start breastfeeding at a later time. Thereafter, the nutritional fluid injection and breastfeeding will coexist.

  To find out if it is beneficial to feed premature babies early, researchers at the University of Oxford and others have tested about 400 premature babies in dozens of hospitals in the UK and Ireland.

These babies were born more than 5 weeks prematurely. About half of them started breastfeeding on the second day after birth, and the rest only started breastfeeding on the sixth day after birth.

  Follow-up observations show that there is no significant difference in the risk of infants with enterocolitis and other diseases, and there are certain benefits to starting feeding earlier.Conducive to child development.

  In this trial, the first premature infants were replaced by breast milk when they started feeding, and a small number of infants took milk powder.

  Professor Peter Brockhurst, who participated in the study, said that it is generally better to start feeding premature babies earlier.

Early breastfeeding allows infants to fully adapt to breast milk earlier without the need for special medical device care, which also saves medical resources.