Because he doesn’t understand。

Wait to move everything into the bedroom,Wang Yufei sat in front of the computer and began to do preparatory work before software development,The counselor came to visit。
“Introduce yourself,My name is Kang Jiandong,It’s you2019Counselor of Bioengineering,Add a WeChat first,You can contact me if you have any questions about life and study!”
“Thank you,Teacher Kang!”
Wang Yufei looked at this teacher Kang,very young,Looks like he’s in his twenties at most,Short hair,A simple sportswear。
If I didn’t introduce myself just now,Wang Yufei can probably treat this counselor as a senior。
“correct,Wang Yufei,In school means,This year’s freshman opening ceremony,The school hopes you will be a representative of freshmen to speak on stage,Think about writing a speech in these two days!”After saying hello,Kang Jiandong said。
“Ok?Freshman Representative?Can i change someone?”Wang Yufei wanted to refuse subconsciously。
“of course!”
Kang Jiandong nodded approvingly,Then continued“The school means that you can choose between you and Lu Yuxin。I don’t think about other things。After all I know you two are in the audience,No matter who speaks on stage on behalf of freshmen,May feel too stressed。You are from a school,Definitely know,How about you two discuss it in private?”
280 So you are the father of all new students(700Monthly pass plus)
Sure enough, Huaqing University is very reasonable。
For example, we respect students very much in the matter of freshmen representatives,Gave Wang Yufei the right to choose。
If it is placed in the provincial capital one,This is unimaginable。
Such as speeches at the commendation meeting,Say let Wang Yufei speak,He must speak。
but now,Wang Yufei has at least one more choice。