Slow Bull market is quietly coming, multiple technology stocks selected for August brokerage gold stocks

Slow Bull market is quietly coming, multiple technology stocks selected for August brokerage gold stocks

A number of technology stocks were selected for the August gold brokerage consumer sector and industry leaders in August. Sources were generally optimistic. Source: Wang Siwen, a reporter from the Securities Daily, converted the science and technology board to open.

  At the time of August’s approach, the merger institutions announced their investment strategies, and it was generally believed that technology stocks were ready for deployment opportunities.

In addition, there are securities companies that have selected multiple technology stocks for August gold stocks.

  The slow bull market may come quietly on July 29. Zhang Yulong, chief strategy analyst of CITIC Construction Investment Securities, stated that starting from July 23, the market has grown slowly and the style has changed significantly.

From an industry perspective, the electronics, communications, computer and other technology industries have gradually started to rise through profit improvement.

From the perspective of estimates, the market and industry estimates are below the median, and stock assets have a good price-performance ratio.

  Zhang Yulong’s team 武汉夜网论坛 believes that the slow cattle market is coming quietly, and electronics, computers, communications and other growth sectors will lead the upward trend.

Investors are advised to upgrade their equity asset positions and switch from the food and beverage industry with a stagnation environment configuration to the growth sectors with improved performance in electronics, computers, and communications, and grasp the golden autumn market in the third quarter.

  Southwest Securities analyst Zhu Bin also believes that growth stocks have a comparative advantage in the second half of the year, and investors need to seize opportunities in stages.

  UBS Securities has a different perspective.

Recently, the UBS Securities China Equity Strategy Team stated that it is cautiously optimistic about the A-share market under the slackening of economic system and policies.

It is recommended to continue to overweight the consumer sector and industry leaders. Large-cap stocks may continue to outperform small-cap stocks.

  Individual technology stocks are favored by brokers and will enter August, and gold stocks of brokers will also be released one after another.

On July 29, Lianxun Securities took the lead in releasing the top ten gold stock portfolios in August, namely: Zhifei Bio, ZTE, Changan Automobile, SF Holdings, China Railway Construction, Guanglianda, Hang Seng Electronics, Guangwei ComplexZhongmin Energy and Lansi Technology.

It is not rough, there are multiple electronic and pharmaceutical bio-sector stocks in this list of top ten gold stock combinations.

  In fact, the beginning of the 5G era has almost become the few consensus in the current market.

The investment opportunities brought by 5G have also attracted much attention from investors.

Recently, changes in many aspects of the market have been changed, and the organization has continued to focus on the technology sector again, and reached a consensus on the recent investment and allocation of technology stocks.

  The Minsheng Securities Research Institute issued its latest opinion on July 29, optimistic about the rebound of technology stocks. It is recommended to focus on the semiconductor, consumer electronics, Internet of Things and cloud computing sectors.

  Minsheng Securities analyst Yang Liu expressed this view from four aspects.

Yang Liu believes that, first, from the perspective of the technology cycle, the annual growth rate of domestic smartphone distribution in the first half of 2019 has gradually narrowed. The 5G replacement wave will make use of the consumer electronics industry chain in a long-term boom cycle.

Secondly, the prosperity of the technology industry continued to improve, and the performance of growth stocks in the second half of the year is expected to improve significantly.

Third, the market attention of a large number of technology stocks has decreased, and the attention of non-core assets is at a reduced level. The stock selection income may be considerable.

Fourth, the transaction scale of the growth sector has now increased. The proportion of active management cemetery funds on the Growth Enterprise Market and growth industries has fallen to 2013 levels.