Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but smile,It feels like a coincidence,This Li Chenming is a powerful singer who is so popular,He is in his thirties,Has been on fire for nearly ten years,Songs occupy the rankings of major music platforms all year round。

Joey is his loyal fan,I heard it on weekdays,Basically all his songs,It is said that she has liked him since high school,until now。
Mo Xiaosheng has been thinking about waiting for Li Chenming to come to Heyang for a concert,Take Qiao Yiyi to listen,I didn’t expect to come to treat his father today。
If you want an autographed photo from Li Chenming,,Qiao Yiyi will be very happy, right??
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but think。
Waited for less than half an hour,There was a knock on the door,Li Yan quickly got up and opened the door。
I saw a very fashionable man standing outside the door,It is Li Chenming。
Mo Xiaosheng looks at Li Chenming,Can’t help but sigh,A star is a star,Fan Er is different,And looks pretty young。
But Li Chenming didn’t come back alone,Next to him there is a blond and blue eyes、Foreigner with long nose,Foreigner dragging a big suitcase,With a big red cross on it。
Western medicine,Or foreigner。
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but look at the foreigner with a long nose.,Suddenly,This foreigner seems familiar,He saw him in a medical magazine of Qiao Yiyi,It seems to be a famous foreign neurologist。
“Chenming,Who is this?”
The family was a little surprised to see the foreigner。
“Oh,Aunt,Uncle,This is the neurologist Skellen I invited from Beijing。”Li Chenming smiled,Hurriedly introduced the foreigners to everyone。
The foreigner’s Chinese is very good,The accent is not too heavy,It can be seen that the time spent in China is not short。
“Then you invite this doctor Skellen to come……”Li Yan asked embarrassingly。
They have invited Mo Xiaosheng,Now Li Chenming brought another doctor,Something wrong,As if I didn’t believe in Mo Xiaosheng’s medical skills。
Jiao Yuan’s face is also a little unhappy,Said:“Chenming,I didn’t tell you,I invited a doctor of Chinese medicine over。”
“Uncle,This year,Who still sees Chinese medicine?,That’s all old stuff,Doesn’t work at all。”Li Chenming mentioned Chinese medicine,Looks quite disdainful。