“then,Let them two at night,All meet each other。”

“In this case,they,Will fight for sure。”
“Once fighting,This old man is rich,We know。
But this person in her daughter’s mouth,Not necessarily true。”
“And if it’s not true,Then this old man,I will retaliate against this young man,No matter who it is,Will get revenge。”
“Daughter bureau,Will be broken。”
“Ruuo the person in her daughter’s mouth,it is true。”
“Then,This old man,Don’t need us to act,Can also borrow this person,Drive him away,By the time,maybe,We also,Made 300,000 yuan!”
Father Liang,When saying this,With sinister expressions all over his face。
“Whoops,Old man,Why didn’t I think of this one?”
“you are so brilliant。”
“Yes,that’s it。”
“and,location,Also we ordered。”
“I’ll call that old man,Let him come at night。
In this case,Regardless of the final result,daughter,Don’t suffer,We don’t suffer。”
“Loser,Is one of these two。”