Only boss!Only the boss Kobe will teach himself every technical point,Do your best to train with yourself,Let yourself sign the contract,Starter!

right now,At the most critical moment of the playoffs,The boss needs me to get rid of Barkley。
Then come on,This time,Never let you down。
Daben’s eyes are fierce and full of tension,A bald head with fierce facial features。Makes Barkley a little uncomfortable。
“damn it,A rookie,Glaring?I’ll let you kneel down!”Barkley is a little bit embarrassed,But on the surface it still looks like a brave。
Big Ben doesn’t say a word,The corners of the mouth are slightly raised。
Barkley grew guilty as he watched the crooked mouth,The shadow of those punches is still there,Although there is no need to wear a mask for this game,But seeing Big Ben Barkley still feel a little pain on his face。
jump ball。
O’Neal won the jump ball again,His jump ball advantage over Olajuwon is still much greater。
Kobe catches the ball,accelerate!
“So fast!”Drexler didn’t expect Kobe to wait for the team to fall on the first goal,Direct entry!
Kobe simply accelerates and rushes past Drexler,When all players on the field did not anticipate,Hit the basket,Into the sky,Bend the body,Twisted into a long bow with great tension,Smash the ball into the basket!
“Sudden breakthrough!Kobe rarely plays like this at the beginning of the game。”