Su Luo ran around with the cameraman,He’s fine,And the camera crew is carrying a heavy machine,Already sweating,Panting,He looked at Su Luodao:“That one,Can you go slower?I can’t keep up with you。”</p>

Su Luo looked at the sweaty camera brother,Somewhat apologetic:“Sorry,I have been thinking about games,Never thought of you,We are not going,Just stay here。”</p>
With,Su Luo casually pointed to the storefront beside the street,Brother camera turned to look,There was a weird look on his face。</p>
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Many Reba broke up with the protagonist,Ha ha,Did you make it too early?。</p>
Don’t draw conclusions too early,The excitement is yet to come。</p>
First313chapter Su Luo is a scheming bitch(under)
Glanced at the store on the right,Camera brother looks weird,He spoke:“Sure we want to hide here?”</p>
Su Luo nodded,Went in first,The corner of the camera’s mouth twitched,Still bite the bullet and walked in。</p>
Who would have thought of this place Nima,A big man is hiding here,So scheming,In addition, the location of this shop is a corner,Most people habitually ignore this。</p>
walk into,You can find on the shelves on both sides,There are different kinds of women’s finished underwear。</p>
This is a lingerie shop,Two young people in the distance saw this scene,One of the young men in a baseball cap asked his companion:“I seem to see that Su Luo entered the underwear shop,Am i dazzled or……?”</p>
Companion looked weird:“Do not,You read it right,I also saw,Let’s go in。”</p>
The young man stared at the underwear shop for a half,Sighed,This person named Su Luo is really a talent,It’s almost impossible for anyone to find out。</p>
But it’s not their business,He is not a fan,I will definitely not prompt。</p>
Shop,Su Luo motioned to Brother Cameraman to put the machine down and rest for a while,He came to a place with a relatively large space,Put a twisted pose。</p>