This also increased her goodwill towards Liu Qing a lot,To this《Discover history》Show,Also have a greater sense of identity。

Really treat this show as his own show,Not a cameo job。
At dinner,I was discussing with Liu Qing about the recording of the show,Studying how to make more people like this show。
Chapter Four Eighty Five Just a younger brother
Watching Jiang Li’s show showed great interest,Liu Qing finally put forward a suggestion that he had always wanted but did not dare to make,That is to let Jiang Li in the future recording of the show,There can be more changes in clothing。
Although withOLStyle-based,butOLWind also has a different system,Always wear a suit,Every issue is like this,It is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue。
Jiang Li is a little depressed:“I also know this is not good,but,I only have one set of this style in my clothes。”
Liu Qingdao:“I can apply for this costume,Let the company solve this problem,Bought from outside,Airdrop over again。After all, our show is also making money for the company。”
Jiang Li is happy,Really need to be able to let the company solve its own photogenic clothing problem,Isn’t it possible to wear beautiful clothes for free??
Said:“that,Does the final ownership of the clothes belong to the company or to me??”
Liu Qing smiled:“Buy clothes according to your body type,Then it can only be yours。”
This is a bit of suspicion of using power for personal gain,but,For program quality,The reason is quite good。
Moreover,As the content director of a company,What’s wrong with seeking a little bit of selfishness for my dream goddess?
“I would like to thank Mr. Liu。”Jiang Li said happily。