Keep in mind, keep in mind from time to time, follow the laws of nature


Keep in mind, keep in mind from time to time, follow the laws of nature

The Chinese food culture is profound and profound, and 鈥渢he time is not to eat鈥?is the essence.

銆€銆€The sage Confucius has a very strict eating attitude: “Color is not eating, stinking and not eating”, that is, not to eat corrupt food, not to eat the wrong color, do not eat the taste is not right – only eat fresh food, but also color and fragranceAll!

銆€銆€Confucius also said: “There are many meats that do not make you angry.

“You can’t beat more staples than eating more meat.”

The ancients pay attention to the grain for raising, and the five dishes for filling.

Food is the most healthy food, and meat dishes are just a match.

This view is increasingly recognized by the modern nutrition community.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, meat is prone to dampness, block blood, and cause indigestion, so we must pay attention to the regulation of the main and non-staple food.

Too many people’s diet is low in carbohydrates, high in protein and high in sorghum, which is very unhealthy.

銆€銆€Confucius believes that “no more food,” and “no food.”

The double stomach of overeating, as well as cardiopulmonary function.

Chatting while eating, it is difficult to avoid in life, especially the so-called “dining meal” is to eat and talk about work.

Such a meal is always easy to squat, and when eating, the mind is not on the food and concentrated on other objects, the digestive system is difficult to enter the working state, inevitably indigestion.

銆€銆€It is not too difficult to comply with these laws and regulations, and it is very difficult to “do not eat from time to time”.

The anti-season fruits and vegetables have already raised people’s appetites. It is difficult to adapt to the monotonous table that used to keep cabbage, potatoes and radishes in the past.

It is no harm to occasionally adjust the anti-seasonal vegetables, but the primary and secondary points still have to be divided.

For example, Chinese cabbage, potatoes, and radishes should be the main characters on the table in winter, and the cooking methods are not hindered. In summer, the fruits are rich, and it is necessary to select a large number of listed products. It is harmful to preemptively 鈥渆arly taste鈥?

銆€銆€In fact, the health precautions are just like this: sleep while sleeping, eat when you eat.

In the opposite direction, nature and health have no chance.

For example, when eating while sleeping, the more you eat, the more fat you eat; the hungry when you eat, the stomach must suffer.

In short, everything must follow the laws of nature.