Because he doesn’t understand。

Wait to move everything into the bedroom,Wang Yufei sat in front of the computer and began to do preparatory work before software development,The counselor came to visit。
“Introduce yourself,My name is Kang Jiandong,It’s you2019Counselor of Bioengineering,Add a WeChat first,You can contact me if you have any questions about life and study!”
“Thank you,Teacher Kang!”
Wang Yufei looked at this teacher Kang,very young,Looks like he’s in his twenties at most,Short hair,A simple sportswear。
If I didn’t introduce myself just now,Wang Yufei can probably treat this counselor as a senior。
“correct,Wang Yufei,In school means,This year’s freshman opening ceremony,The school hopes you will be a representative of freshmen to speak on stage,Think about writing a speech in these two days!”After saying hello,Kang Jiandong said。
“Ok?Freshman Representative?Can i change someone?”Wang Yufei wanted to refuse subconsciously。
“of course!”
Kang Jiandong nodded approvingly,Then continued“The school means that you can choose between you and Lu Yuxin。I don’t think about other things。After all I know you two are in the audience,No matter who speaks on stage on behalf of freshmen,May feel too stressed。You are from a school,Definitely know,How about you two discuss it in private?”
280 So you are the father of all new students(700Monthly pass plus)
Sure enough, Huaqing University is very reasonable。
For example, we respect students very much in the matter of freshmen representatives,Gave Wang Yufei the right to choose。
If it is placed in the provincial capital one,This is unimaginable。
Such as speeches at the commendation meeting,Say let Wang Yufei speak,He must speak。
but now,Wang Yufei has at least one more choice。

Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but smile,It feels like a coincidence,This Li Chenming is a powerful singer who is so popular,He is in his thirties,Has been on fire for nearly ten years,Songs occupy the rankings of major music platforms all year round。

Joey is his loyal fan,I heard it on weekdays,Basically all his songs,It is said that she has liked him since high school,until now。
Mo Xiaosheng has been thinking about waiting for Li Chenming to come to Heyang for a concert,Take Qiao Yiyi to listen,I didn’t expect to come to treat his father today。
If you want an autographed photo from Li Chenming,,Qiao Yiyi will be very happy, right??
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but think。
Waited for less than half an hour,There was a knock on the door,Li Yan quickly got up and opened the door。
I saw a very fashionable man standing outside the door,It is Li Chenming。
Mo Xiaosheng looks at Li Chenming,Can’t help but sigh,A star is a star,Fan Er is different,And looks pretty young。
But Li Chenming didn’t come back alone,Next to him there is a blond and blue eyes、Foreigner with long nose,Foreigner dragging a big suitcase,With a big red cross on it。
Western medicine,Or foreigner。
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but look at the foreigner with a long nose.,Suddenly,This foreigner seems familiar,He saw him in a medical magazine of Qiao Yiyi,It seems to be a famous foreign neurologist。
“Chenming,Who is this?”
The family was a little surprised to see the foreigner。
“Oh,Aunt,Uncle,This is the neurologist Skellen I invited from Beijing。”Li Chenming smiled,Hurriedly introduced the foreigners to everyone。
The foreigner’s Chinese is very good,The accent is not too heavy,It can be seen that the time spent in China is not short。
“Then you invite this doctor Skellen to come……”Li Yan asked embarrassingly。
They have invited Mo Xiaosheng,Now Li Chenming brought another doctor,Something wrong,As if I didn’t believe in Mo Xiaosheng’s medical skills。
Jiao Yuan’s face is also a little unhappy,Said:“Chenming,I didn’t tell you,I invited a doctor of Chinese medicine over。”
“Uncle,This year,Who still sees Chinese medicine?,That’s all old stuff,Doesn’t work at all。”Li Chenming mentioned Chinese medicine,Looks quite disdainful。

“but,You are not my opponent。”

“You better leave,This fig,Belongs to me。”
“I don’t want to continue fighting with you,otherwise,Get figs in a while,Someone came up to snatch,I have no power to protect the fig。”
Shangchuan,An expression of not wanting to fight,Advise the third sister。
“Ha ha!!I am not your opponent?”
“I’m not as arrogant as you,You are so arrogant。”
“In this case,Then keep fighting。”
“Who wins and loses,Still unknown!”
Third Sister finished,Sword again。
“it is good,Then keep fighting。”
Three sisters,Finished,Toward Shangchuan,Continue to shoot。
Lin Yu on the trees,See here。
Look around,See a certain place,Have one,Very suitable for sneaking。
Take advantage of everyone,Look towards the side of the battle。
Picked the figs in one hand。
“Brother,Come up and take me away。”
Got figs,Lin Yu looked at the second brother,Yelled。
“it is good,I am here。”
Luo Fei sees people around,Look towards the battle。

“then,Let them two at night,All meet each other。”

“In this case,they,Will fight for sure。”
“Once fighting,This old man is rich,We know。
But this person in her daughter’s mouth,Not necessarily true。”
“And if it’s not true,Then this old man,I will retaliate against this young man,No matter who it is,Will get revenge。”
“Daughter bureau,Will be broken。”
“Ruuo the person in her daughter’s mouth,it is true。”
“Then,This old man,Don’t need us to act,Can also borrow this person,Drive him away,By the time,maybe,We also,Made 300,000 yuan!”
Father Liang,When saying this,With sinister expressions all over his face。
“Whoops,Old man,Why didn’t I think of this one?”
“you are so brilliant。”
“Yes,that’s it。”
“and,location,Also we ordered。”
“I’ll call that old man,Let him come at night。
In this case,Regardless of the final result,daughter,Don’t suffer,We don’t suffer。”
“Loser,Is one of these two。”

If it wasn’t for Brother Jiu’s exhaustion,,And gave out many favors,It’s impossible for Lan Kai to come。

The second is the folk song Xiaotianwang Fu Bufan of Yanhuang Music。
Fu Bufan back then18Years old,Also from a variety show,But he was eliminated in the quarterfinals, but he didn’t make a hit,But just wandering all over the country alone3Year time,Was discovered by Yanhuang Music。
Then he signed an extremely unequal contract,One person arranged all the lyrics and music in the album,One came out two years ago《My beginning》record。
Turns out this record sold300Million online album sales,Offline physical disc,Fully sold95000Zhang!
Since then, Fu Bufan has been hailed as the third little king。
Because Fu Bufan debuted in the same year as Han Donger,So the industry also calls them golden boys and girls。
Happens to be,recent《love letter》Drives Han Dong’er to the fire,So Brother Jiu made a decisive decision,Changed the original guest,Ruan Mo hard soak his good friend Wei Xi,I finally invited Han Donger。
In this way,《I sing my song》It seems to be the most powerful talent show this year。
Even if it’s another talent show with a queen Xu Ping participating in,Can’t compare to it。
Really for this reason,Last week’s《love letter》Saturday after the premiere,《I sing my song》Got0.68%Ratings,Ranked No. 1 in all variety shows last week17Bit。
This result is pretty good,Even in its ranking on Saturday,Are ranked fifth,Second only to the big variety show, Shonan TV“happy everyday”、Jiangdong TV《Blind date march》,Huajing TV《Sound of Nature》And Shanghai Hai TV《We are comedians》。
To know,Saturday’s variety shows are the most,More than 30 provincial and municipal television stations across the country,Almost there20Will show variety shows at this time,《I sing my song》Can be ranked fifth,It’s already a very cowhide performance。
last year《I sing my song》The one with the highest ratings is the final,But it’s just0.92%,Ranked fourth only once。
Now the first knockout game has such a good start,Brother Jiu and they are also in good spirits,Strive to break the ratings as soon as possible1。
As long as the ratings can be broken1’S variety show,Qualified to be called the Ace Variety Show。

Su Luo ran around with the cameraman,He’s fine,And the camera crew is carrying a heavy machine,Already sweating,Panting,He looked at Su Luodao:“That one,Can you go slower?I can’t keep up with you。”</p>

Su Luo looked at the sweaty camera brother,Somewhat apologetic:“Sorry,I have been thinking about games,Never thought of you,We are not going,Just stay here。”</p>
With,Su Luo casually pointed to the storefront beside the street,Brother camera turned to look,There was a weird look on his face。</p>
ps:Seeking collection Seeking recommendation</p>
Seek reward and support</p>
Ask for subscription</p>
Many Reba broke up with the protagonist,Ha ha,Did you make it too early?。</p>
Don’t draw conclusions too early,The excitement is yet to come。</p>
First313chapter Su Luo is a scheming bitch(under)
Glanced at the store on the right,Camera brother looks weird,He spoke:“Sure we want to hide here?”</p>
Su Luo nodded,Went in first,The corner of the camera’s mouth twitched,Still bite the bullet and walked in。</p>
Who would have thought of this place Nima,A big man is hiding here,So scheming,In addition, the location of this shop is a corner,Most people habitually ignore this。</p>
walk into,You can find on the shelves on both sides,There are different kinds of women’s finished underwear。</p>
This is a lingerie shop,Two young people in the distance saw this scene,One of the young men in a baseball cap asked his companion:“I seem to see that Su Luo entered the underwear shop,Am i dazzled or……?”</p>
Companion looked weird:“Do not,You read it right,I also saw,Let’s go in。”</p>
The young man stared at the underwear shop for a half,Sighed,This person named Su Luo is really a talent,It’s almost impossible for anyone to find out。</p>
But it’s not their business,He is not a fan,I will definitely not prompt。</p>
Shop,Su Luo motioned to Brother Cameraman to put the machine down and rest for a while,He came to a place with a relatively large space,Put a twisted pose。</p>

Think so,Suddenly felt the strong malice in this world。

Seeing Fang Hao and Guo Miaomiao walking away,Whispered:
“What’s so great about having a girlfriend?I don’t have a girlfriend,But I have freedom!You can experience it till midnight3Can you still play games unscrupulously??I can experience!”
Talking,Suddenly feel sad。
——He doesn’t seem to be really happy。
Hongjing Garden is a garden-style community,More than a dozen buildings have formed a circle,Inside the circle is a small park-like existence。
Fang Hao followed Guo Miaomiao into a building facing north。
Guo Miaomiao lives in this building,On the 15th floor,Towards the garden side,Facing south,Contract area of 103 square meters,But deduct the area,The actual area is more than 80 square meters.。
But in Pengcheng,This can be considered a large apartment,In this first-tier city in China,Most people cannot live in such a house。
Fang Hao lived in his hometown in the countryside3room1Hall house,The area is bigger than this。
After going out to work,Live in small rooms,Have to live with others。
Dormitory of the property company,A house of more than ten square meters can fit seven or eight people,The living environment can be imagined。
Enter Guo Miaomiao’s house,He was shocked:
“Wow,Sister Miao Miao, you live in such a big house alone,So happy。”
“Not so happy,”Guo Miaomiao said quietly,“Living alone in such a big house,Still feel lonely。”
“Then why don’t you find a boyfriend?”Fang Hao asked some surprises。

This also increased her goodwill towards Liu Qing a lot,To this《Discover history》Show,Also have a greater sense of identity。

Really treat this show as his own show,Not a cameo job。
At dinner,I was discussing with Liu Qing about the recording of the show,Studying how to make more people like this show。
Chapter Four Eighty Five Just a younger brother
Watching Jiang Li’s show showed great interest,Liu Qing finally put forward a suggestion that he had always wanted but did not dare to make,That is to let Jiang Li in the future recording of the show,There can be more changes in clothing。
Although withOLStyle-based,butOLWind also has a different system,Always wear a suit,Every issue is like this,It is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue。
Jiang Li is a little depressed:“I also know this is not good,but,I only have one set of this style in my clothes。”
Liu Qingdao:“I can apply for this costume,Let the company solve this problem,Bought from outside,Airdrop over again。After all, our show is also making money for the company。”
Jiang Li is happy,Really need to be able to let the company solve its own photogenic clothing problem,Isn’t it possible to wear beautiful clothes for free??
Said:“that,Does the final ownership of the clothes belong to the company or to me??”
Liu Qing smiled:“Buy clothes according to your body type,Then it can only be yours。”
This is a bit of suspicion of using power for personal gain,but,For program quality,The reason is quite good。
Moreover,As the content director of a company,What’s wrong with seeking a little bit of selfishness for my dream goddess?
“I would like to thank Mr. Liu。”Jiang Li said happily。

And Shrek and several people showed extremely suspicious gazes at Flander who arrived quickly.……

I have a question in my mind,Who is this wretched guy with a swollen nose?
Dai Mubai smiled and explained to them“That is the dean of our Shrek Academy!Flanders,Is a 76th-level war soul saint,Wuhun,Four-eyed cat eagle!Unexpectedly, when he came in person, he should have felt the violent spirit power fluctuations here.!”
Xiao Wu pointed to Flander’s blue and swollen face,Laugh out loud“puff,Why does Dean Flander have a bruised nose and swollen face?,Was it beaten by someone?”
Tang San also discovered this scene,Surprised“It seems to be true,Did Dean Flander just go to a duel??”
Ning Rongrong shook his head,Expressed his opinion,“I feel like I was beaten by someone else”
Heard a few words,Dai Mubai’s mouth twitched a few times,Xing Xing explained“Maybe the dean accidentally fell off the bed, right?……”
Dean, Dean,I have tried my best to restore your image,The way you look now is completely making a cold joke to the newcomers!
Flander who walked over cast his eyes,Wondering which tutor“What just happened?How could there be such a strong spirit power fluctuation”
Just asked him to recruit students,To make such a big movement……
He rushed here quickly because of this……
The instructor with tousled hair pointed at Xu Sheng next to him,Whispered“Dean Flander,This is Xu Shengmian!”
Flander frowned,Only then did he realize that there was a figure standing next to him……
After seeing Xu Sheng’s appearance clearly,The look on Flender’s face immediately became very aggrieved……
“Why is this great god again??I was in my store before,It’s this guy who beats himself up to his black nose and face!”
But he must hold back when he was beaten,This is Title Douluo,I have the courage to reason with others?