Only boss!Only the boss Kobe will teach himself every technical point,Do your best to train with yourself,Let yourself sign the contract,Starter!

right now,At the most critical moment of the playoffs,The boss needs me to get rid of Barkley。
Then come on,This time,Never let you down。
Daben’s eyes are fierce and full of tension,A bald head with fierce facial features。Makes Barkley a little uncomfortable。
“damn it,A rookie,Glaring?I’ll let you kneel down!”Barkley is a little bit embarrassed,But on the surface it still looks like a brave。
Big Ben doesn’t say a word,The corners of the mouth are slightly raised。
Barkley grew guilty as he watched the crooked mouth,The shadow of those punches is still there,Although there is no need to wear a mask for this game,But seeing Big Ben Barkley still feel a little pain on his face。
jump ball。
O’Neal won the jump ball again,His jump ball advantage over Olajuwon is still much greater。
Kobe catches the ball,accelerate!
“So fast!”Drexler didn’t expect Kobe to wait for the team to fall on the first goal,Direct entry!
Kobe simply accelerates and rushes past Drexler,When all players on the field did not anticipate,Hit the basket,Into the sky,Bend the body,Twisted into a long bow with great tension,Smash the ball into the basket!
“Sudden breakthrough!Kobe rarely plays like this at the beginning of the game。”


“Chu Yi,Uncle Lu,How’s it going?”Zhang Yang saw the two come back,Even welcome。
Zhang Yang this person,Although I look pretty stinky on weekdays,But at this time,I still care about Chu Yi。
only,Whether it is publicity、Still Uncle Lu,I don’t even know that their concern is completely redundant。
“Ugh!”Uncle Lu sighed。
“Expelled!”Chu Yi spit out these two words easily。
“Maybe it’s a good thing!”Uncle Lu raised the spirit,Again,“I always feel,A college student like you,It’s a waste to stay here as a security guard!What kind of job do you want,No better than being a security guard here?”
“Yes Yes!”At this moment,Zhang Yang also echoed and said,“I feel so too,You take advantage of this time to change jobs,Also pretty good!But in that case,We won’t have many chances to meet in the future!”
Zhang Yang glanced at Chu Yi’s Passat again,Keep saying:“And you just bought a car,You must have a car loan now, right??Find a new job,It’s not so easy to find the right one……”
“This is!”Uncle Lu also nodded,“Xiao Yi,If you have any difficulties in the past two months,Just speak up!A little busy,Uncle Lu still helped!”
“Thank you Uncle Lu!”Although Chu Yi doesn’t need it,But thank you very much。
“in fact……”Zhang Yang suddenly brightened his eyes,Tao,“Actually Chu Yi,You don’t have to rush to find a new job!These two months,I can bring you some quick money!”
“Take me to make quick money?”Chu Yi was surprised again,Speechless again。
There are people who can take him to make money?
Uncle Lu on the side,Lian Hudao:“Xiao Zhang,You quickly talk,Let Xiaoyi have a place to make money!”
Uncle Lu obviously cares about what Chu Yi will do when he loses his job。
“Hehe!”Zhang Yang smiled,“Chu Yi,you have heard‘Dangto’Is it?”

Unwilling to compromise,It can only be a dead sound。

of course,If Changxiang Technology is willing to compromise,Tim·Cook is willing to negotiate,As long as technology can be shared,Everything is easy to say。
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company can immediately resume the supply of brain-computer chips,Of course, Apple must get the chip first。Weihua may be able to occupy part of the market in a short time,But as long as Apple launches new products immediately,No problem。
Of course as an alliance party,Including Intel、Google、IBMand many more,Other companies can also benefit。
For example, the secondary development of brain-computer chips can be carried out on the current basis,In the future, Changxiang Technology will jointly develop product standards for next-generation brain-computer chips。
As long as you can participate in the formulation of interface standards,Everyone will have a share in the future,Happy。
of course,If Changxiang Technology cannot recognize the situation,Then everyone can only spend time。
Although it is almost impossible to reverse the chip,But since there is a finished product,Countless engineers use the most advanced instruments to find a way to find the realization principle of the function, but it is possible。
And then trying to develop a similar product,You can still bring everyone back to the same starting line。
The most troublesome situation is probably the uncontrollable factor of Samsung Group。
But it’s not a big problem。
Based on what everyone knows about Samsung,Faced with this situation,Even if Samsung is willing to produce brain-computer chips for Changxiang Technology under the pressure of the alliance,The lion will inevitably open his mouth。
the reason is simple,apple、Google、IBMAnd so on, high-tech companies in the US and the EU are Samsung’s major customers。
Under the process of globalization,Many American companies are also Samsung’s upstream suppliers。Not to mention Samsung’s chip manufacturing technology,And the products also have many technologies that are authorized to use by alliance companies。
in case[Begonia Book House fo]Samsung will go its own way,At least we must get enough benefits from Changxiang Technology。

“Humph,Isn’t he just a broken doctor?,What kind of thing!”Bi Zhen cursed coldly outside the crowd,Jealous,I hate my teeth。

Although Mo Xiaosheng and Luo Yilin have nothing to offend her,But in her eyes,As long as Luo Yilin is living well,She is not happy!
From freshman year,Luo Yilin pressed her in every way,She has been frustrated for four years。
Today the alumni meeting saw Luo Yilin brought a little doctor boyfriend over,She also wants to use her husband’s power to raise her eyebrows,It turned out that I didn’t have time to vomit,He swallowed again abruptly。
The women on the table who were short with her sisters,After hearing that Mo Xiaosheng was a genius doctor,Immediately left her and ran to kneel and lick Mo Xiaosheng and Luo Yilin.。
The more she thinks about it, the more angry she gets,Especially seeing Luo Yilin’s increasingly delicate face and tender skin that can pinch water,She’s crazy。
“Okay wife,Do not be mad,Catch the opportunity another day,I have to make this nasty breath for you。”
Chang Cong comforted her,Then asked her to take a taxi back by herself,Said he had to rush back to the store to check the goods。
“Humph!Bitch,See me scratch your fox face sooner or later!”Bi Zhen stomped her foot severely,Turned around and picked up the bag and walked out。
Chang Cong kept sending her in a taxi,Watched her go away,But then he did not drive back to the company,But took something from the car,Back to the hotel。
When Mo Xiaosheng got Sun Mei’s pulse,,Luo Yilin’s eyes stayed on his face。At this moment, Mo Xiaosheng’s face is calm,Look focused,He exudes an extraordinary and indifferent temperament,It feels like an outsider。
Luo Yilin looked at his not outstanding but exceptionally delicate eyebrows,I couldn’t help but jumped up,I can’t help but imagine how nice he would be if he were really his boyfriend。
But when she realized her thoughts, she immediately killed it in the cradle,If I am vivid with Mo Xiao,How can it be worthy of Joey?,Worry about Liang Heng。
It’s strange,She has no feeling about the name Liang Heng,On the contrary, the name Mo Xiaosheng did have an inexplicable touch,As if there should be such a person in her life。If it wasn’t for Mo Xiaosheng to tell her that Liang Heng was her first love,Otherwise she won’t have the slightest interest in the name。

In the pavilion,Huang Lei and Teacher He glanced at Su Luo,Sighed,It seems that even he has nothing to do。</p>

Nothing,Let the show crew take advantage this time。</p>
Although the watermelon is a bit,But everyone share some,Still no problem。</p>
And everyone was busy cutting watermelon,When dividing the watermelon,Su Luo left alone,Walk towards the program group。</p>
joke,But no one can easily take advantage of him。</p>
ps:Seeking collection Seeking recommendation</p>
Seek reward and support</p>
Ask for monthly pass for subscription</p>
Book Friends:</p>
Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p>
Wilderness also involves some first aid knowledge,Can be used in reality。。</p>
First415chapter This book ends the eunuch(two)
Su Luo walked towards the program group,Wang Zhengyu’s eyelids twitched,Heart,Why is this guy here again。</p>
Even if it is highly concentrated,Su Luo came to him,Smiled:“take it easy,I’m here to buy watermelon,Then one is not enough for us,I want to buy another big one,how much is it?”</p>
Wang Zhengyu glanced at him up and down,Tao:“One hundred yuan。”</p>
Su Luo didn’t walk away,But for a moment,Tao:“Can you show me how old it is?”</p>
Wang Zhengyu nodded,Wave,The deputy director was harsh and brought a watermelon big enough for basketball,Even bigger than basketball。</p>

Liang Kesheng picked up the wine glass,Said with a smile:“Xiaolu,congratulation。”

Luban Huijingdao:“Director Liang, don’t laugh at me,Just three lines,In the sea of entertainment,I’m just a little crucian。”
“Can’t say that。”
Gao Shanxiaodao:“Huang Hua is right,You haven’t officially aired any work yet,wait until《Let’s get married》,and also《Charlotte troubles》,When it is broadcast,Your popularity will definitely rise,By the time,I’m afraid the entertainment industry is your hottest。”
Lu Ban smiled。
He knows his fluke from the third line,It’s just that the songs I copied and released together,Sudden heat,He doesn’t have any advantage over many third-tier players。
to be honest,This third line was forced up by the heat。
Lu Ban noticed,Liu Xin was only when Huang Hua showed her phone,Looked up,I haven’t spoken any other time。
Quiet makes people feel bad。
Finished eating,Everyone left。
Lu Ban also walked out of the hotel,I saw Liu Xin standing near the pavilion。
He walked over。
“Why haven’t you left。”
“Drank,Waiting for driving。”
“Oh,Give me the phone。”
“Just give me your phone。”
Liu Xin frowned,Pass the phone to Lu Ban,Lu Ban took a look,Said:“password。”

James gritted his teeth and pushed the ball。

This time he didn’t find his teammates first。
James made a simple screen and chose to go to the basket after dropping the pickled peppers。
Facing the impact of tanks,Hibbert on the inside line did not counsel,A big Peng spreads its wings directly。
Although he didn’t risk James,But gave him enough interference for his layup。
James hit a layup。
Pickled Jiao quickly took off the rebound from Mozgov。
Accelerate in place。
Frontcourt two on three。
Pickled Jiao and the two quickly passed halftime。
Pickled peppers pass the ball to Xu Xuan on the free throw line。
Xu Xuan took advantage of the Cavaliers’ center has not yet been seated,A simple pace adjustment in place。

Came to ask this early in the morning?

Is it really interesting to me?
No way?
Took a bite of fritters,Lin Dong chewing,Staring at Qin Xiaomi,With thoughtful eyes。
Being stared at by Lin Dong like this,Qin Xiaomi also gradually became uncomfortable。
“Bastard,Staring at me like this?”
finally,Qin Xiaomi is a little embarrassed,Face reddish。
What does she want to hide。
I seem to be afraid of what Lin Dong will see。
Actually she didn’t know,Came so early in the morning,Ask things like,Already exposed too much。
Lin Dong hurriedly called haha,“It’s nothing,I am thinking about your problem。”
Took a sip of soy milk,Lin Dong continued:“Under normal circumstances,After the lovers broke up,Can’t be friends,Because it hurt。
But can’t be the enemy,Because once in love。


“All right,Facts are clear,I still have an important academic conference to attend,The driver is still waiting for me downstairs,Don’t stay much!Old he,It’s understandable for a while,But if you keep clinging to it,Ha ha……”
Finished,Gao Deyuan looked at Wang Yufei again,Still domineering:“Remember what i said today,Coming to Huaqing,Must take my graduate exam!”
Then I didn’t wait for anyone to react.,And left proudly。
Dana is Dana,Full of master style,Wave the sleeves,Without taking away any emotion。
The master is fast and accurate,get the point,Kill the enemy with one move。
It’s like Ximen Chuuxue never used a second sword to kill,The villain always die of too much ink。
“Then,Mr. He,Can we start talking about it officially?”
He Dushang looked up at Peng Jiankang,Then he nodded weakly。
The desperate look in his eyes instantly made Peng Jianjian understand what He Du sang meant,Put down the cup immediately,Open road:“Damn,My stomach hurts suddenly,Where is the toilet here?”
He Dusang looked up at Chen Feng again。
“The toilet here is really hard to find,This teacher,I will take you there!correct,Do you have paper?Do you want me to get you some?”
“paper?what,exactly,Get some,Get some,Look at my memory,We Huaxia people don’t hesitate to use our hands……”

The middle-aged man in front of Xu Sheng swallowed and did not dare to speak,Looking at the scarlet sky with fearful eyes……

How strong is this man?It makes the sky smell different!
When the Contra, who had been following Xu Sheng from behind, felt the pressure of the opponent that was countless times stronger than himself,Rushed over……
Then he hugged Xu Sheng respectfully“This adult!”
The middle-aged man sees his most admired Contra powerhouse like this,My eyes widened,Shocked“what?Even Master Contra is so respectful to this man,Could it be that……”
This man,Titled Douluo!!
How can this be??
Although I don’t have spirit power,But I also know that there are very few Title Douluos on the mainland!Ordinary people may never see a titled Douluo from afar!!
however,The facts are here,Can’t let him not believe!
Xu Sheng glanced at the Contra powerhouse,Indifferent tone“I want to rent this boat,Any questions?”
This look made him fall into an ice cellar,All over his body……
Flattering“no problem,no problem,You are a Title Douluo,It’s our pleasure to take our boat,We don’t take any money!”
I heard the Contra powerhouse say that,Those below who couldn’t understand Xu Sheng took a breath……