First565chapter Sink,You have to calm down!

Seeing Shen Huan not speaking,The look of coming over with a cold face,Everyone on the side was stunned。
Including a crowd of Lakers and Spurs players。
Even the audience on the field was stunned,It feels like watching a cold-blooded killer。
Seeing Shen Huan getting closer and closer,And anyone close to him,All hid in fright,Gave Shen Huan a way,Ginobili felt like he was going to pee。
But he can’t move yet,Not afraid,But he was so scared that his legs became weak。
He is swaying,On the live TV screen,Can see clearly。
Fortunately, Ginobili also has a teammate named Tim Duncan。
Duncan rushed out quickly,Hugged Shen Huan directly,“Sink,Sink!Hear me out,do not do that……He didn’t want to……Are you really going to kill him?”
Duncan didn’t dare to grab the two chairs in Shen Huan’s hands,Because he knows,If he dares to grab,Then Shen Huan will definitely not give him face。
Shifo doesn’t want to be so old,Shen Huan also punched the food overnight。
He is also complaining about Ginobili,You are also a little bit concealed,Don’t cause injuries。
This makes Iverson’s face covered in blood,Didn’t you make Shen Huan go crazy??
Ginobili’s approach,Is the tactic that the Spurs discussed before。

But he can’t,Lost the layup because he forced to the basket!

“Smart should trust his teammates more,What is he hitting?”
Smart is not known for his ability to score,He is tough on defense and overall situation!
Such strong hitting is actually not his style!
“Nice pick and roll!”Xu Xuan slapped Capella,This is what he got in exchange for two passes before。
“Hey,Buddy,I can pick and roll too!”
Stokes, another inside player of the Xu Xuan team, said loudly。
“Ok,Buddy,Waiting!”Xu Xuan smiled and gave a thumbs up。
Smart is a little emotional now,How can I overwhelm Xu Xuan’s limelight?。
This is undoubtedly using one’s own weaknesses to touch others’ strengths。
Xu Xuan couldn’t prevent his breakthrough,But what’s the point of his failure to score in the end?
10Seconds later,Xu Xuan keeps changing his dribbling rhythm,After retreating a step directly, make a sudden force!
Long pass!
Make a fake!
be cheated!
Smart misjudgment!


“Ok!Please wait!”
The salesperson’s heart beats extremely fast,As if dreaming。
Sold two cars worth 1.8 million in two days,This commission is soft!
The salespeople on the side beat their chests and feet,Very regretful。
I knew he was here again to buy a car,I should take the initiative to go up!
Two days,Two cars,3.6 million,Don’t take it seriously!
Is this Gao Fu Shuai?。
“Hey,Qin Shi,How can I explain to my mom like you。”
Lin Yun sighed。
“Explain what?Over one million,It’s not a big deal,No need to tell mom。”
Not much,The salesman came。
When handing the card to Qin Shi,The salesperson’s hands are shaking。
“I’m afraid you have to wait two days for your new license,I’ll let you know!”
Qin Shi nodded。

None of the clerk present dared to disagree,Turn around。

“let’s go!”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Four Waiting for the big fish to bait
Gangsters go away,The manager fell to the ground unconscious,So a clerk picked up the phone,Made a call。
“Hey!Brother Chu,StarlightKTVSomething happened,A group of gangsters came and beat them up!”
Jing Chu is sweating like rain on the training ground,Since Aniu and Li Qingqiu left Nancheng,Qin Shi regarded Jing Chu as his most powerful assistant,I usually teach him some fur kung fu he knows,But for ordinary people,Enough。
These matters,Qin Shi also notified various places,Contact Jing Chu in advance。
He doesn’t want to be noisy with trivial things all day long。
And since that day, Jing Chu,Become steadfast,Also try to communicate with others,But it seems to have no effect。
“I know,Go right away。”
Finished,Jing Chu hung up the phone。
Not for a while,Jing Chu hurried to,Watching the mess all over the floor,And spilled drinks,And the blood from the manager,Jing Chu probably knew what happened here。
“come here。”
Jing Chu pointed to a waiter who didn’t seem to be seriously injured and said。
“Send the manager to the hospital。”
The waiter nodded,Except for the store door,Jing Chu immediately contacted Qin Shi。
This matter is no longer something you can manage without permission,Qin Shi said,Big event,I want to report to him。


A few days before the game,All the Shrek inner courtyard students who participated in the Continent Young Soul Master Elite Competition gathered together……
Beibei said solemnly“This time the mainland young elite soul master contest,Points system,Divided into individual knockout and team competition,The proportion of the former gradually surpassed the latter!”
“but,This is exactly what we can take advantage of,Just control the points,Even if our two teams meet,Giving up will not affect”
Xu Sanshi proudly said“Individual match words,We are completely crushed here,Little Tao and Tang Ya both reached Contra,And Yuhao and Wang Dong who seem to have the lowest spirit power levels here,Personal combat capability is also extremely powerful!”
Dai Yaoheng gave him a glance,“Don’t underestimate anyone,We also had this idea,Winning in the end is still very difficult”
Ling Luoshang nodded“Yes,Because the spirit masters who participated are so strange,So even if the opponent’s spirit power level is very low,,Also be ready!”
Beibei solemnly said“but……the most important is,This time, except for the tricky Sun-Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy,And people taught by the Holy Spirit!”
Xiaoya was captured by the evil spirit master taught by the Holy Spirit,If you let him meet in the game,I absolutely want to catch them all!
Wu Feng Wen Yan,Frown“what?These people in charge of hosting the contest are all eaters?”
Ma Xiaotao shook her head,Helpless“Do not……Because even they can’t tell whether the people of the Holy Spirit have hidden in that sect,If you want to know,I still have to observe after the matchup!”
suddenly,A figure appeared“Yo,Little guys,You are all here!The rules for this year’s Continent Young Soul Master Elite Competition have been……”

“Oh,Little brother,Lucky……”

“meeting”The word has not been spit out,Mo Zizhen was the first to froze in place,Open mouth,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng with shocked face,The brain suddenly went blank。
“Ha ha,Self-realization,What to do,Please sit down。”Nangong Xilian enjoys Mo Zizhen’s state of loss,This is the first time he has seen him in so many years.,So he deliberately didn’t break,Pretending to be confused, ask Mo Zizhen to sit in。
“I just sit here!”
Mo Zizhen didn’t follow him inside,Pull out the chair and sit down at a distance from Mo Xiaosheng。
Nangong Xilian did not stop,Walked back to the seat with a smile。
“Little brother,you……Where are you from?”
As soon as Mo Zizhen sat down, Chongmo Xiaosheng asked.。
“Bianzhou。”Mo Xiaosheng answered truthfully。
“Bianzhou!”He Zizhen looked startled,Anxious:“that……Then your parents are in good health?”
“pretty good。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded and said。
“Where’s your father,What is he doing now?”Mo Zizhen suddenly asked Mo Wenxing。The moment he saw Mo Xiaosheng,He guessed that Mo Xiaosheng was the son of Mo Wenxing,The boy that Mo Wenxing brought to his Mo family twenty years ago。

Lu Shanshan shook her head:“no need,I’m used to it,As long as it’s after eight o’clock in the evening,I don’t want to eat。Yue Ge,But you,I think you are recovering recently,Doctor Liu said you can do some exercise,Do you need more food?”

Shen Zhiyue happily shook his chicken legs:“I am adding。Look,Made by your mother ,Delicious。”
Lu Shanshan is a little speechless:“This thing I changed from snack to big,How much your family abused you,You have this kind of pride now。”
Shen Zhiyue rolled his eyes:“What do you know。They say that mother-in-law is difficult to deal with。Now I coax my mother-in-law into my own mother,Can i be upset?”
Lu Shanshan shook her head:“Do not,Yue Ge,She is already your mother,I think you don’t change it back in your life,You used to be poisonous,I feel very annoying,But your mouth is cheap now,I think it’s cute。”
Shen Zhiyue pursed his mouth,Said shamelessly:“That’s because you didn’t fall in love with me before,You fall in love with me now。”
Lu Shanshan feels very speechless,But what Shen Zhiyue said is justified。She used to think that Shen Zhiyue was a strong man,Very handsome,Dragon and phoenix,But after confirming the relationship,She only thinks Shen Zhiyue is her little cutie,It’s her baby。Shen Zhiyue used to speak harder,Face cold,She will feel scared,Worried that I offended him。Shen Zhiyue has a bad temper now,She also treats the other side as complaining,It’s like a little cat with little attack power,Furiously waved his paws twice,Can’t hurt people at all。
Shen Zhiyue saw Lu Shanshan look at herself smirking,How stupid to be,In his heart, there are 10,000 unwillings。His face is so handsome,Put on such an idiot face,Didn’t that ruin his image??But then think again,Maybe Lu Shanshan is doing nympho on him,He should give Lu Shanshan some space,After all, Lu Shanshan is a little girl at heart,The little girl is in love,Of course it would be silly。
It’s okay for my lover to be stupid in front of me,Just be shrewd in front of others。
“Speaking of,You ran so many places recently,Is there any gain?”
Lu Shanshan’s face changed immediately:“Yue Ge,I seem to be doing something wrong,Someone has been discredited recently,Say you lost your endorsement,Because of your bad character。”
Shen Zhiyue suddenly pretended to be stupid,Keep the chicken legs firmly:“Your character is not good?I didn’t see it。Did you do something bad that I didn’t know?No way,I’m not so fate,I finally followed you,You are a bad guy。I want to tell Aunt Tong。”
Lu Shanshan:“Cough,Enough Brother Yue,You play it again,I want to take you to the psychiatric department。Yue Ge,Do you think it’s Xu Shuang who wants to black me?He misunderstood me a lot,Would he want to pull me off the stage?”
Shen Zhiyue casually said:“It’s possible,So I told you earlier,No real friends in the circle,You don’t listen,Always stupidly approaching people,Look,You are now backlashed。Just say you should listen to me。”

Xu Xuan’s defense is a prepared defense,The position is stuck,Manu still threw the ball in by relying on his demon wind。

Pacers’ last attack。
Strictly speaking,The Spurs at this time still have hope of a comeback,As long as they choose to foul,Then expect Xu Xuan to miss two free throws,They have even tied or even killed(3+1)Opportunity。
But this is a bit difficult。
Will it foul??
The old undead Popovich touched his chin and thought.
When he wants to come,At this time, all fouls are inferior,The best thing is that someone can steal something or something,then3+1Beat into,Tut,Flawless。
I just don’t know if his disciples have this spirituality。
Does anyone else know,Anyway, Kawaii has this spirituality。
He has a big heart,Seeing Xu Xuan coming with the ball,The first thing that comes to mind is to be like Popovich。
Steal,Then shoot,At least it can be overtime!
The Spurs’ formation.Kawaii this expression,Why is it a little familiar??
This guy is thinking about stealing me?
How else can you be so murderous?
damn it!
I have to guard against it!
Xu Xuan raised his vigilance secretly。

“You have a great hammer?”

“Eat a hammer!”
“Buy a hammer!”
“Let me tell you a hammer!”
I think it’s interesting。
Thinking of shopping yesterday,Guo Xiaoyi unconsciously thought of the hot pot he had at noon yesterday……
Very delicious……
Just when the girl is already out of the sky,Suddenly the phone in my pocket shook。
“what?How did the small machine move??”
Guo Xiaoyi looked up at the teacher,Fortunately, there are seven winter training camps、Eighty people,She and Wang Yufei、Lu Yuxin sits behind,The teacher shouldn’t notice her?
and many more,This is not a class,Anyway, she’s here to mess around……
One thought ends here,Guo Xiaoyi quickly took out her phone,Put it on the pile of materials sent out before class。
Sure enough, a message popped up on WeChat。
Learn from:“Can i sit next to you next class?”

The Great Elder of the Haotian School saw the white masks all over Qianyu,Secretly“This man turned out to be a soul teacher!And the level should not be low!No wonder you dare not release Wuhun,Holding a woman to resist her own blow!It turned out that the Soul Guidance Device gave him confidence!”

The continuously rotating waterspout with the size of more than ten meters rushes towards Qianyu,Straightly hit the white mask next to him,Madly strangling……
however,Lasted a full ten seconds,This waterspout suddenly disappeared……
Did not even leave a trace on the white mask!
The surrounding Clear Sky School disciples saw that their Great Elder’s attack was easily blocked,All angry“This person is shameless!Even using the Soul Guidance Device to resist the attack of the Great Elder!”
“I thought he was very strong,I didn’t expect to rely on this despicable method!”
“People of this kind want to meet our Sect Master of Clear Sky School,Simply unreasonable!”
And the elders of the Clear Sky School heard the words of these disciples……
All shook their heads in disappointment……
Even if this man doesn’t use the Soul Guidance Device,,The spirit strength he possesses is not comparable to that of the Clear Sky School disciples.!
The Great Elder of the Clear Sky School looked at the undamaged mask,Secretly“He didn’t even leave a trace,I’m afraid that at least it has reached the eighth level soul guide!Then I must not keep my hands!”
immediately,The eighth spirit ring under my feet lit up……