“Marin and I didn’t promise to let them take a shower。”

Qiangzi answered nonchalantly。
“is it?That line,I’ll do the job myself,I will tell Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun:Qiangzi and Marin never agreed to let Qiao’er and Xin’er take a bath,So they are right not to help。”
Yang Zhi smiled,Say calmly。
“do not!When did you learn the boss’s tricks?You’re pretty good, you!”
Hadron started to struggle。
Yang Zhi just laughed,Don’t even say anything,Although he can’t deal with Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,But it’s more than enough to deal with Qiangzi and Marin。
“I remember wrong!Marin and I seem to have promised Qiao’er and Xin’er that they can take a hot bath。”
Hadron changed his mind。
“As if?It means not sure?”
Yang Zhi asked slowly and deliberately。
“Do not,Not as if,Yes ok!We must have promised!”
Qiangzi changed his mouth again……
“What nonsense is that?Don’t hurry up?Let’s fight back these two empty buckets,Then the three of us will figure out how to get a simple water heater。”
Yang Zhi just released it with satisfaction“command”。
Yang Zhi Kongwu Youli,So he fights against an empty gasoline can alone,And Qiangzi and Marin take advantage of the laziness,Two people carried one together,The distance from the camp is not very far,This little hard work is not a problem for them,An empty gasoline can,Except inconvenient to take,In fact, the weight is too trivial for a male dragon soul elite fighter。
But even so,When Yang Zhi and the three of them put two gasoline cans back into the camp,Shen Ruoxue, Liu Xiaoyun, and the others immediately surrounded him,You know that an empty gasoline can is nothing to Yang Zhi and the others,But to the Shen family girls, that’s really nothing!

to be frank,Many people come to their school every day to find someone to see you。The doorman said please go back and I am used to it。

Yi Xiangjun smiled and thanked,Not angry,Because she is carrying Yi Jia,in advance,alone,Came quietly。
After the exercise,Bao Bao called Mu Yan,“I am preparing a movie,You know?”
Mu Yan nodded,“Where i can help?”
Baby Ou nodded,“I hope to invite your father, Mr. Mu Nianhua,As a music producer for my movie。”Paused,“Basically the soundtrack,This aspect,Other music effects,Someone else is responsible。I really hope that Mr. Mu Nianhua can compose a song for this movie.”And gave a business card,“I recently worked at Mingle City,If Mr. Mu Nianhua intends,Can contact me,Go into details.”
Mu Yan knows Ou Baobao is Da Ou’s grandson,Super capable,Super status,Different from most of the rich second generation in school。But it was the first time that he came into contact with Bao Bao, who is the role of Taizi,feel,So strange.
He took the business card hesitantly,Mu Yan has a feeling in his heart,The distance between him and Bao Bao,Farther.
Xie Yun glanced at Mu Yan,Nothing said。
When eating at noon,After Xie Yun poured juice for Baby Ou,Just say,“Wan Ming has many very capable music producers, right?Why do you think of looking for Mu Yan’s father??”
Baby Ou directly answered,“Cheap。”
“.”Xie Yunchu is a bit confused,“Mu Nianhua is also a well-known composer in China,He goes,Not cheap?”
Baby Ou explained,“Even if it’s not cheap,It’s also cheaper by famous and talented music producers。”Then I said a few names,“These are all master-level film and television music producers,Want to invite them out,First, the work needs to be made,To be worthy of their status。This is not what they asked for,But after all, Renjie’s skills are there,If the work you receive is a small investment and a small production,Also shameful。”
“then,They are still very assertive。how to say,I am indeed a person who values ability,But this movie,Since from script to casting to investment,I planned it myself,Then I just want to find a musician who can listen to me to cooperate,Rather than an opinionated。”
Xie Yunchu laughed,“that,If you want the effect,Not good?”
“That means,Me,At this level。Good or not,That’s it。”Baby Ou actually hesitated for a long time,“My original intention was to coax Ono,I didn’t even plan to write the script。But later,Since i wrote,I also prepared,Then why don’t I follow my own preferences??Anyway you know,The scripts are all very unpopular science fiction subjects,The worst results can be foreseen by sight,Then what do I have to worry about?”

He discussed with Wei Keqin about how to develop the economy in impoverished counties,Seeing it’s getting late,Wei Keqin still has some ideas,stand up,Shake hands with Jiang Fan,Strongly request Jiang Fan to inspect work in their county。

After Wei Keqin left,Jiang Fan looked at his watch,He didn’t receive Ding Yi’s call,Thought,Isn’t the interview finished yet??Just called her again。But I heard the sound of shutting down。Now he is in a hurry。
I want to go and see,I’m afraid that others will think too much,Thought for a while,He took out his address book,There is the phone of Ding Yi’s original office,He is going to talk on the phone,No one answered。 He put down the phone,Open the door,I want Xin Lei to go ahead and see the situation,Unexpectedly,The moment he opened the door,He saw Secretary Xin Lei standing at the door,Almost missed him,And it seems that his head just retracted from the door,Jiang Fan suddenly realized that the driver Tian Xiaoshan had said that Secretary Xin liked to listen to Qianggen。Said seriously immediately:“Why are you standing here?”
Xin Lei must have thought about answering,He said:“I just went in,Who knew you were just about to come out。”
Jiangfan Station,Seriously:“what’s up?”
Xin Lei said:“My child has diarrhea,I’m going in to ask you for a leave,If you have nothing else,I’ll go back early and take the kids to the hospital to see。”
This is a good reason,Jiang Fan has no reason not to leave,He said slowly:“Let Xiaoshan go with you。”
Xin Lei quickly said:“No more,I borrowed a car。I’ll leave if you have nothing else。”
Jiang Fan nodded。Xin Lei closed the door of his office,After a few steps forward, I suddenly said:“correct,Did you come out just now??”
Jiang Fan startled,Said:“No、No,Child matters,go quickly。”
“The mayor, i’m leaving,Call if you have something。I’ll be back after watching。”
Jiang Fan deliberately checked his watch,Said:“no need,Today is the weekend,I’ll be off work after you finish reading。”
“Thank you mayor,I am leaving。”
Watching Xin Lei walk into the elevator,Jiang Fan returned to the office,He picked up the intercom,Called Xiao Aiguo’s office,Don’t let the phone ring a second time,Xiao Aiguo is connected。
“You come up。”
Jiang Fan puts down the phone after speaking,Sitting behind the desk,I feel a little guilty。

Baby looks up at mother,Smile,No objection。

Zheng Liang brought Guan Hao a set of jerseys,Let him change。He looks at his wife and son here,Said:“I won’t fight,Let me walk with them。”
Secretary Chang said:“Mr. Zheng,You guys go fight,I can’t fight anyway,I accompany Mayor Guan。”
Zhao Gang said:“I don’t fight either,Division of Labor,You accompany Master Guan,I’ll go with Comrade Guan Jian。”
Baby listen,He raised his head and smiled at mom。
Chang Yuan said:“Will Xiaoxia fight??”
Guan Hao said:“Haven’t taught her yet。”
Chang Yuan said:“Xiaoxia,Learn to play,I can come to play with him in the future。”
Not waiting for Xiaoxia to make a statement,The baby who has been held by her mother said:“Often big,Can baby learn?”
What he said made everyone happy,Chang Yuan bent over and hugged the baby and said:“Of course you can learn,But you have to grow taller quickly,At least higher than the cue。”
“I am taller than the cue。”Baby said。
“Much higher,Otherwise you can’t get up。”
Baby doesn’t speak anymore,He asked mother:“mom,Why doesn’t dad play?”
Xia Jihan took the baby,Put on the ground,Said:“Dad has something。”
The baby hugged mother’s neck,Said:“Baby wants to watch dad play。”
“This one,Wait for dad to finish talking,It’s okay, let dad play for the baby,Alright?”
Baby nodded。Xia Jihan said:“Da Zhao has a little brother,Shall we let him bring my little brother to play with you??”
“I don’t want to play with kids,Want to see dad play。”
“Haha。”Chang Yuan laughed,Xia Jihan smiled。
At this moment,Guan Hao and Zhao Gang who were walking in front heard their laughter and turned their heads,Guan Hao saw their mother and son squatting there and talking,Just asked:“what happened?”

“I’m going to chop off your hands!”

Yang Shiyun said viciously。
“Really?You are willing?”
Qin Liang pulled his right hand,He pulled Yang Shiyun back into his arms。
“Of course willing!What am i not willing!Save your hands are dishonest,Fumble everywhere。”
After Yang Shiyun sat down,I grabbed Qin Liang’s hand first……Lest he put his hand in his bath towel again。
“I have a hasty!My hand will be chopped anyway,I haven’t chopped it yet,I’d better do what I haven’t done first,So even if you get chopped off, you won’t be wronged。”
Qin Liang finished,Immediately began to stretch his hands into Yang Shiyun’s bath towel。
“Don’t make trouble!Watch the night scene with me!”
Yang Shiyun desperately resisted。
“Haha……I don’t want to look at the night view outside,I want to see the beauty in you。Beautiful scenery on you,It’s much better than the night view of the city outside!”
Qin Liang said with a smile。
Two people are quarreling like this,As a result, the bath towel on Yang Shiyun’s body suddenly stretched out,Then slide down……This is just great,Yang Shiyun is naked again。
Qin Liang reacts quickly,Immediately grasped Yang Shiyun’s two hands firmly!And hug her tightly。
“All right,Now you can continue to see your night view of the city。”
Qin Liang said jokingly。Yang Shiyun sitting on Qin Liang,Because of height,The full upper circle dangled in front of Qin Liang’s eyes~~
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One thousand three hundred and thirty-five chapters I am willing

Qin Liang’s surprised question。

“Oh,Yu’er was thirsty and wanted to drink water,She didn’t bring her wallet,Li Hai has no money,Ran over and asked us for ten yuan……So the two of us gave Li Hai the two thousand dollars we brought,Although he has a special status,But he’s a big man anyway,You have to ask for money even to buy a bottle of water,It’s too embarrassing,And he still buys it for Yuer,So Xiaoxue and I think we still have to worry about the face of him and Yuer。”
Liu Xiaoyun explained seriously。
“Yep,You are very thoughtful,Even if you don’t think about Li Hai’s face,,Yu’er’s face must also be maintained,There is nothing wrong with doing this。”
Qin Liang nodded and said in approval。
“So brother-in-law, you have to reimburse us。”
Shen Ruoxue said while the iron was hot。
“No problem with reimbursement,But the three of us are so familiar,Can you give me a discount?For example, can you reimburse half of it??”
Qin Liang deliberately held back a smile and asked seriously。
“No way!”
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun answered in unison!
“I have a hasty!So I just refused?Don’t even have any room for negotiation??”
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and forty six Why don’t you change your name
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Chapter two thousand nine hundred and forty six Why don’t you change your name
Qin Liang asked bitterly。
“I’ve never heard that reimbursement can be discounted。”