“Although today is just a simulation training,The game has a lot of ingredients,But the problems exposed by them are terrible and worrying,I don’t think I’m exaggerating.,I just see what i see,And tell you all the truth in my heart。”

Yang Zhi obviously really takes this matter seriously。
“Maybe they thought they were participating in a game,So I didn’t take it seriously.。”
Qiangzi bit his head and tried to help the four little girls to make excuses to explain……
“Are you sure you really think so in your heart?”
Yang Zhi looked at Qiangzi,Still asking him in a serious tone。
“Ok,I actually don’t think so,I just want to help them find an excuse。”
Qiangzi admitted with a wry smile。
“Hadron,I know you are kind,But i want to remind you:Today you made an excuse for your Li Qiao’er,Tomorrow or someday later,Your Li Qiao’er is very likely because of the excuse you helped her find today,And fell on the battlefield。”
Yang Zhi’s tone became more severe。
Actually in Dragon Soul Warrior,Yang Zhi’s reputation has always been extremely high,Apart from Qin Liang, another warrior leader most respected by the dragon soul warriors!Everyone can see his ability,So what he said in a serious state,It’s definitely a very important talk of experience。
“I’m wrong!I……Shouldn’t make this excuse for them。”
Qiangzi dare not talk casually,Yang Zhi’s words,Has made his mind sober immediately,He also realized the seriousness of the matter。
“This responsibility lies with me,Is my usual negligence……”
Qin Liang had to speak up。
“Boss,I didn’t talk to you about responsibility,I’m talking about their life and death issues on the battlefield,I don’t care who is responsible,I only care if they can come back alive from the battlefield in the future。”
the first time,Yang Zhi unceremoniously contradicted Qin Liang!
“That one……After letting them rest for a while,Convene all the Shen’s sisters for a meeting,Yang Zhi,You scold them well,We must make them aware of the seriousness of this matter!Don’t think too much,I didn’t let you take the thunder for me,The key is that I speak now,They don’t take it to heart,I am just a brother-in-law in front of them,It’s not the boss of the dragon soul at all。”
Qin Liang said helplessly……


Hu Lixin, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV and swiping his mobile phone, suddenly found his wife walking in front of him,Put a plate of peanut seeds and a plate of cut fruit on the coffee table in front of him。
Melon seeds and peanuts are on the same plate,But it’s very clear,Black-brown melon seeds and yellow-toothed peanuts were shown by Xie Lan as a Tai Chi Yin and Yang fish……
The apples form a radial circle on the outermost part of the plate.,And inside the circle are long strips,Are arranged neatly into a radial circle,In the center of the circle are the swollen purple-red grapes that have been picked.。
Just three layers,The innermost is red,The middle layer is turquoise,The outermost is light yellow,Pretty pretty。
“Why are you doing these fancy things??”Hu Lixin is strange。
“Holiday。”Xie Lan happily sat down on the sofa beside her husband,Then take out the remote control,Turn on the TV,Switch to Anton TV。
“Pursue dreams,It’s never too late!”
Hu Lai’s face and his voice appeared on TV again——this is《Characters》Trailer of the show。
Hu Lixin immediately understood what his wife was doing,Today is Wednesday,Is the latest issue《Characters》Air day……She is so grand,Just to watch my son on TV!
Hu Lixin rolled his eyes,I plan to get up and leave to smoke in the kitchen。
But this time he didn’t make it,Because I was held back by my wife:“Smoking is harmful to health!”
“Then i don’t smoke……”Hu Lixin took out the cigarette case and lighter in his pocket,Put on the coffee table。
Would rather not smoke,Don’t want to watch TV。
Xie Lan is anxious:“Must see!Usually you don’t watch the game,Today’s son’s documentary must be watched!Hu Lixin,He is your son,Not your enemy!You don’t know much about your son,Look at his documentary to learn about him, wouldn’t it be great??Moreover,You always complain that he was forbidden to touch football since he was young,How did he like football in the end……Then you watched this documentary,Maybe you can know the answer?So sit down for me,Let’s watch!”
Her hands passed through her husband’s arms,Hugged him hard,I’m afraid he ran away。
Hu Lixin used a bit of strength,I found it difficult to drag my wife on a soft sofa,He loses all his strength when he reaches half of his strength,Fell back on the sofa。
Upon seeing this, he had to agree:“it is good,I read。Don’t keep dragging me……”
“No way!Until you finish,I won’t let go!”Xie Lan shook her head,Said with a firm expression。

He Pengfei thought Ding Yi was shy,Just follow,Hugged him from behind,Hold both hands in front of her,Said shortly:“day,Am I dreaming?”

Ding Yiban opened his hand,But he hugged her hard,Don’t let Ding Yi struggle,Simultaneously,Lowered his head and kissed the back of Ding Yi’s neck。
but,He Pengfei’s hand slowly released,Simultaneously,The mouth also left Ding Yi’s neck,because,His hands clasped in front of Ding Yi,I clearly felt tears falling on his hands,Cool,Wet……
He slowly calmed down the heat in his heart,Slowly turn Ding Yi around,really,Ding Yiliang’s eyes filled with tears,delicate and charming……
He held this little face,Said painfully:“Sorry,Sorry……”
She shook her head,Closed eyes,Immediately,Two strings of crystal tears,Just like the broken pearl,Tumbled down,Drip on her white neck。
He Pengfei gently held her face,Stared for a long time,Then let her lean on her chest,Hug her gently,that moment,I closed my eyes too……
he knows,In Ding Yi’s heart,There is a person,Always occupy her heart so tenaciously,So that he can’t enter,He waited bitterly,Waiting for Ding Yi to accept himself,He just thought this wonderful moment had come,So I kissed her forgot,Caress her presumptuously,but,After all, it’s hard to resist that person’s charm,Although Ding Yi did not categorically refuse,That is to save face,Her tears,Says it all……
no way,She loves so much,She can’t accept anyone,Isn’t it the same with me??Other girl,Just look beautiful,No matter how good,Isn’t he indifferent??He suddenly remembered a word,When you love her,She loves others in her heart。
Thought of here,He Pengfei has a faint pain in his heart,He leaned in her ear and said:“I’m waiting for you,Waiting for the day you accept me。”
Ding Yi raised his head,Said with tears:“Sorry,I can not do it,Don’t wait,It’s useless,impossible……”
“To shut up!”
He Pengfei suddenly stopped drinking,Ding was surprised,Shut up quickly。
He Pengfei’s eyes are very deep、Very painful,His eyes are a little red,Swears:“I have the confidence to wait until you,I believe that one day,Your heart will open for me He Pengfei。”
Tears,Flowing out from the corner of Ding Yi’s eyes。
He Pengfei distressedly wiped away her tears with his fingers,Said:“I will not bother you anymore,You don’t have to invite me tonight……”What else does he want to say,But shut up,Bow your head,Gave her a kiss on the forehead,Said:“rest well,You have a task tomorrow。”
Talking,Turned around and walked towards the door。
“Pengfei——”Ding Yi pointed at his back,Called。

Ren Dongguo’s excuse。

Actually sucks。
Ren Yurou didn’t believe it on the spot,Until I went out and saw the car,Call Yang Junxiong again,This is sure,Car,Indeed bought。
As for the so-called investment dividend,She knows her father,No talent in that area,Ye Tianzong bought it with him,This increased her suspicion of Ye Tianzong。but,She doesn’t know,Is this guy really stupid or pretending to be sick?,all,You have to see Dr. Wu before you know。
Dr. Wu and himself have been friends for many years。
Ten years older than myself,I was the most lonely and helpless,Even when insane,Gave a lot of help。
It can be said,Is her life mentor,Her words,Is a famous saying。
and so,For buying a car,She didn’t ask,Come back to learn more。
Clock in off work,After driving Ren Dongguo home,,Go to Lincheng Mental Hospital。
The hospital is big。
Accommodate various mental patients,And because of the conditions and facilities,Even attracted many foreigners to come to see the doctor。
In the character introduction column in the lobby,The so-called Doctor Wu,Actually a woman。
Around fifty。
Looks easygoing,And the status is quite high。
Ranked first,Many titles,Good medical skills,In the field of mental illness,Is the best among experts。

The doctors treated Ryoko again,Gave him the painkiller again,And also increased the dose a little bit,This is the temporary relief of Ryoko’s painful condition。

Interrogation restarted,Yang Shiyun and Meizi are sitting beside Liangzi’s bed,I kept watching him without saying a word,Show Liangzi directly to Mao!
“you guys……Why are you staring at me so much??Horrible!”
Liangzi asked with a guilty conscience。
“Didn’t you ask us to proactively explain the problem??We are waiting for you to speak。”
Meizi answered coldly。
“Then you ask me,I must ask what to answer this time,But can I mention two conditions?”
Liangzi asked carefully。
“Ha ha……It turns out that your so-called proactive explanation is still conditional?Do you think you are buying vegetables at the vegetable market?Still bargain?Don’t forget what your identity is now!We are the police,You are a suspect!Think about it clearly!”
Meizi scolded immediately。
“Is not……My conditions are not excessive at all!”
Liangzi hurriedly defended。
“Let’s talk first。”

“My parents are dead,And now……He is going to die too,Am I a girl full of evil?All the relatives of my children will be killed by me?”

Chaotic thinking,Led to an unreasonably wrong inference,Xiao Yuer not only regarded Li Hai as her own“Relatives”,And also filled with Li Hai’s evil,Self-destruction,As the result of my own mistakes……
“I killed them!I must have killed them!”
Xiao Yu’er’s thoughts have become more extreme!And as soon as this idea appeared in her mind,She immediately believed!She even forgot why Lee Hai killed her parents,I also forgot why Li Hai was arrested by the police,I even forgot when Li Hai was caught by Qin Liang and Yanzi,I’m doing something inferior to myself……
“Yuer,Are you going to the toilet?”
Liu Xiaoyun’s voice suddenly came from outside the door!
“Yep,I am in the toilet!”
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and eighteen Must have done terrible things
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Chapter two thousand seven hundred and eighteen Must have done terrible things
Xiao Yuer answered numbly。
“Oh,Come out of the toilet after you’re done,Aunt Xiaoxue and I have something to ask you,It’s fun。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s voice is very soft and beautiful,She rarely talks to the girl at home in this tone。
Xiao Yuer replied subconsciously……
Outside,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue exchanged glances,Walked away safely,But don’t know why,Liu Xiaoyun felt a strange feeling in her heart,She always feels something is wrong!But what’s wrong,She doesn’t know!

Liu Xiaoyun’s dumbfounded answer。

“Can’t,Must make trouble。”
Murong Shan really made trouble on purpose,Isn’t it to ease the tension just now?,No matter how lively?How to ease the tension without being busy。
“Ok,Then you make trouble,I surrender。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s helpless answer,She used to make others surrender,it’s good now,Feng Shui turned,She surrendered because of others。
“I have a hasty,No way?Surrendered so easily?This is not the style you should have,This unscientific。”
Chapter three thousand four hundred and twenty six You just wait to get beaten
Qin Liang also deliberately said。
“My current style is no style,No style is my current style。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered nonchalantly。
“You tell me tongue twister?”
Qin Liang deliberately said that。
“No,I am telling the truth,The fact is like this。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled,A little proudly replied。
“Good good,You are telling the truth,I won’t hold you up,Then you continue to have no style,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang said helplessly。
“What are you doing, brother-in-law??Do you want to fight?”
Liu Xiaoyun is starting to provoke,Of course she knows that Qin Liang will never accept her challenge at this time。

The big troops of the Shen’s sisters began to appear from the woods,The men’s eyes are starting to be insufficient,This unscientific,I have never seen my sister,I saw so many at once,And all of them are little beauties!This wave of welfare came too suddenly,So in a blink of an eye,All the male soldiers in the barracks ran out to see the beauty,No one is left inside。

Chapter four thousand and fifty six Earth-shattering story
Chapter four thousand and fifty six Earth-shattering story
But the sisters of the Shen family are very cold,When they walked to a place at least ten meters away from the male soldiers, they all stood down,Then I started chatting on my own,This is the rhythm of collectively seeing the male soldiers as nothing!
But the male soldiers don’t care about this,Beauty,Everything is right,Besides, there are still so many beautiful little girls,It’s enough to enjoy their beauty quietly,Who cares what they do。
Seeing all the sisters appeared,The four of Shen Ruoxue also turned and walked back,And joined the group chat team,Because they really don’t know what to talk to these brothers who don’t know。
So this scene is a bit funny,A large group of girls get together and chat together,And close to them,It’s a small group of male soldiers who are stupid and watch them chat with their eyes open.。
This embarrassing scene did not end until Qin Liang and Yanzi appeared together。
Qin Liang and Yanzi have been discussing the next itinerary just now,So I fell behind unconsciously。
“The boss is coming。”
Yang Zhi reminded the male soldiers,And can see Qin Liang and Yanzi’s deity,For these male soldiers,Now it is also a rare thing。

Wang Jiadong heard Peng Changyi’s footsteps,Turn around:“Changyi,Go see the mayor of Xiajiang。”

Peng Changyi immediately understood,Trot to Jiang Fan’s office,After he went in,I found that the director of the Urban Construction Bureau just now,Sat in Jiang Fan’s office again。
The agency knows that this director is famous“Butt sink”,There is always something to say after meeting the leader,He is facing retirement right away,Jiang Fan as acting mayor,I must be embarrassed to push him out。
Peng Changyi said before Jiang Fan spoke:“Secretary Fan and Minister Wang asked me to call you。”
When the old director heard something from the leader,Hurriedly stood up and said:“Well,You guys busy,I’ll come back another day to invite the leader。”
Jiang Fan stood up and waved goodbye to the old director,Turn around and talk to Peng Changyi:“Secretary Fan called me?”
“Yes,And Minister Wang。”
Jiang Fan brushed his hair with his hands,Said tiredly:“where to?”
“I said to go to the small farm kitchen we went to that day。”Peng Changyi has inquiries in his tone。
“Who else?”
“Yao Bin。”
Jiang Fan was taken aback,Watching Peng Changyi say:“Yao Bin?”
Peng Changyi nodded。
Jiang Fan walked out after him thoughtfully。
Fan Wenliang and Wang Jiadong are waiting for them while talking under the flagpole,Secretary Fan’s new crown stopped aside。
Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi came around,Secretary Fan said:“Take my car。”

Wang Jiadong heard the sourness in Peng Changyi’s words,Just say:“Yes,Good old saying,A courtier,I recently noticed that your mood is not high,It should be some time,You shouldn’t be like this。”

“Oh,You see?”
“Of course I can see。Your status in the eyes of superiors has declined,I even feel inferior to Mayor Zhu Guoqing,Let me say it’s normal,People in officialdom,Will experience such growth、Downturn,How can it always be when you vent your anger?,There will always be troubles。When you first debuted,What a scenery is that,Assistant mayor in a few days,Converted into official food stamp,And became the deputy mayor in a few days,I arrived at the county magistrate all at once,Despite being the head of a poor county,That’s also a resounding county level,And the actual job is the county magistrate,The county magistrate worked for more than two years,Catch up with Wu Youfu,Successfully took over as secretary of the county party committee,The county party secretary hasn’t worked for more than two years,Transferred back to Kangzhou City as Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee,Bon Voyage,Climbing,Envy everyone。Don’t talk about others,Take Jiang Fan for example,Dare i say,He will envy you。”
Peng Changyi smiled bitterly,Heart said,What is my promotion,Sheer desperation。
Wang Jiadong may have seen his mind,Said again:“of course,You have been promoted as a firefighter for several promotions,Looking at Quan Jin’an at the time,The superiors really can’t find someone more suitable than you,You do have this strength,In fact, you didn’t disappoint the person who promoted you,You brighten their faces,You rely on your abilities and the energy to gnaw hard bones,Win one problem after another。You also hand over many friendly social relationships with your sincerity in life,Such as Lao Hu,Such as Dou Lao,As far as i heard,These people helped you in this last step,This makes people who want to use you but don’t want to further promote you finally promote you。”
“The relationship between Yue Xiao and Zhong Mingyi has long been good,They were very close when he was the deputy mayor,Zhu Guoqing is close to Zhong Mingyi,Naturally their relationship is extraordinary,When Zhu Guoqing was in the development zone,Rented a private room for Yue Xiao for a long time,Yue Xiao travels to and from Beijing,Must live in Kangzhou,We didn’t even know about it。now,The one who promoted you becomes a prisoner,It would be nice if you can stay in this position。”
First96chapter Blood is thicker than water
Peng Changyi said disapprovingly:“The person who mentioned me is now the head of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department,Say that again?”
Wang Jiadong frowned,Said:“But don’t forget your kid,You are not only promoted by the head of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee。”
Peng Changyi was stunned,indeed,Zhu Guoqing was also promoted by Fan Wenliang。He’s speechless。
“Regarding the cooperation between you and Zhu Guoqing,I didn’t say a word to him,Understand?”
Peng Changyi looked at him,Nod,Said:“understand,Save the name of protecting the calf。”