Chen Hao immediately reminded Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun,Yang Shiyun shut up,But she waved her fist to Qin Liang in a demonstration……

Qin Liang dumbfounded watching Yang Shiyun’s performance,He is also a little confused,Yang Shiyun, what’s the situation today??Why is it like a completely different person?!Do not,To be precise, it is like becoming another Shen Ruoxue,This shouldn’t be forgotten to take medicine,This should be the wrong medicine!
Shen Ruoxue and the others began to bring back the selected food in the same way,Not to mention,In terms of food selection,Shen Ruoxue’s vision is expert,The food she chooses basically does not have any faults or defects,Belongs to the kind of choice that everyone will accept。
“You have worked so hard, little girls,Keep going,Don’t stop,We are all hungry,Can’t wait to eat something delicious。”
Of course Qin Liang will not forget a few words to tease the little girls。
“Don’t worry,Aren’t we busy,Really,I’m so anxious while sitting and waiting to eat,What are you urging?!”
Shen Ruoxue replied dismissively,Then turned everyone around and ran away。
“Ha ha,What these little girls are so cute。”
Looking at the back of the little girls,Qin Liang smiled and said to everyone。
“Yep,When not being naughty。”
Shen Ruoxi answered with a wry smile。
“Ugh,Our little sister Meizi is also a dignified detective captain anyway,This is fine,In front of us, she became a waitress serving food。”
Chen Hao also said with a smile。

perhaps,For the He family,Know the truth,Are their generations,living,A persistent goal。But for her,This is just a curious mystery,Untie it。

the truth,For her and the Ho family,The weight is completely different。but,Even so,Baby Ou still thinks,She should be able to do something.After her,Will send Pei Huan here,Let He’s grievances and the evil’s sins,Know the world,Let the law come to an end。
Besides,What else can baby Ou do,Just let the He family,Get some happiness。
How to get it?Fulfill their wishes。Today is He Xiajiao’s wedding day,Then start with her。
Baby Ou doesn’t think,This is the mentality of the Virgin。She just really,Want to serve this family,In the eyes of outsiders,Very unwise good person,Do something。Just like she said before,Nice guy,Will help good people。Good people will be rewarded。Good news from the He family,She was shy,To recharge。
Facing these beautiful worlds,Pain that shouldn’t exist,As a person,Always do what you can,Do something。
In the heart of Ou Baobao,Imagine a picture——Pretend to light a cigarette,Step on the big rock by the cliff,See the red sun in the distance,Deep face,Hidden merit and fame。
Although this is a country,But actually very prosperous。In the city,There are also large commercial districts,Luxury cars are also everywhere。
Is the south rich?.
Baby Ou once again realized that her mother abandoned the original business environment in the south,Northward Development,The mentality of those who disagree。such as,Those from the Yong family。Simultaneously,I also realized how much pressure my mother was under,as well as,Mother’s determination.
The car parked behind the underground parking lot,Bao Bao did not get out of the car。Assistant Last Name Liu,Directly contacted everyone in this mall.
He Xiajiao sat nicely,Then realized,This beautiful girl,Is serious。She really wants to ridicule her joking wish,achieve.
Li Lantian also realized,Also a little flustered,Secretly grabbing his wife’s little hand。
How to do???
quickly,A group of people came outside,Three leaders,There are also a group of waiters and security guards。
Assistant Liu gets off first,Talk to the manager who came forward。
The manager is really terrified,The big boss gave him an instruction——Being served by the ancestors,What to say,If something goes wrong,All resign and get out。
“We just came to buy something,Excuse you。”

Lu Yuan heard his mother say this,I quickly closed the door,Said to mother:“What are you talking about,What am i thinking?I now marry a wife and have children,Enjoy family happiness,What else can i have?You are not afraid to let Xiaolei hear you?Not paying attention to influence,Really!”

Aunt Qiao was angry when she saw her son,Just said:“What is it?Do you think Xiaolei doesn’t know?Xiaolei also knows!”
Lu Yuan said:“What does she know?”
“Know your mind!”
“What do i think?”Lu Yuan stared and said。
“What do you think about you,Who is in your heart?”
Lu Zhenzhen stood up,Said:“I don’t know how you became so inexplicable tonight?I thought about my sister,But that was before,Before!Who is unhappy when he is young and likes one or two girls?Broke the law??”
Aunt Qiao doesn’t seem to care about her son at all,Just said:“Whoever you liked when you were young,But just can’t like her,Didn’t want to,Not even better now,You have Du Lei,With Xiaohu!”
Lu Yuan was like being stripped naked by his mother,Said:“I’m talking about when I was young,Do you understand?I gave up now。”
“Who said you gave up,Everyone has to change the name of the puppy,When it comes to her, you care more than anyone else,I tell you,You get rid of the mess in your heart early,I don’t allow you to betray Xiaolei。”
“mom,You are simply inexplicable!What did i do,Buckle your hat,Do people from that era have this hobby。”Lu Yuan said with an atmosphere。
At this point, I said mother’s pain,Aunt Qiao whispered:“You bastard!”
What Lu Yuan realized,Quickly shut up。Yes,This is mother’s sore spot,during those years,Mom is wrong for him“brat”,Draw a line with dad,Not only divorced my father,I even criticized Dad on stage,Then my father went to prison,At that time he could just walk,Know nothing about it,Wait till he understands,He knew the truth,But he understands mom,Because that era was the era of twisting human souls。He just said this,It’s definitely not aimed at mom,Conscience,Lu Yuan is not a bastard for that,He is general,But he is also angry,I didn’t bother to explain to mom,Pissed on a chair。
Aunt Qiao also knows that her son’s words may not mean to beat herself,Say again,He was still young,But what my son said,She still blushes,Said:“I have a basis for saying this,Xiaolei told me a few days ago,You sleep at night,Called her name!You think I wronged you,Is there any mother in the world who is willing to wrong her son?!”
Lu Yuan was surprised,Looked up,Eyes wide open,Watching mom,Said:“Whose name i call?”
Mom gave him a hard look,Said:“What did you say?”
Lu Yuan said hurriedly:“small……One?”
“It’s not her who else?I don’t know how small you are?”Mother said angrily。

Peng Changyi asked only then:“Didn’t mom come back from get off work??”

“No,I asked an uncle driver to bring me the meal from the restaurant,Then Uncle closed the door and left,I started to do my homework after I finished eating,Go to bed after finishing homework,I dreamt that my mother was tied up by a snake。”Nana pouted her mouth and said。
At this moment,I heard the sound of opening the door outside,Peng Changyi stretched out a finger,“Hush”With a,Said:“Mother is back。”
Nana stunned and listened,I’m happy when I open my mouth,She whispered to her father:“Is mom。”then,Yelled at the outside:“mom——”
Shen Fang came in after agreeing,She saw Peng Changyi’s moment,Unexpectedly stunned,The expression on his face is also extremely unnatural,Said:“Why are you back?Why didn’t you see your car?”Although it is the same as always,But there was obviously embarrassment in the tone,No longer the righteousness of the past。
Peng Changyi didn’t look at her,I can’t argue with her in front of her,He said badly:“Why can’t i come back?”
Shen Fang was taken aback again,Unexpectedly did not pick him up,But to my daughter:“Nana,Didn’t mom say to let you sleep first??”
Peng Changyi said:“Is asleep,Nightmare,Scared to cry,Call me,Just in time for my return,Otherwise, you might be scared?”Peng Changyi finished,Just walked out of my daughter’s room,Sitting on the sofa in the living room。
Shen Fang coaxed her daughter in the back room,Until my daughter lay down,She just came out,Glanced at the sullen husband,Did not speak,But went into the bedroom,Get pajamas,Said after coming out:“I’m going to take a bath。”
Peng Changyi ignored her,Sit there,Pick up the remote,I thought about it and let it go。After Shen Fang goes out,Peng Changyi stood up,Gently opened the door of my daughter’s room,I saw the light in my daughter’s room,The daughter was secretly looking at him with two small black eyes open.。
He smiled,Move over a small stool,Sitting in front of daughter’s bed,Said:“Why don’t you sleep?”
Daughter lifted the quilt,Whispered:“Will you quarrel with mom?”

Sit there,She couldn’t cry。

Mom and Dad are the heavens above her,Is a safe island where she can avoid any disaster,No matter she is wronged or painful,Their embrace is the harbor where she finally lives。
now,The Optimus Prime who held her against the sky is about to collapse,Don’t say it’s mother,She felt inexplicable panic and grief,Tears along the thin cheeks,Surging out,The thin shoulders were shaking constantly from the whimper。
Tian Ying finally couldn’t help it,He walked to her distressedly,Put her head on her chest,The anger just now disappeared,This woman is still his favorite。I’m not good,Let her down,Betrayed her parents’ entrustment to her,then,He choked and said:“Han han,I’ll accompany you back home,Leave tomorrow。”
Xia Jihan broke away from his embrace,stand up,Said to him with tears:“Thank you,You quickly send me back,I want to go home and call mom······”
She cried out the last few words。
Tian Yin saw Xia Jihan jump away like a plague,There is a trace of pain in my heart,But he can’t do anything,Originally??They are no longer husband and wife。
He said painfully:“Han han,In Ducheng,Only me closest to you,I’m still your relative,And still the person you trust most,If you have any difficulties, remember to tell me。”
Listened to him,Her tears flowed harder,what you want to say,But said nothing,Just through tears,Nod to him。
Seeing her pitiful look,Tian Ying feels so distressed,This is the most he has seen her cry、The saddest time,Can’t help but hug her again,Keep saying:“Sorry,Sorry……”
She opened his arms,Shook his head at him,Just opened the door and walked out,Out of the home where she lived for two years。
Can see,The furnishings in this home are still the same as when she left,No changes,And obviously Tian Yan often comes back here,Because there is no such long uninhabited appearance and cold breath。
Back to the rental house,She has“too late”Reason,Shut Tian Yin outside the door。 I immediately replaced the phone battery,Hang up a long distance at home。
“Is it Hanhan??”It’s father’s voice。
She’s speechless,I don’t know what to say。
“Han han,Why not speak?”Dad’s voice is always so kind in daughter’s ears、sunlight。
“dad——”Thinking of dad’s illness,I thought that one day I might never hear this sound again,She couldn’t cry anymore。

Qin Liang’s hands trembled,The car strayed immediately,Fortunately, he pulled the steering wheel back……

Qin Liang dare not speak anymore,Encountered such a beautiful apprentice who can afford everything,He is really drunk!
“master,look,Then there is a hotel,Let’s go there to open a house。”
Liu Xiaoyun reached out and pointed to the side of the road not far ahead and said。
“That one……Today we still have things to do……Next time……Next time we will open a room……”
Qin Liang had to surrender!
Qin Liang dare to soak up any girls,As long as it’s a pretty girl,But among the many girls around him,He didn’t dare to touch only two people……One is Shen Ruoxue,The other is Liu Xiaoyun!
Shen Ruoxue is reluctant to touch,Because she is the most precious baby in his heart,Is for guarding,Not for blasphemy……
Liu Xiaoyun is really scared……I don’t know why,He is afraid of her……
“Why next time, master?People can’t wait。”
Liu Xiaoyun takes advantage of the rhythm of pursuit。
“……hold on,obedient,Obedient is a good girl,Yeah,look,There are fruit sellers,What fruit do you want?Master buy it for you。”
Qin Liang is about to cry……Isn’t this stealing the chicken without losing the rice?,I wanted to fix Liu Xiaoyun,I didn’t expect to be rectified by her,This really complies with that sentence:You won’t die if you don’t do it!
“Ha ha……”
Liu Xiaoyun wins,Smiled contentedly,Turned his head and looked out the car window and stopped talking……
Half an hour later,Qin Liang parked the car downstairs of Ouya Company,He looked at his watch,It was the afternoon when the company just started working,He wanted to call Liu Rushi down,But then think again,He changed his mind again。
Restarted the car,Qin Liang drove the car directly to the company’s underground garage,Then I took Liu Xiaoyun directly to the company,Several security guards at the entrance of the garage company saw a heavily armed female special soldier next to the president,All surprised,But I dare not ask……
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Qin Liang asked carefully。

“This incident was planned by Yang Shiyun?No wonder she dared not come to see me with you!”
Liu Yong spoke,But what he said surprised Qin Liang……
“Liu Ju!what are you saying?What does this matter have to do with Yang Shiyun?”
Qin Liang was almost frightened by Liu Yong’s two words!But still have to bite the bullet“noob”Rhetorical question。
“Do you dare to say this has nothing to do with Yang Shiyun?”
Liu Yong asked Qin Liang again。
“I dare to swear to heaven,Not only does this matter have nothing to do with Yang Shiyun,And she doesn’t even know about it,That’s why I didn’t bring her to see you,Because this is highly confidential,Except for the general of our base and myself,No one else currently knows。”
Qin Liang answered seriously。
“it is good,I believe you will not lie to me,But the official document you sent is obviously flawed。”
Liu Yong deliberately lengthened the tone and started to find the difference……
“flaw?What do you mean?You mean this official letter is fake?How about you call our base yourself now,Check with our general to see if this is true,What do you think?”
Qin Liang said frankly。
“I’m not saying that this official letter is fake,I mean there is a flaw in this official letter,I guess it’s the official letter you made up?”
Liu Yong smiled after saying this。

Ruyu standing aside,Pointing to Sang Xiaoxi with red eyes and said:“lady,There were only the eldest lady and the second lady in the room,When the servants come in,Missy is already injured。I don’t think Miss Scratch herself,This hairpin is on the head of the second lady。”

She gets more and more angry,Surely Sang Xiaoxi did it。
“The Second Miss Ai Muchen Wang,Nowadays,I must have seen His Royal Highness Chen Wang come to visit Missy,I heard the rumors outside,Miss Chen must be Princess Chen, no doubt,Resentment,Murderous。lady,You must be the master for Miss。”
“Almost spitting!Didn’t see it in person,How dare you say that I want to kill her!Even if I have this mind,Won’t do it yourself,Still use my own hairpin。This is not to tell everyone,Did I kill her??mother,This is framed。”
Jin Yuyan scolded coldly:“Frame?Then tell me,Who framed you?Qing Rou’s neck injury,How did it happen?Don’t you say,It’s the maid of Qingrou and her,I deliberately snatched the hairpin from your head,Hurt yourself to frame you。”
“This is the fact!Mother doesn’t believe it,You can ask the eldest sister。”Sang Xiaoxi didn’t expect Sang Qingrou to have such a hand,Such an extreme technique,Caught her off guard。now,She is already passive,I can only confront Sang Qingrou。
“Eldest sister,Do you dare to swear in front of everyone?You tell mother,How did this injury come from??”
“presumptuous!Qing Rou is a prostitute,What reason does she have to frame you?It’s you,I have always thought about King Chen,Do you really think I can’t see with these eyes?Qing Rou is already hurt like this,How did she snatch the hairpin from your head and frame you?”
Sang Xiaoxi is speechless for a while,Finally understand,What does Sang Qingrou mean?。
She is deliberately targeting herself!
“Eldest sister,You say something。Conscience,Do you dare to tell everyone what happened just now?”
Jin Yuyan black face,Seeing that my daughter’s face is so bad,Have to be questioned,Distressed。
“enough!Qing Rou is already like this,What are you making?。Comer,Detain the second lady to the wood room,No order from me,No one to visit。Wait for the master to return home,Let him personally preside over justice。I’d like to see,You girl,What else is so quibble。”
Sang Xiaoxi shouts wrong again,No one cares about her。
Sang Qingrou lying on the bed,Watching Sang Xiaoxi being taken down,Feel a little guilty。She doesn’t want to do this,Have to do it again。
In this world,She and Sang Xiaoxi couldn’t coexist。Only I keep suppressing her,So that Sang Xiaoxi can grow up quickly。As the main assist,She is also very hard。
Jin Yuyan is comforting Sang Qingrou,Sang Qingrou listened,While thinking of other things。
A thought suddenly flashed in her mind:Female match,Do you have to die miserably??Can there be a way to get the best of both worlds,As long as she and Sang Xiaoxi no longer have conflicts,This is also a way to go offline!
The ending of the story does not have to be tragic,Can’t she and Sang Xiaoxi be alone??

According to Si Guangnian,Qinbao still stands too high,Clean now,Our Lady takes it for granted。She thinks there is a normal procedure to go,Because she is in this status,Everything around,Will develop according to the results she wants。but,For many ordinary people,Expose privacy or expose the privacy of others,It’s really a helpless stranger.

Who doesn’t know that infringement of privacy is against the law??
justice,Also needs a hotbed。
These words,Si Guangnian thinks,You may not understand,But even if she understands,It’s no use。because,She doesn’t need to understand.
This is also a kind of happiness。
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Chapter six hundred and sixty nine ordinary
The siblings talked for a while,Reached a consensus not to let Ono know this,Save Yuze。
But in fact,Yuze told Si Guangnian before,Don’t let the family know,Including baby。When Si Guangnian asked Bao Bao,,I sold Yuze directly.
And when Ou Baobao talked about the excellent Miss Cai,Also said directly。In her understanding,Just simple,Don’t tell Ono,But it does not include not telling mom.
Although Ou Baobao doesn’t know about multiple lanes,but,Just rely on these two things,Ou Zhaozhao was surprised enough。
Ou Zhaozhao was also surprised that some girls would treat Yuze as a fish.He should be regarded as a sea?Isn’t it a bit ignorant to be a fish??

Zou Zijie knows that the leaders can come out to talk on the rest day,Must be something more important,This guest should also be a close guest of the leader,Otherwise they won’t lead him to him,Those who can lead guests to him are the people closest to them,Or that big leader,If not the closest relationship,How can I entertain guests with rice?

He thinks so,Let people move a folded round table into the bamboo gallery,After making them water again, I went to my own work。
But Wu Guanqi is fat and afraid of heat,He turned around and said to Peng Changyi:“Student Changyi Peng,Did you let me visit the rural scenery here or walk me deliberately to make me sweat?”
See Peng Changyi,Wu Guanqi’s clothes especially on the shoulders,All soaked,Jiang Fan was sweating too hot,Although there is shade in the bamboo corridor,But at noon,When the sun is hottest,He said:“I mainly want you to sweat,Because the scenery here is not attractive to you,You do this yourself,not fresh,But let me tell you,There is one thing you don’t have,And there will never be,So be humble。”
For Wu Guanqi, who is engaged in farm tourism,,There is nothing to learn from him here,He asked nonchalantly:“What i don’t have?”
Peng Changyi pointed at the green gauze tents around,Said:“corn。The corn here is not just corn,Everyone is golden beans,Is a scientific product,You still claim to be a tourist real estate,Have you seen this content?”
Wu Guanqi said:“Don’t you say that,I will lead Zou to our place。”
Peng Changyi said:“You promise not to lead him away,Don’t believe it, let’s try。”
Jiang Fan smiled,He wipes sweat,Said:“Changyi,Let’s go to your house,It is too hot here。”
Wu Guanqi said in surprise:“Here is your house?Don’t tell me that you are occupying the farmhouse。”
Jiang Fan laughed,Take the lead and walk back to the house。
Peng Changyi hesitated,If go to the room,Lunch will be eaten in his room,Because Zou Zijie’s refrigeration equipment in the greenhouse in front has not been debugged,If you don’t eat in the bamboo gallery,,I’m going to eat in the restaurant in the front house,That restaurant is where workers usually eat,Don’t talk about poor sanitation,Not convenient,While eating in his room,Wine taste、The taste of the dishes will not end all day。
But no way,Jiang Fan has already taken the lead and walked back,He said in his heart:Hot day,Which shirt are you wearing?!
Peng Changyi said while walking:“Give me eye drops in front of our secretary,What is the occupation of farmhouses?Do you think I am Huang Shiren?let me tell you,I have a rental contract,I don’t believe it。”