These fitness methods are extremely wrong.

These fitness methods are extremely wrong.

Basically, fitness has been loved by a lot of people. Many people pay attention to fitness and health, thinking that this is of great benefit to physical health.

In fact, this is indeed the case. Fitness exercises can effectively strengthen the body, enhance the body’s immunity, and have greater benefits to physical health.

However, some fitness methods are also extremely wrong. If these fitness methods are used for a long time, the effects of fitness cannot be passed, which will have a great impact on physical health.

  Which fitness method is wrong?

  1. Elderly people regress and walk. Many elderly people prefer to retreat when walking in the morning, but because the elderly’s hard work and storage capacity are relatively low, it is easy to say that regressing can increase the cardiovascular burden.

It is easy to cause carotid artery compression and blood flow to be greatly reduced due to turning. If you persist in regressing for a long time, the symptoms of hypoxia in the brain are prone to occur, and some patients may suddenly faint when they turn their heads.
Of course, if the elderly step back and forth once in a while, it will not have any impact on the body, but if this is done for a long time, it will be very harmful to physical health.

  2. Excessive deep breathing scientific research in patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease shows that patients who reduce the symptoms of hypertension and coronary heart disease, if they take a deep breath, may cause a contraction of the cardiovascular system. In severe cases, it will have a health impact on life.There are great threats.

Symptoms such as cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction are all related to deep breathing, so do not always take deep breaths. Deep breathing is a fitness method.

  3, drink salt water after fitness Many people like to drink salt water in the summer, thinking that drinking salt water can supplement the energy lost by the body, and can also through the effect of fitness, in fact, this method is wrong.

In general, we continue to sweat and breathe during sleep, and will consume more water.

When you get up in the morning, you are prone to dehydration, which makes you feel dry.

Drinking salt water at this time will have a great impact on your health, so you should not drink salt water during fitness, you can drink more plain water.

  Please note that you cannot put a lot of water immediately after fitness. If you put a lot of water immediately after fitness, it is easy to increase the burden on the heart and have a certain impact on the heart pressure. If it is serious, it may easily cause cardiovascular disease.Such symptoms are more harmful to the body.

After exercise and fitness, you should take a break and drink water for about 10 minutes. In this case, it is better for your health. You should drink water many times and you should not drink too much at one time.

It is not easy to feel tired when listening to songs while running

It is not easy to feel tired when listening to songs while running

Listening to appropriate music while exercising can enhance your workout.

According to the latest report from Taiwan’s “Health” magazine, light-paced music can dissipate fatigue during physical exercise and prolong exercise time.

During exercise, feelings such as difficulty breathing, sweating, muscle aches and stiffness appear, and are transmitted to the brain through the nervous system.

Listening to concerts interferes with this transmission, and only occurs when the human body uses about 70% of its physical strength.

Experts say that when choosing music, the ideal rhythm should be 120 per minute?
140 beats, similar to heart rate.

At this time, people’s movements can keep up with the rhythm very easily. At the same time, music is like stimulants and sedatives.

In addition, the music that is suitable for sports should have a stimulating tone and lyrics.

For example, Michael Jackson’s BeatIt, Park Jae-sang’s Jiangnan Style, and LadyGaga’s EdgeofGlory have very good rhythms and tones.

For classical music lovers, Beethoven’s Hero Symphony and Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G minor are good choices.


6 kinds of Chinese yam recipes for kidney and spleen anti-aging

6 kinds of Chinese yam recipes for kidney and spleen anti-aging

Yam is a favorite medicinal food for common people. It has a sweet taste, gentle nature, and belongs to the three classics of lung, spleen and kidney.

The main effects are tonify the spleen and relieve diarrhea, nourish the lungs and stagnation, strengthen the kidney and improve the essence, nourish yin and quench thirst.

Indications range from spleen deficiency and diarrhea, less edema to food; lung deficiency, cough, asthma; thirst; kidney deficiency, frequent urination, nocturnal emission, take-off; external treatment of bloated, carbuncle, etc.

Chinese yam is both a tonic and a medicinal ingredient.

  Pharmacological research Modern research shows that yam contains inedible amino acids, proteins, binary, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and other nutrients.

Clinical experiments have proven that yam can increase appetite, improve digestion, lower blood sugar, regulate autonomic nerves, and enhance physical fitness.

Yam contains a large amount of mucin, which is a mixture of polysaccharides and proteins, which has special health effects.

It can prevent trace deposits on the cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent premature atherosclerosis, reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous aunts, prevent the shrinkage of connective tissue, prevent rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and other collagen diseases.occur.

  Nutrition Medicated Diet 1.

Yam and lamb porridge: 200 grams of fresh yam, mutton, 150 grams each.

Peel the yam and cut into small pieces. Cut the mutton into fascia and cut into pieces.

Boil the previous rice and add water to cook. When the rice blooms, first lamb, boil for a few minutes, then yam, and cook until the soup is thick and fragrant; or add seasonings.

This porridge is beneficial for high temperature yang, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and kidney, and strengthening the anti-debilitating effect of Guyuan. It can be used as a tonic for the deficiency of the spleen and kidney, and is especially suitable for children and the elderly with weak qi.


Yam scrambled eggs: 250 grams of fresh yam, 2 eggs.

The yam is peeled, washed and sliced; the eggs are broken and beat well.

When the oil in the pot is heated to 70% heat, put the ginger in the pan, simmer until the aroma is large, and go down the mountain, fry until soft, turn the yam to one side, pour the eggs into the other side, and wait for the lumps to form a block.Stir well, stir in salt and monosodium glutamate, and serve.

The taste is delicious, spleen appetizer can increase appetite.


Yam cucumber porridge: 60 grams of yam, 150 grams of cucumber, 50 grams of glutinous rice.

First process Huai yam into fine powder; wash the cucumber and squeeze the juice; add glutinous rice and boil porridge. When the porridge is ready, add yam powder and cucumber juice, stir and boil and serve.

This product has the function of moisturizing the skin, suitable for beauty and fitness.

  Health experience side 1.

Zhuyu Erbao porridge: raw yam, raw barley kernels 60 grams each, persimmon cake 24 grams.

For the first three flavors, mash the yam and coix seed into coarse slag, cook until it is ripe, and then chop the persimmon cake, melt it, and eat it at will.

This porridge strengthens the spleen and nourishes the lungs, spleen and yin deficiency, eats lazily, exhausts and coughs, and cures all the symptoms of yin deficiency.


Liuyuan Jiedu Decoction: 30 grams of Chinese yam, 5 grams of ginseng, 20 grams each of lotus seed, coix seed, 15 grams each of Poria, Poria.

Put the above medicine in the pot, add 500 ml of water, fry 200 ml, filter out; add 500 ml of water, and fry 200 ml.

Mix the two medicines and take them in two portions.

This formula has the functions of strengthening the spleen and benefiting qi, and can be used for chronic gastritis, prolapse of the stomach and chronic illness, and those who do not think about eating or drinking.


Chinese yam soup: yam, astragalus, 15 grams each of cooked land, 12 grams of Polygala, 10 grams of stone iris.

Decoction, decoction twice daily.

You can also expand the dosage as appropriate according to the proportion of this party, dry the medicines, grind them into fine powders, refine the honey into pills, 8 grams each time, take each time on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, and send it with warm water.

This formula can nourish qi and nourish yin, and calm the nerves, and can be used for neurasthenia, lack of energy, insomnia, forgetfulness, shortness of breath, etc.

Sprinting every day is more nutritious than jogging

Sprinting every day is more nutritious than jogging

Men’s 60-minute weekly sprint (short-distance sprint) training is equivalent to the energy consumed by jogging 7 hours a week.

That is to say, jogging 8 minutes a day is better than jogging to lose weight.

  Scientists from the University of New South Wales studied 40 overweight male participants.

Most of these participants were college students in their 20s.

In a 12-week study, participants received short-term high-intensity cycling.

It was found that the abdomen abnormality was significantly reduced and the muscle group was significantly increased.

  Dr. Steve Bucher, the head of the new research and professor of exercise physiology, has conducted research on “minimum exercise for maximum health effects” for nearly 10 years.

He said that the participants in the study received the ideal amount of exercise for the best health.

Developed health effects such as successful short-term weight loss.

  Dr. Butcher said that after three exercises per week, the participants lost an average of 2 kilograms and increased their muscle mass by 1.

1 kg.

Weight loss and muscle gain are mainly the trunk and legs.

During training, the heart rate increases to 80% -90% of the maximum heart rate.

12 seconds of slow cycling.

During the 20-minute exercise three times a week, the participants mainly performed 8-minute sprint exercises.

It was found that the visceral aunts of the participants were greatly reduced, and the waist circumference was significantly thinner.

Similar results have been derived from earlier multiple studies of women.

The study found that control group participants who did not participate in any exercise did not lose weight during the study.

The control group and the exercise group had the same diet.

  Researchers analyzed that rapid sprinting can make the body release more special hormone “catecholamines”, which can make the aunt stored in the body consume the aunt.

Give skin a sweet sleep


Give skin a sweet sleep

The busyness, tension, and stress of the day make the skin in a tense state of tension. At the same time when the cells actively prevent various injuries from the outside, the nutrients stored inside the skin will be metabolically consumed by themselves, and they look tired, dull and dry.

Only when you fall asleep at night, skin cells begin to “exercise” and begin to truly self-regulate and renew. At this time, the metabolic activity is equivalent to more than the daytime, so give your skin a sweet sleep!

  Perfect sleep exercise. Before going to bed, use some night care products with deep nourishing and repairing functions. This kind of cream that can improve the cell’s metabolic vitality is like injecting “stimulant” into the skin, so you can see it every morning.Reinvent yourself.

  Milk, honey and red wine can soothe hyperactive nerves and help you fall asleep before midnight. In the middle of deep sleep, the lymphatic tissue in the skin is like a “cleaner”, and the waste and toxins remaining in the cells are one by oneremove.

  Take a bath two hours before bed, supplemented with calming sandalwood, lavender and rosewood essential oils to soothe your body and mind, or drop it in the fumigator and release it into the air. Only when you have a full and deep sleep can you enjoy the excellent effects of skincare.

  30 minutes before bedtime, you may wish to dim the light first, so that the pineal glands that photophobia start to become active, and then secrete melatonin hormones with hypnotic effect, and date dreaming step by step.

  Exercise can increase the oxygen content in the blood, increase serotonin secretion, and promote sleep.

Exercise for 30 minutes a day can increase brain endorphin secretion, make you feel happy, release stress, and relax your muscles to help you fall asleep.

Test your life and career taste

Test your life and career taste

Do you sometimes buy things, certain clothes, and regret when you come home to see them?

Which of the following situations makes you most regretful?

  1. The brand is not well-known.

  2. The price is too expensive.

  3. The style or color is not good.

  4. The size is not suitable.

  Explanation: 1. The brand is not well-known.

  You like to be valued by others, and eager to improve your ability, connection or visibility.

High taste makes you a high consumer unknowingly. If you just chase money and meet consumption, you should reflect on it.

What you need more is to perform better at work in order to be recognized by bloggers2, the price is too expensive.

  You have a good outlook on money and are good at managing money.

However, often due to trivial matters and various temptations, we cannot concentrate on managing a promising business.

What you really need is to improve your professional skills so that you have the ability to earn a living and become a happy money manager after making a lot of money.

  3. The style or color is not good.

  You often can’t help but be picky about others, or even verbal abuse. It seems to be demanding but often because you have too many things to think about.

Often you need someone to give you some opinions, but the opinions of others are not as good as you. What you really need is to improve your taste and be independent of your decisions.

  4. The size is not suitable.

  You like to be relaxed, happy and unrestrained.

A soothing personality makes you popular, often whimsical to make amazing decisions, and curious.

There is very little fear in your heart, what you really need is to train to become a bold and careful person.

Too careless at the moment.

Nourishing both hands in winter

Nourishing both hands in winter

Winter is the most suitable season for nourishing, but it is also a season when certain diseases, such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, have a high incidence of accidents.

Therefore, some people say that winter is the “old enemy” of the elderly.

How to prevent the occurrence and development of winter diseases in the elderly?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in the winter, yang qi collectors tend to qi and blood inward. Therefore, winter season helps the human body absorb nutrients and store them in the body to enhance disease resistance.

Therefore, actively and timely taking food supplements and diet therapy is of great significance to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

  The method of diet therapy is that the elderly who have bronchial tuberculosis should start taking food before winter. Take 1-2 pieces of walnut meat and 1-2 pieces of ginger each time.The effect of wheezing and coughing to prevent the recurrence of bronchial asthma.

It has been reported that taking radish and boiled eggs for a long time has a better effect on the prevention and treatment of bronchial asthma.

The specific method is: buy 1500 grams of carrots in the winter solstice, wash them at the head and tail, cut the radishes into slices about 3 mm thick with an oil-free clean knife, thread them into strings, dry them and store them each time.Take 3 dried radishes, 1 egg, and 1 pinch of mung beans. Put them in a pot and add water for 30 minutes.

Peel off the skin while serving, add radish, mung bean and soup and eat together.

Once a day for 30 consecutive days.

Elderly people with hyperlipidemia can often take black sesame mulberry paste.

  The production method is as follows: take 60 grams of black sesame, 60 grams of mulberry, 10 grams of white sugar, and 30 grams of rice.

Wash black sesame, mulberry, and rice separately, and grind them in the same way as in medicine research.

Put 3 bowls of clear water in the earthenware pot, add sugar after boiling, wait for the sugar to dissolve, add water to the syrup, and cook it into a paste.

Elderly people with coronary heart disease can take white fungus and black fungus 10 grams each, soak the hair in warm water, wash it, add a small amount of water and rock sugar, and steam it for one hour after eating.

Elderly people with high blood pressure can take 6 grams of black fungus, 50 grams of persimmon, moderate amount of rock sugar, and cook it together to reduce blood pressure.

  ”Winter Plague” is also a common symptom of the elderly in winter.

The “winter fever” mentioned by Chinese medicine refers to certain symptoms similar to colds, such as cold, cough, fever, headache, and snot exercise, to improve the body’s resistance, so that you can eat and control the diet, you can often eat carrots;Accumulation of stagnation, phlegm heat, detoxification, lowering qi, wide and medium effects.

If the tongue is sore and erosive due to winter blast internal dryness, use radish slices, cook with raw pear slices, and take an appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Drink this juice often, it can clear the internal heat, nourish yin and cure sores.

If you have a cold and cough, you can take one radish, dig a hole in the radish, put an appropriate amount of honey in the hole, and cook it on the fire, warm it, one per day.

If you have a cough, you can use raw radish to mash the juice and extend into the appropriate amount of ginger juice.

Do you know the essence and care of perm

Do you know the essence and care of perm

Ion perm is not the same as other hair perm. It destroys the molecular structure of hair and then reorganizes it, and then the hair becomes straight.

One can imagine how much this hurts hair.

All kinds of ion iron are actually negative ions!

It’s just that the names are different!


In addition, the ion hot potion is not good, so far no major professional brand has produced it.

Therefore, both the principle and the raw materials of the ion are not good for hair health!

  The damage of ion ironing is that the hair tissue is damaged by the ion ironing. The deformation of the hair clip that has been completely opened with the hair phosphor using a high-temperature splint is from the oval clip to one body, so that it can not spring back!

It is usually said that the hair is burned to death, there is no elasticity!

If the hair is naturally very hot, the hair will indeed be straight!

Still very shiny!

But the plasticity of the hair is weakened a lot!

If the care is not good, it will be astringent and not easy to comb!

  Notes on ion ironing When doing ion ironing, be sure to pay attention: do not let the hair stylist apply the first dose of ion ironing to the scalp!


It can’t be too long!

Sight length is about 2-15 minutes!

Care must be taken after doing, that is, the use of good professional cleaning products.

If you have done ion ironing, don’t worry, you need to take good care of your hair. Some kind of professional conditioner should be used for regular oil treatment.

Treat your hair well, it won’t be too hard for you!

  Another: The hair that grows out after ion ironing is still the same as your hair before ironing, it will not worsen.

  DIY hair care can also be done at home, but it will be better to do DIY hair care after the last three days of ion ironing, so as to avoid rapid hair deformation.

How to do DIY hair care?

First apply the conditioner, cover the hair with a hot towel, then use a shower cap or a dry towel to suffocate the hair for five minutes on the periphery of the hot towel. After the heat is gone, rinse the conditioner out. There are several maintenance methods for permThe wrong way of maintaining 1: Everyone says that perming hurts hair, then you can apply oil directly when you burn your head.

  In fact, it is necessary to apply oil frequently after perming, but do not apply oil immediately because the internal structure of the hair is not yet stable and the effect of oil application is not good.

Do not comb vigorously on the day of perming. It is best not to shampoo or use a curler within three days. Otherwise, it will affect the effect of perm and cause great damage to the hair. The permed hair is washed almost every day. Of course, itThere are also washing techniques: first apply shampoo to shampoo, then use a watering can to spray on the roots, massage gently, and finally, rinse thoroughly from the roots to the ends.

  Wrong Permanent Maintenance Method 2: Hair is burned out, and re-burned in a short period of time.

  In fact, re-perming makes the hair more fragile. In order to ease the process of the hair, it is best to separate the two perms by half a year.

  Permanent hair care method 3: Generally, the hair is dyed directly when the head is hot.

  This is wrong.

Perm, avoid coloring at the same time, which affects the effect of perm and the color durability of the hair.

Hair dyeing is the same as perming. It hurts your hair very much. You need to go to the salon regularly for professional soothing oil treatment, preferably twice a month, so that your hair will stay healthy.

  It is recommended to care for permed hair from the following 4 aspects: 1.

Shampoo Choose a better quality (low alkaline) when shampooing, and then use conditioner in combination to maintain hair soft, fluffy and shiny, and increase the firmness of hair.


It is best to do a soothing oil treatment on the hair every other month on a regular basis. During the soothing treatment, apply the ointment cream to the hair evenly, aiming at the hair to keep it fluffy and natural, 3.

Perm dyeing is done separately. It is best not to perform hair dyeing at the same time, because the chemical ingredients contained in the perm agent and the hair dye have double damage and damage to the hair.

When it is absolutely necessary, pour the hair dye on your hair and rub it carefully. Do not comb your hair repeatedly with a comb.  4.

The time interval is not satisfied with the new hot hairstyle. Some people will reheat it or ask the hair stylist to help her to restore it to the original state. As everyone knows, this will cause great damage to the hair.

If you really want to repeat it once, the time between the two perms should preferably be more than half a month. For those who perm for the first time, the time for perm should be changed, and the time interval between the second and the second perm is better than half a year.

  The curling perm, although it looks beautiful, is easy to hurt.

The principle of perm is to use strong alkaline perm to destroy the tissue bonds of hair and form a new hairstyle.

Perm when the hair is poor, the potion will harm the hair.

The chemical solution used in perming will inevitably not touch the skin, which will lead to an increase in the scalp and hair loss in severe cases.

  Cold iron essence itself contains cholesterol-based acetate as the main component.

This substance easily penetrates into the body through the skin and degrades the liver and kidneys. If the skin is frequently exposed to cold wave during pregnancy, it will seriously affect the behavior and function of offspring after birth; and cause acetoacetate to cause menstrual abnormalities in women and affect the digestive system.There are also adverse effects, and the human body gradually produces positive mutagenicity.

Therefore, it is recommended that the perm should not be too frequent in normal times. After the perm, the cold perm solution on the hair and head skin must be cleaned immediately.

If it is a one-time contact with cold perm, you only need to take about 500-1000 mg of vitamin B12 orally every day and add 3-5 grams of glucose for a total of 2-3 days.Taking vitamin B12 for about 3 to 3 days, once a day, can prevent or alleviate the damage to the human health caused by cold liquid.

Stereo all-around light anti-aging norm_1

Stereo all-around light anti-aging specifications

Speaking of anti-aging, I believe there must be three types of people around you: desperately tangling details; only superstitious expensive skin care products; or never anti-aging self-confidence.

In fact, the anti-aging theories you have been insisting on may be the culprits that cause skin problems.

Regarding anti-aging, don’t do it as inertia, and what you need to do is to recognize that the anti-aging misunderstanding should be avoided, and some wrong method should be eliminated.

  Anti-aging requires a fine line of cobalt to appear in all directions, and a spot will be entangled, consuming a lot of energy and financial resources to deal with those small details.

But the skin condition did not improve.

In fact, no matter how perfect the details are, the skin lacks vitality, and the overall circulatory metabolism is in a bad state. No matter how old it is, it is not effective.

  1 Misunderstanding: In order to remove those spots, desperately whitening expert opinion: Don’t have unrealistic fantasies about whitening products. Whitening products do have some effect on lightening spots, but they may not be applicable.

  The causes of speckles vary, and the internal factors are far greater than the external factors.

While whitening skin care products can only dilute the spots caused by ultraviolet rays, it has little effect on improving other types of spots.

In addition, the natural metabolism of skin pigments usually takes about one month. To lighten pigments, it takes a long process.

The correct method is to decide the solution according to the type of spots.

At present, you can use whitening products to help lighten the types of spots, such as sunburn and acne. You can also help some acid products at the same time.

If it is freckles pigmentation, or genetically related spots, you must rely on medical cosmetic methods such as laser to fade, even if you use more whitening products will not change much.

  2 Wrong area: Just stare at the fine lines. Expert’s point of view: It is good to have a sense of prevention, but if you apply too much material to the skin, it will not only be overburdened, it will have no effect.

  It is especially important to reduce the burden on the skin.

We saw many young girls with fat powder on their faces, but with poor skin quality. There were also many women who covered their sleeves with a variety of skin care products, essences, but also covered their face with acne.

What is the reason for this?

Because the skin also has fatigue, it also breathes, breathes and rests.

Therefore, experts advocate that the skin needs to do subtraction beauty.

The so-called subtractive beauty is deep cleaning (you can go to a beauty salon), which is to discharge all the oil, acne and dirt accumulated in the deep pores and cosmetic residues.

Regular deep purification can make the skin better attract nutrients and moisture, and lay the foundation for the internal health of the skin.

  3 wrong area: only know that multi-use products can lack skin movement. Expert opinion: poor blood circulation and poor detoxification, no matter how many products are useless.

  Excessive facial expressions can cause expression lines.

However, good blood circulation to the skin is beneficial for nutrient attraction and waste discharge.

How should the skin move?

Get a massage!

Some people worry that massage will cause the skin to lose its elasticity. This worry is unnecessary because massage can tighten the skin and improve its appearance, gloss and circulation.

  4 Misunderstandings: Small hand movements will deepen your wrinkles!

  Expert opinion: The skin is like a piece of white paper, which is pulled day after day, and the marks cannot be eliminated naturally.

  Put the toxin on an acne, a fine line every day, keep pulling with your fingers, press it, and I don’t know that these seemingly small actions are helping you to increase wrinkles day after day!

The facial expression muscles are the same as the muscles, the more developed and developed, the formation of wrinkles is closely related to the activity of the expression muscles.

Usually you should be careful not to laugh or frown, but you must know that the skin on the face is like a piece of white paper, always squeezed and pinched. After a long time, those creases are naturally difficult to recover.Frequent exercise can also cause relaxation or breakage, which is why wrinkles form.

If you can’t control rich expressions, at least from now on, you should not touch your skin with both hands except for skin care!

  24-hour deep moisturizing skin becomes moist and white Vichy double hydrating whitening cream SPF20PA +++ / 268 yuan deeply penetrates basal cell whitening technology, 100% penetrates the epidermal layer, lastingly resists melanin deposition, improves uneven skin tone and colorspot.

Ultra-fine and dense homogeneous active substance concentration, quickly brightens, fights skin tone defects: grayish yellow, dull, uneven skin tone, maintains bright and healthy skin tone throughout the day.

Skin comfort, 24-hour moisturizing formula, also suitable for dry skin or use in cold seasons; SPF 20 / PA +++ resists UV rays without stickiness; contains Weizi hot spring water, soothes and strengthens the skin; hypoallergenic formula.

  Constantly infuse the skin with energy, dull and tired skin almost never see Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrition Essence / 560 yuan after replacement, it will feel uniform and shiny, and it looks a lot more transparent. The main effect of this product is to brighten the complexion, The pomegranate grains in the essence are responsible for promoting metabolism.

  Stopping free radicals from the source is also confident?DHC Extreme Make-up Lotion / 780 yuan free radical is the trigger of various skin problems such as wrinkles, dullness, pigmentation.
The latest fullerenes can absorb and eliminate free radicals like sponges absorb water, and even plain skin is shiny and translucent.

  La Prairie Caviar Revitalizing Repairing Serum / 5700 yuan essence delivers concentrated blending essence with the finest molecular structure to achieve the fastest and complete absorption.

When you use it, you can see that the skin starts to become shiny, and the intensive care of just 6 weeks can make the skin appear in the most healthy state.

  Armani Black Key Intensive Repairing Serum Deeply Improves Skin Condition / 2280 yuan. Its capacity is more than double that of ordinary serums.

This essence is very moisturizing, and the skin on which the essence is applied can immediately feel moisture or a kind of moisture into the skin, and feel that each cell is full.

Hot water feet help improve heart function

Hot water feet help improve heart function

Komamura Kazuo and others from Japan’s National Research Center for Circulatory Diseases conducted a two-week trial with four patients waiting for a heart transplant.

The researchers asked patients to soak their feet in hot water for 15 minutes a day and then incubate for 30 minutes.

The results showed that the cardiovascular function of these patients was improved to varying degrees.

  Researchers believe that soaking feet with hot water can increase body temperature, promote smoother blood flow in peripheral blood vessels, and reduce the burden on the heart.

  In fact, the benefits of soaking feet don’t stop there.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there are reflection areas and multiple acupoints on the feet. When people soak their feet with hot water, they will stimulate the acupuncture points and the reflection areas, promote blood circulation in the feet and the whole body, thereby speeding up the body’s metabolism and gradually regulating the whole body.Role.

For example, the Yongquan and Taichong points, which we are familiar with, can nourish the kidney and protect the liver after being stimulated by heat.

If the large intestine reflex area on the sole of the foot is stimulated, the laxative effect can also be passed.

In addition, footbath speeds up blood circulation and makes people sweat, which not only relieves fatigue, but also converts some toxins into sweat and expels them.

  Foot bathing is also particular about. First, keep the temperature of the foot bathing water slightly higher than the body temperature, not longer than about 38-40 seconds.

In fact, foot bath time depends on age.

For the elderly, it is generally suitable to soak for 20-30 minutes, but the elderly with low blood pressure and the elderly who are relatively weak, it is enough to soak for 20 minutes a day, in order to prevent the feet from being soaked for a long time, which will cause blood vessels to dilate and lower blood pressure.

For children, because their skin is relatively delicate, it is best not to soak feet for more than 10 minutes.

Young people can soak for 15-20 minutes every day.

In addition, the feet should not be too shallow, at least not over the feet, of course, even with the calf, the effect will be better.