Think so,Suddenly felt the strong malice in this world。

Seeing Fang Hao and Guo Miaomiao walking away,Whispered:
“What’s so great about having a girlfriend?I don’t have a girlfriend,But I have freedom!You can experience it till midnight3Can you still play games unscrupulously??I can experience!”
Talking,Suddenly feel sad。
——He doesn’t seem to be really happy。
Hongjing Garden is a garden-style community,More than a dozen buildings have formed a circle,Inside the circle is a small park-like existence。
Fang Hao followed Guo Miaomiao into a building facing north。
Guo Miaomiao lives in this building,On the 15th floor,Towards the garden side,Facing south,Contract area of 103 square meters,But deduct the area,The actual area is more than 80 square meters.。
But in Pengcheng,This can be considered a large apartment,In this first-tier city in China,Most people cannot live in such a house。
Fang Hao lived in his hometown in the countryside3room1Hall house,The area is bigger than this。
After going out to work,Live in small rooms,Have to live with others。
Dormitory of the property company,A house of more than ten square meters can fit seven or eight people,The living environment can be imagined。
Enter Guo Miaomiao’s house,He was shocked:
“Wow,Sister Miao Miao, you live in such a big house alone,So happy。”
“Not so happy,”Guo Miaomiao said quietly,“Living alone in such a big house,Still feel lonely。”
“Then why don’t you find a boyfriend?”Fang Hao asked some surprises。

Came to ask this early in the morning?

Is it really interesting to me?
No way?
Took a bite of fritters,Lin Dong chewing,Staring at Qin Xiaomi,With thoughtful eyes。
Being stared at by Lin Dong like this,Qin Xiaomi also gradually became uncomfortable。
“Bastard,Staring at me like this?”
finally,Qin Xiaomi is a little embarrassed,Face reddish。
What does she want to hide。
I seem to be afraid of what Lin Dong will see。
Actually she didn’t know,Came so early in the morning,Ask things like,Already exposed too much。
Lin Dong hurriedly called haha,“It’s nothing,I am thinking about your problem。”
Took a sip of soy milk,Lin Dong continued:“Under normal circumstances,After the lovers broke up,Can’t be friends,Because it hurt。
But can’t be the enemy,Because once in love。

“Everything is well under the Pope,Just looking for you is also broken,Your Royal Highness, you should go back and have a look。”

Lin Yan slowly closed his eyes,Lightly nodded and said:“it is good,After this time, I’m going to hunt the sixth spirit ring,I have entered the soul emperor。”
Several people looked at Lin Yan in shock,Grew to this point in two years。
“Young Master, I remember that I left the Wuhun Hall only two years ago,You have improved to level 13 in the past two years?”Juhuaguan shocked。
Lin Yan chuckled and opened his back wings,Flying into the air,Several people glanced at each other, nodded and rushed up。
“Shall we go too?”Dika wondered。
“Of course going,If we don’t go, we will be hunted endlessly,The Soul Hunting Palace will not let us go。”Mo You heavy road。
Indeed as a traitor to the Hunting Soul Palace,Everyone in the Soul Hunting Palace can be killed。
The two got up immediately,They don’t have the strength of Title Douluo,There is no Lin Yan’s wings,Estimated to take a few days to arrive。
Very fast under Lin Yan’s wings,Leaving the Star Luo Empire without a day’s effort,Lin Yan’s brains are all like Bibi Dong,In the past two years, every time I want to give up, I think of my sister’s words。
“Yan’er don’t give up when difficulties come,If you feel bad, you can go back to Wuhun City,This is your home。”
Lin Yan’s eyes flushed red and flew forward,The wings also accelerated a bit。
The six people behind him also sighed as Lin Yan was speeding up.,Then several people stopped,Running around for a whole day consumes a lot of soul power and must rest。
“The young master is so impatient,what happened?”One of the Title Douluo said in confusion。
Few people know what’s going on,Are sitting on the ground recovering their soul power,And Dika has long been out of sight。
“His Royal Highness must have been extremely painful in these two years,First, he was hunted down in the Grand Canyon by members of the Star Luo Empire,Later, the meridians of the Eastern Star Luo Empire were nearly broken,You should know what kind of pain a soul master will endure if the meridians are broken,And as far as I know, His Royal Highness has been a laborer for a year,Was forced into the deep sea again,Young master…”Ghost Douluo sighed,Think about it if I’m going to commit suicide。
“The Star Luo Empire will come back one day in the Spirit Hall,And Clear Sky School,Tang Hao is not dead, I have trouble sleeping and eating!”Giant Crocodile Douluo。
Several people nodded one after another,The Clear Sky School will always be the enemy of their Spirit Hall,The young master’s return is absolutely their greatest happiness。

But he can’t,Lost the layup because he forced to the basket!

“Smart should trust his teammates more,What is he hitting?”
Smart is not known for his ability to score,He is tough on defense and overall situation!
Such strong hitting is actually not his style!
“Nice pick and roll!”Xu Xuan slapped Capella,This is what he got in exchange for two passes before。
“Hey,Buddy,I can pick and roll too!”
Stokes, another inside player of the Xu Xuan team, said loudly。
“Ok,Buddy,Waiting!”Xu Xuan smiled and gave a thumbs up。
Smart is a little emotional now,How can I overwhelm Xu Xuan’s limelight?。
This is undoubtedly using one’s own weaknesses to touch others’ strengths。
Xu Xuan couldn’t prevent his breakthrough,But what’s the point of his failure to score in the end?
10Seconds later,Xu Xuan keeps changing his dribbling rhythm,After retreating a step directly, make a sudden force!
Long pass!
Make a fake!
be cheated!
Smart misjudgment!

“Oh,Little brother,Lucky……”

“meeting”The word has not been spit out,Mo Zizhen was the first to froze in place,Open mouth,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng with shocked face,The brain suddenly went blank。
“Ha ha,Self-realization,What to do,Please sit down。”Nangong Xilian enjoys Mo Zizhen’s state of loss,This is the first time he has seen him in so many years.,So he deliberately didn’t break,Pretending to be confused, ask Mo Zizhen to sit in。
“I just sit here!”
Mo Zizhen didn’t follow him inside,Pull out the chair and sit down at a distance from Mo Xiaosheng。
Nangong Xilian did not stop,Walked back to the seat with a smile。
“Little brother,you……Where are you from?”
As soon as Mo Zizhen sat down, Chongmo Xiaosheng asked.。
“Bianzhou。”Mo Xiaosheng answered truthfully。
“Bianzhou!”He Zizhen looked startled,Anxious:“that……Then your parents are in good health?”
“pretty good。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded and said。
“Where’s your father,What is he doing now?”Mo Zizhen suddenly asked Mo Wenxing。The moment he saw Mo Xiaosheng,He guessed that Mo Xiaosheng was the son of Mo Wenxing,The boy that Mo Wenxing brought to his Mo family twenty years ago。

Even he thinks the situation in Boston is very serious now!

but.Please,Where do you see that the situation is severe now?
Xu Xuan won in the first half8Minute?
Oh, God!
He got it8Isn’t it a good thing?
Not good?!
Assistant coach doesn’t understand,But the marshal now obviously has no intention of explaining to him。
He called little Thomas,Carefully and seriously warned:“Isaiah,Be careful with that23number,I expect him to have a burst in the second half”
Stevens’ words made Thomas a little confused,I’m even more faintly unhappy。
I know you value Xu Xuan,Know you like Xu Xuan,But you have to know,In the first half under my Isaiah’s glory, he only got8Minute!
Only get8DividedRZR!
Little Thomas disagrees with the young marshal’s words。
Brad,You really value that kid too much!
You are already a little panicked。
But the uncle had already hammered him in the first half!

Wang Jiadong heard Peng Changyi’s footsteps,Turn around:“Changyi,Go see the mayor of Xiajiang。”

Peng Changyi immediately understood,Trot to Jiang Fan’s office,After he went in,I found that the director of the Urban Construction Bureau just now,Sat in Jiang Fan’s office again。
The agency knows that this director is famous“Butt sink”,There is always something to say after meeting the leader,He is facing retirement right away,Jiang Fan as acting mayor,I must be embarrassed to push him out。
Peng Changyi said before Jiang Fan spoke:“Secretary Fan and Minister Wang asked me to call you。”
When the old director heard something from the leader,Hurriedly stood up and said:“Well,You guys busy,I’ll come back another day to invite the leader。”
Jiang Fan stood up and waved goodbye to the old director,Turn around and talk to Peng Changyi:“Secretary Fan called me?”
“Yes,And Minister Wang。”
Jiang Fan brushed his hair with his hands,Said tiredly:“where to?”
“I said to go to the small farm kitchen we went to that day。”Peng Changyi has inquiries in his tone。
“Who else?”
“Yao Bin。”
Jiang Fan was taken aback,Watching Peng Changyi say:“Yao Bin?”
Peng Changyi nodded。
Jiang Fan walked out after him thoughtfully。
Fan Wenliang and Wang Jiadong are waiting for them while talking under the flagpole,Secretary Fan’s new crown stopped aside。
Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi came around,Secretary Fan said:“Take my car。”

Shu Qing said:“Didn’t I tell you just now??It’s our girl’s business。”

Peng Changyi is not at ease,Said:“Is there something wrong with her physiology??”
Shu Qing smiled,Although Peng Changyi has always said that he is not a qualified father,But his worries about his daughter,Not like what he said。Just said:“how to say,I promised Nana not to tell you,You deliberately made me lose faith?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“You take it seriously。”
“Can not do it,Must be serious!”
Peng Changyi said:“I think you need to tell me,I can talk about her mother。”
Shu Qing was startled,Said:“Why are you talking about her mother?”
“Tell me,My daughter has a physical problem,She won’t consult her mother,But consult others?Why does her mother eat?”
Only then did Shu Qing understand,Peng Changyi misunderstood,Just said:“you misunderstood,It’s not a girl’s physical problem,It’s a psychological problem。”
“That’s more serious,Is she in love prematurely?”
“I am opposed to using the word “puppy love” on children at every turn,If she is not in love,Adults put such a hat on them,Undoubtedly gave them a clear direction。let me tell you,Nana is not a puppy love,I just don’t know what to do with that little boy。”
“Little boy?A little boy chased her?Is it in their class?”Peng Changyi was anxious when he heard it。
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“Don’t worry,I tell you all,But you must keep it secret,Don’t tell her mother,Don’t ask Nana,Not to go to school to find a teacher、Parents of boys。”
Peng Changyi said furiously:“You speak,I can do it。”
Shu Qing said:“Can’t do it,Must be done。”
“Ok,Must do。”

Shen Ruoxi said dumbly。

“Oh oh!Look at me!Really!That one……Is such that,I took time off with the boss before I came,I want to take the mandarin duck out to have a meal tonight,and so……So I asked my sister-in-law and a few sisters for leave for her。”
Zhao Tuo finally said what should be said。
“No way!This fake must have the mandarin ducks ask us。”
Shen Ruoxi’s eyes rolled,Intentionally naughty making things difficult for Zhao Tuodao。
“Oh……That mandarin duck,you……Come and talk to sister-in-law。”
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven We are too troublesome now
Zhao Tuo immediately took a step back honestly,Let the mandarin duck beside him come in front of him。
The mandarin duck was immediately at a loss。
“Hahahaha!I deliberately teased you two,See you two are nervous,OK OK,Isn’t it that you little couple want to go out on a date alone??accepted,Ha ha。”
Shen Ruoxi no longer pretends,Said to Yuanyang and Zhao Tuo with a happy face。
“Thanks sister-in-law,Thanks sisters。”
Zhao Tuo immediately thanked Shen Ruoxi and others like an amnesty,He is already sweating……
“But let’s say it first;Don’t bully my mandarin duck first;Secondly, if she is not happy;Third, take care of her personal safety;The fourth one took her out,Take her home for us,Fifth, don’t play too late!”
Shen Ruoxi put forward five conditions in one breath!
“Yes,sister in law!Do not worry,I promise to do it all。”
Zhao Tuo immediately answered loudly。

Lu Yuan heard his mother say this,I quickly closed the door,Said to mother:“What are you talking about,What am i thinking?I now marry a wife and have children,Enjoy family happiness,What else can i have?You are not afraid to let Xiaolei hear you?Not paying attention to influence,Really!”

Aunt Qiao was angry when she saw her son,Just said:“What is it?Do you think Xiaolei doesn’t know?Xiaolei also knows!”
Lu Yuan said:“What does she know?”
“Know your mind!”
“What do i think?”Lu Yuan stared and said。
“What do you think about you,Who is in your heart?”
Lu Zhenzhen stood up,Said:“I don’t know how you became so inexplicable tonight?I thought about my sister,But that was before,Before!Who is unhappy when he is young and likes one or two girls?Broke the law??”
Aunt Qiao doesn’t seem to care about her son at all,Just said:“Whoever you liked when you were young,But just can’t like her,Didn’t want to,Not even better now,You have Du Lei,With Xiaohu!”
Lu Yuan was like being stripped naked by his mother,Said:“I’m talking about when I was young,Do you understand?I gave up now。”
“Who said you gave up,Everyone has to change the name of the puppy,When it comes to her, you care more than anyone else,I tell you,You get rid of the mess in your heart early,I don’t allow you to betray Xiaolei。”
“mom,You are simply inexplicable!What did i do,Buckle your hat,Do people from that era have this hobby。”Lu Yuan said with an atmosphere。
At this point, I said mother’s pain,Aunt Qiao whispered:“You bastard!”
What Lu Yuan realized,Quickly shut up。Yes,This is mother’s sore spot,during those years,Mom is wrong for him“brat”,Draw a line with dad,Not only divorced my father,I even criticized Dad on stage,Then my father went to prison,At that time he could just walk,Know nothing about it,Wait till he understands,He knew the truth,But he understands mom,Because that era was the era of twisting human souls。He just said this,It’s definitely not aimed at mom,Conscience,Lu Yuan is not a bastard for that,He is general,But he is also angry,I didn’t bother to explain to mom,Pissed on a chair。
Aunt Qiao also knows that her son’s words may not mean to beat herself,Say again,He was still young,But what my son said,She still blushes,Said:“I have a basis for saying this,Xiaolei told me a few days ago,You sleep at night,Called her name!You think I wronged you,Is there any mother in the world who is willing to wrong her son?!”
Lu Yuan was surprised,Looked up,Eyes wide open,Watching mom,Said:“Whose name i call?”
Mom gave him a hard look,Said:“What did you say?”
Lu Yuan said hurriedly:“small……One?”
“It’s not her who else?I don’t know how small you are?”Mother said angrily。