“but,You are not my opponent。”

“You better leave,This fig,Belongs to me。”
“I don’t want to continue fighting with you,otherwise,Get figs in a while,Someone came up to snatch,I have no power to protect the fig。”
Shangchuan,An expression of not wanting to fight,Advise the third sister。
“Ha ha!!I am not your opponent?”
“I’m not as arrogant as you,You are so arrogant。”
“In this case,Then keep fighting。”
“Who wins and loses,Still unknown!”
Third Sister finished,Sword again。
“it is good,Then keep fighting。”
Three sisters,Finished,Toward Shangchuan,Continue to shoot。
Lin Yu on the trees,See here。
Look around,See a certain place,Have one,Very suitable for sneaking。
Take advantage of everyone,Look towards the side of the battle。
Picked the figs in one hand。
“Brother,Come up and take me away。”
Got figs,Lin Yu looked at the second brother,Yelled。
“it is good,I am here。”
Luo Fei sees people around,Look towards the battle。

Unwilling to compromise,It can only be a dead sound。

of course,If Changxiang Technology is willing to compromise,Tim·Cook is willing to negotiate,As long as technology can be shared,Everything is easy to say。
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company can immediately resume the supply of brain-computer chips,Of course, Apple must get the chip first。Weihua may be able to occupy part of the market in a short time,But as long as Apple launches new products immediately,No problem。
Of course as an alliance party,Including Intel、Google、IBMand many more,Other companies can also benefit。
For example, the secondary development of brain-computer chips can be carried out on the current basis,In the future, Changxiang Technology will jointly develop product standards for next-generation brain-computer chips。
As long as you can participate in the formulation of interface standards,Everyone will have a share in the future,Happy。
of course,If Changxiang Technology cannot recognize the situation,Then everyone can only spend time。
Although it is almost impossible to reverse the chip,But since there is a finished product,Countless engineers use the most advanced instruments to find a way to find the realization principle of the function, but it is possible。
And then trying to develop a similar product,You can still bring everyone back to the same starting line。
The most troublesome situation is probably the uncontrollable factor of Samsung Group。
But it’s not a big problem。
Based on what everyone knows about Samsung,Faced with this situation,Even if Samsung is willing to produce brain-computer chips for Changxiang Technology under the pressure of the alliance,The lion will inevitably open his mouth。
the reason is simple,apple、Google、IBMAnd so on, high-tech companies in the US and the EU are Samsung’s major customers。
Under the process of globalization,Many American companies are also Samsung’s upstream suppliers。Not to mention Samsung’s chip manufacturing technology,And the products also have many technologies that are authorized to use by alliance companies。
in case[Begonia Book House fo]Samsung will go its own way,At least we must get enough benefits from Changxiang Technology。

Shen Huan almost got up。

The princess is really so bold and scary!!
But few people like!
Meet such a partner,Do you have any reason not to work hard??
“I thought about it,These girls are all my students,I can’t justify it without caring。”Shen Huan’s tone immediately changed,“such,Look at the time,Let’s go!”
“What do you think of this morning?”Cui Zhong asked。
Shen Huan gave him a sideways look,“Lao Cui,I only flew back from Huajing yesterday,Fly back today?”
“Is not,They are in Lin’an now。”Cui Zhong quickly said:“Because I’m going to debut soon,So they came to the picturesque Lin’an to take some photos,For publicity。Then if《Burn my calories》Hot enough,The rest can produce a photo album,Can you sell some money?。”
Sell for more or less money?
Shen Huan dismissed his expectations。
as long as“Meteor girl”Not too bad,At least in the last six months,Their ability to attract gold is first-rate。
If they can stand up,That’s really needless to mention,Purely a gold making machine,All that is pulled out is gold!
In this world,Best money,Isn’t that the group that just touched the world、Do you dare to spend your parents’ money??
Shanhai.com can launch such a girl group at this time,Not only their luck,It is an important supplement to their entire strategy。
With such a girl group that can fight for many years,The princess’s plan to enter the entertainment industry,It will be more handy。
Nothing else,Relying on the princess, I gave it to myself7000More than ten thousand yuan,Shen Huan should do more!
It just so happens that recently for Kobe and Iverson’s bone-strengthening medicine,Shen Huan is almost bankrupt,Replenishing such a large sum of funds,Suddenly I feel more energetic。
“Let’s go!”

Pop pop.

I seem to hear the sound of face beating.
Why Tucker is the Pacers’ highest scoring average?
This shouldn’t happen at all.It happened now。
“Is Tucker doing magic?seriously,If it wasn’t for me to observe carefully,It’s really hard to find that Tucker has made so many shots.My attention is all on Xu Xuan and McGee.”
After this new lineup is formed,Old Larry·Bird and Frank·Vogel and Nate·McMillan has been studying the Pacers’ tactical play in the new season day and night.。
Put West and Hibbert on the bench,Tucker and McGee mention starting,This is not something to be decided casually。
Tucker and McGee and West and Hibbert are two extremes。
Battle of positions on one side,On one side is the speed of the fast break lineup。
Old Larry·Bird knows,Positional warfare is no longer mainstream,After all, not every team has Duncan、A super power forward like Ad,Positional warfare is not much useful compared to the fast-torn tactics like the Golden State Warriors.。
On the contrary, they will be dragged into the quagmire and drowned because of their poor mobility.。
Want to have the future,Must actively look for the future!
Holding the old thinking and wanting to win the championship of the future world,Isn’t this a foolish dream??
Old Larry·Bird is not such a person!

Rush up the trees quickly。

“what,Why can’t I feel the smell of figs?”
One,People who are closer to figs。
Found this one,Raise your head and look at the fig。
“I rely on,Look everyone,This fig was picked。”
Found this one,I yell at the fig tree。
“chase,Catch up。”
“They ran in that direction。”
then,People at the scene,All chasing Lin Yu。
The strong are fighting right now。
And myself,Are weak。
now,Just have a chance,Can take advantage of the chaos,Snatched figs。
“Brother,Not good!”
“they,Are chasing us。”
“Split up!”
“I give you figs,You run with figs,I believe,They won’t chase me。”
“otherwise,You run behind my back。”
“That’s very exhausting。”
The second brother with Lin Yu on his back,Hear this。

“You have a great hammer?”

“Eat a hammer!”
“Buy a hammer!”
“Let me tell you a hammer!”
I think it’s interesting。
Thinking of shopping yesterday,Guo Xiaoyi unconsciously thought of the hot pot he had at noon yesterday……
Very delicious……
Just when the girl is already out of the sky,Suddenly the phone in my pocket shook。
“what?How did the small machine move??”
Guo Xiaoyi looked up at the teacher,Fortunately, there are seven winter training camps、Eighty people,She and Wang Yufei、Lu Yuxin sits behind,The teacher shouldn’t notice her?
and many more,This is not a class,Anyway, she’s here to mess around……
One thought ends here,Guo Xiaoyi quickly took out her phone,Put it on the pile of materials sent out before class。
Sure enough, a message popped up on WeChat。
Learn from:“Can i sit next to you next class?”

She soon found out something was wrong。

Although Wang Yufei was serious,But he is not attending class at all?
This guy spent a few minutes turning over the Chinese textbook,Took out the English book and read it,Then go through it again,Then I took out the history textbook,Then physics textbook……
What does he want?
Is it really good to despise the class teacher in the first class??correct,This guy doesn’t know that Teacher Chen is a bad temper。
“Wang Yufei!”
Just when Guo Xiaoyi was still lamenting Wang Yu’s flying head,Chen Guo suddenly called Wang Yufei’s name。
Now Guo Xiaoyi can turn her head openly,Glancing triumphantly at this reckless guy。What if your math grades are good?No one can hold on when Old Chen is about to burst……
“what!”Wang Yufei stood up immediately。
“What i just said?”Chen Guo stared at Wang Yufei,Asked sternly。
018 Can not be beautiful,But to have both
“What i just said?”This is a question。
Wang Yufei understands this very well,After all, it’s a kid who went to elementary school,Even the elementary school in the mountain village,Not every child can be so obedient,So teachers often ask questions like this。
Under normal circumstances,The teacher called a classmate to ask this question,Basically, it is determined that the child did not listen to the class well。
Wang Yufei also understands that he did not devote all his energy to class,But he is really just to save time,Because he found that turning over other subjects while listening to the class will not affect his efficiency。
He can do different things with his eyes and ears,And remember very clearly。At most, it’s just that the book turned slowly。But even so,Enough for him to memorize all the texts,I have sorted out what the teacher said just now in my brain as a whole。
But when he stood up,But hesitated。
Yes,He can repeat what Chen Guo said just now,But if you do,How much would make Chen Guo on the stage feel slightly embarrassed。

Liu Xiaoyun’s dumbfounded answer。

“Can’t,Must make trouble。”
Murong Shan really made trouble on purpose,Isn’t it to ease the tension just now?,No matter how lively?How to ease the tension without being busy。
“Ok,Then you make trouble,I surrender。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s helpless answer,She used to make others surrender,it’s good now,Feng Shui turned,She surrendered because of others。
“I have a hasty,No way?Surrendered so easily?This is not the style you should have,This unscientific。”
Chapter three thousand four hundred and twenty six You just wait to get beaten
Qin Liang also deliberately said。
“My current style is no style,No style is my current style。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered nonchalantly。
“You tell me tongue twister?”
Qin Liang deliberately said that。
“No,I am telling the truth,The fact is like this。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled,A little proudly replied。
“Good good,You are telling the truth,I won’t hold you up,Then you continue to have no style,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang said helplessly。
“What are you doing, brother-in-law??Do you want to fight?”
Liu Xiaoyun is starting to provoke,Of course she knows that Qin Liang will never accept her challenge at this time。

Ding Yi didn’t expect Aunt Qiao to agree to accompany his father so easily,Just said:“To know you went so soon,I won’t pack him so much medicine。”

Aunt Qiao said:“Your sister-in-law has a business trip next month,I want to wait until she comes back,Otherwise, no one will pick up Tiger to school,But they didn’t appreciate it,Said I don’t care。”
Ding Yi asked Du Lei:“How many days have you been on business?”
Du Lei said:“Just two days。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“I thought it was for many days。”
Lu Yuan said while eating:“You,Hurry up to work in Singapore,Leave us alone,Three of us,Can’t you leave him a little boy??”
Aunt Qiao sighed,Said:“I knew I was so unwelcome,I went to Singapore for a long time ago。”
Ding Yi said:“Speaking of Xiangfu,You go right now,This time is the best season there,In addition,It’s cold here,But the seasons are like spring there,Humid climate,Guarantee you won’t catch a cold all winter。”
“I want to go too,I really can’t worry about Xiaohu。”
Du Lei said:“Don’t always talk about Xiaohu,Our little tiger has already saved trouble,Is it Xiaohu?”
Xiaohu put down the things in his hands,Said:“Just,I don’t need you to take care of grandma,Dad and aunt are back,You go take care of grandpa。”
Aunt Qiao said:“You don’t want grandma?”
“miss you,But i still have dad、Mother and aunt。Grandpa alone。”
Aunt Qiao said:“it is good,Since you all bother me,I will leave tomorrow,Go with your grandpa。”
Finished eating,Lu Yuan said:“Ding Yizhi,I’m fine tomorrow,If you are a colleague,I am willing to be a driver for you,Xiaohu will be your bodyguard。”
Aunt Qiao said:“Don’t worry about it,Have you follow,She’s at ease with colleagues?”
After listening to Aunt Qiao,Du Lei smiled secretly when she saw Lu……
The next day is Sunday,Ding Yi called the relocation director Langfa,Report to him the news of his return。Before returning home,She also called the director and channel director Wang,They all hope she will come back to work soon,It’s because the station is causing shortage,Marriage leave and maternity leave,There are two or three。Ding Yi said he would go to work on Monday。
Ding Yi also wants to know the situation in the station during the time he left,then,She called Yue Sufen again,Yue Sufen is working overtime in Taili,original,TV station’s recent reform,Extended several program segments,not enough people,Transferred her to the TV station,Specializing in post dubbing work。In addition,She also told Ding Yi,I have moved from the radio to Ding Yi’s original office。


Chapter Two Hundred and Eighth You marry me and sister
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You marry me and sister
“You can’t say that my brother-in-law!Brother-in-law is not the kind of person you think!Let me tell you,My brother-in-law and my sister have been together for more than a year,Brother-in-law never touched my sister!He’s not what you said!”
Qin Liang is already irreplaceable in Shen Ruoxue’s heart“Male god”Like exists,She will never accept anyone to slander him,Not even my own mother,So she impulsively,Brain fever,Shunzui told the secret between Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi。
“what did you say!”
Han Xiangyu looked at Shen Ruoxue in disbelief。
“mom,I am not a kid anymore,I have my own concept of right and wrong,Compared to your experience and experience,I prefer to believe what my own eyes see,Something I feel in my own heart。”
Shen Ruoxue finished these few words,Turned away。
Han Xiangyu stood there blankly,She was not angry because Shen Ruoxue talked back to her,She was stunned by what Shen Ruoxue said just now。
That person and Ruoxi have been together for more than a year,He never violated Ruoxi?
How can this be!
Han Xiangyu believes that her little daughter will never deceive herself,What she said just now must be true,Then this makes her puzzled,How could it be like this?
Han Xiangyu tried to calm herself down,She thought and thought,Then she understood。
“Good you Shen Ruoxi!Play with mom, right?,Your marriage to that kid is a fake,You deliberately made such a scene with me just to escape marriage。Little girl movie,Good for you,Haha。”