Because he doesn’t understand。

Wait to move everything into the bedroom,Wang Yufei sat in front of the computer and began to do preparatory work before software development,The counselor came to visit。
“Introduce yourself,My name is Kang Jiandong,It’s you2019Counselor of Bioengineering,Add a WeChat first,You can contact me if you have any questions about life and study!”
“Thank you,Teacher Kang!”
Wang Yufei looked at this teacher Kang,very young,Looks like he’s in his twenties at most,Short hair,A simple sportswear。
If I didn’t introduce myself just now,Wang Yufei can probably treat this counselor as a senior。
“correct,Wang Yufei,In school means,This year’s freshman opening ceremony,The school hopes you will be a representative of freshmen to speak on stage,Think about writing a speech in these two days!”After saying hello,Kang Jiandong said。
“Ok?Freshman Representative?Can i change someone?”Wang Yufei wanted to refuse subconsciously。
“of course!”
Kang Jiandong nodded approvingly,Then continued“The school means that you can choose between you and Lu Yuxin。I don’t think about other things。After all I know you two are in the audience,No matter who speaks on stage on behalf of freshmen,May feel too stressed。You are from a school,Definitely know,How about you two discuss it in private?”
280 So you are the father of all new students(700Monthly pass plus)
Sure enough, Huaqing University is very reasonable。
For example, we respect students very much in the matter of freshmen representatives,Gave Wang Yufei the right to choose。
If it is placed in the provincial capital one,This is unimaginable。
Such as speeches at the commendation meeting,Say let Wang Yufei speak,He must speak。
but now,Wang Yufei has at least one more choice。

And Shrek and several people showed extremely suspicious gazes at Flander who arrived quickly.……

I have a question in my mind,Who is this wretched guy with a swollen nose?
Dai Mubai smiled and explained to them“That is the dean of our Shrek Academy!Flanders,Is a 76th-level war soul saint,Wuhun,Four-eyed cat eagle!Unexpectedly, when he came in person, he should have felt the violent spirit power fluctuations here.!”
Xiao Wu pointed to Flander’s blue and swollen face,Laugh out loud“puff,Why does Dean Flander have a bruised nose and swollen face?,Was it beaten by someone?”
Tang San also discovered this scene,Surprised“It seems to be true,Did Dean Flander just go to a duel??”
Ning Rongrong shook his head,Expressed his opinion,“I feel like I was beaten by someone else”
Heard a few words,Dai Mubai’s mouth twitched a few times,Xing Xing explained“Maybe the dean accidentally fell off the bed, right?……”
Dean, Dean,I have tried my best to restore your image,The way you look now is completely making a cold joke to the newcomers!
Flander who walked over cast his eyes,Wondering which tutor“What just happened?How could there be such a strong spirit power fluctuation”
Just asked him to recruit students,To make such a big movement……
He rushed here quickly because of this……
The instructor with tousled hair pointed at Xu Sheng next to him,Whispered“Dean Flander,This is Xu Shengmian!”
Flander frowned,Only then did he realize that there was a figure standing next to him……
After seeing Xu Sheng’s appearance clearly,The look on Flender’s face immediately became very aggrieved……
“Why is this great god again??I was in my store before,It’s this guy who beats himself up to his black nose and face!”
But he must hold back when he was beaten,This is Title Douluo,I have the courage to reason with others?

The middle-aged man in front of Xu Sheng swallowed and did not dare to speak,Looking at the scarlet sky with fearful eyes……

How strong is this man?It makes the sky smell different!
When the Contra, who had been following Xu Sheng from behind, felt the pressure of the opponent that was countless times stronger than himself,Rushed over……
Then he hugged Xu Sheng respectfully“This adult!”
The middle-aged man sees his most admired Contra powerhouse like this,My eyes widened,Shocked“what?Even Master Contra is so respectful to this man,Could it be that……”
This man,Titled Douluo!!
How can this be??
Although I don’t have spirit power,But I also know that there are very few Title Douluos on the mainland!Ordinary people may never see a titled Douluo from afar!!
however,The facts are here,Can’t let him not believe!
Xu Sheng glanced at the Contra powerhouse,Indifferent tone“I want to rent this boat,Any questions?”
This look made him fall into an ice cellar,All over his body……
Flattering“no problem,no problem,You are a Title Douluo,It’s our pleasure to take our boat,We don’t take any money!”
I heard the Contra powerhouse say that,Those below who couldn’t understand Xu Sheng took a breath……

“that,Give you twenty thousand a month,You can see it?”

Zhang Mengke frowned。
She is just a fresh graduate,No work experience,Arguably the cheapest employee in the company。
This exit is 20,000,It can’t be the company’s decent treatment。
“Sorry,Yu Zong,You don’t seem to see where I am。”
Zhang Mengke studied hard during university,Confident in professional knowledge,What she really wants,By my own efforts,Climb steadily。
Instead of being said to have this treatment only by relationship。
So Zhang Mengke is a little unhappy at this time。
Yu Fuhua is also very worried。
Didn’t take care of this little ancestor,But it will affect my entire company!
“that,How about this,30,000 basic salary plus substitute lesson commission,how about it?”
Zhang Mengke’s face has sunk。
The more you talk, the more ridiculous!

Li Bi was surprised,But on the way Shen Huan came,She opened her hands,Looking forward to Shen Huan’s hug。

“So romantic!”
“Must be happy!!”
“Kiss her!Kiss her!”
Everyone booed loudly。
Even Kobe and Iverson got to the exit of the player channel,Whistled loudly。
Of course Shen Huan would not do this。
He hugged Li Bi and let go,I took Li Bi’s microphone easily。
“What do you guys think?This is a purely friendly hug!”
Everyone booed Shen Huan。
You and Li Bi are no ghosts!
The lens is also bad,Immediately swept the three girls behind the Lakers bench。
Many people don’t know who they are,But as long as you see the chair in front of them,With Shen Huan’s name,You can detect a hint of mystery。
But they are also laughing,Pretty happy。
It was originally。
Shen Huan has more scandals,And this world doesn’t forbid to marry more,Why eat so much vinegar??
We are already destined to enter the Shen family,Whether this little singer is all a question,So nervous why?

Lu Shanshan shook her head:“no need,I’m used to it,As long as it’s after eight o’clock in the evening,I don’t want to eat。Yue Ge,But you,I think you are recovering recently,Doctor Liu said you can do some exercise,Do you need more food?”

Shen Zhiyue happily shook his chicken legs:“I am adding。Look,Made by your mother ,Delicious。”
Lu Shanshan is a little speechless:“This thing I changed from snack to big,How much your family abused you,You have this kind of pride now。”
Shen Zhiyue rolled his eyes:“What do you know。They say that mother-in-law is difficult to deal with。Now I coax my mother-in-law into my own mother,Can i be upset?”
Lu Shanshan shook her head:“Do not,Yue Ge,She is already your mother,I think you don’t change it back in your life,You used to be poisonous,I feel very annoying,But your mouth is cheap now,I think it’s cute。”
Shen Zhiyue pursed his mouth,Said shamelessly:“That’s because you didn’t fall in love with me before,You fall in love with me now。”
Lu Shanshan feels very speechless,But what Shen Zhiyue said is justified。She used to think that Shen Zhiyue was a strong man,Very handsome,Dragon and phoenix,But after confirming the relationship,She only thinks Shen Zhiyue is her little cutie,It’s her baby。Shen Zhiyue used to speak harder,Face cold,She will feel scared,Worried that I offended him。Shen Zhiyue has a bad temper now,She also treats the other side as complaining,It’s like a little cat with little attack power,Furiously waved his paws twice,Can’t hurt people at all。
Shen Zhiyue saw Lu Shanshan look at herself smirking,How stupid to be,In his heart, there are 10,000 unwillings。His face is so handsome,Put on such an idiot face,Didn’t that ruin his image??But then think again,Maybe Lu Shanshan is doing nympho on him,He should give Lu Shanshan some space,After all, Lu Shanshan is a little girl at heart,The little girl is in love,Of course it would be silly。
It’s okay for my lover to be stupid in front of me,Just be shrewd in front of others。
“Speaking of,You ran so many places recently,Is there any gain?”
Lu Shanshan’s face changed immediately:“Yue Ge,I seem to be doing something wrong,Someone has been discredited recently,Say you lost your endorsement,Because of your bad character。”
Shen Zhiyue suddenly pretended to be stupid,Keep the chicken legs firmly:“Your character is not good?I didn’t see it。Did you do something bad that I didn’t know?No way,I’m not so fate,I finally followed you,You are a bad guy。I want to tell Aunt Tong。”
Lu Shanshan:“Cough,Enough Brother Yue,You play it again,I want to take you to the psychiatric department。Yue Ge,Do you think it’s Xu Shuang who wants to black me?He misunderstood me a lot,Would he want to pull me off the stage?”
Shen Zhiyue casually said:“It’s possible,So I told you earlier,No real friends in the circle,You don’t listen,Always stupidly approaching people,Look,You are now backlashed。Just say you should listen to me。”

“No more,Sakura has cooked food at home。”

“The one in my family is also。”Shikamaru said,Then yelled at Naruto below,“Naruto,I’m going back!and also,Don’t make such a big movement from now on!”
After dinner,Hinata returned to the bedroom with the sleepy sunflower。
“Naruto,Are there any difficulties in Naruto’s work??”Hyuga Nizu sat down in front of Naruto and said,“If there is any difficulty,Just tell me directly,Hyuga family,Will always support you。”
“Ok。”Naruto nodded,Actually,The Hyuga family has indeed provided him a lot of help recently,It also sent many powerful ninjas to the sea on the border of the water country and the fire country to conduct investigations.。
The fireworks sitting on the side secretly told the future blogger:“Blogger,Your fight with brother-in-law is so handsome today。”
The future blogger touched his reincarnation eye,Shook his head and said:“I just rely on the external force of the reincarnation eye。”
“Speaking of your reincarnation eyes,It seems that there is no such thing as pupil power consumption。”
“.Actually,My reincarnation eye is a fusion of the two reincarnation eyes of Uncle Sasuke and Zoryana,That’s why the pupil power appears more。”
“——correct,Blogger.”Naruto suddenly looked at the future blogger who was whispering to the fireworks and said,“Tomorrow there will be a task for you to complete。”
“Ok,I know。”Future blogger nodded。
“Because of the serious lack of ninjas in Konoha village today,So this task can only be done by you alone,and,This should also be the thing you are most familiar with。”
Naruto says。
Although there are many places where Konoha Village needs to send ninjas,But Naruto is still reluctant to send a kid ninja。
Let young children perform dangerous tasks that may die,Naruto can’t bear it。

He discussed with Wei Keqin about how to develop the economy in impoverished counties,Seeing it’s getting late,Wei Keqin still has some ideas,stand up,Shake hands with Jiang Fan,Strongly request Jiang Fan to inspect work in their county。

After Wei Keqin left,Jiang Fan looked at his watch,He didn’t receive Ding Yi’s call,Thought,Isn’t the interview finished yet??Just called her again。But I heard the sound of shutting down。Now he is in a hurry。
I want to go and see,I’m afraid that others will think too much,Thought for a while,He took out his address book,There is the phone of Ding Yi’s original office,He is going to talk on the phone,No one answered。 He put down the phone,Open the door,I want Xin Lei to go ahead and see the situation,Unexpectedly,The moment he opened the door,He saw Secretary Xin Lei standing at the door,Almost missed him,And it seems that his head just retracted from the door,Jiang Fan suddenly realized that the driver Tian Xiaoshan had said that Secretary Xin liked to listen to Qianggen。Said seriously immediately:“Why are you standing here?”
Xin Lei must have thought about answering,He said:“I just went in,Who knew you were just about to come out。”
Jiangfan Station,Seriously:“what’s up?”
Xin Lei said:“My child has diarrhea,I’m going in to ask you for a leave,If you have nothing else,I’ll go back early and take the kids to the hospital to see。”
This is a good reason,Jiang Fan has no reason not to leave,He said slowly:“Let Xiaoshan go with you。”
Xin Lei quickly said:“No more,I borrowed a car。I’ll leave if you have nothing else。”
Jiang Fan nodded。Xin Lei closed the door of his office,After a few steps forward, I suddenly said:“correct,Did you come out just now??”
Jiang Fan startled,Said:“No、No,Child matters,go quickly。”
“The mayor, i’m leaving,Call if you have something。I’ll be back after watching。”
Jiang Fan deliberately checked his watch,Said:“no need,Today is the weekend,I’ll be off work after you finish reading。”
“Thank you mayor,I am leaving。”
Watching Xin Lei walk into the elevator,Jiang Fan returned to the office,He picked up the intercom,Called Xiao Aiguo’s office,Don’t let the phone ring a second time,Xiao Aiguo is connected。
“You come up。”
Jiang Fan puts down the phone after speaking,Sitting behind the desk,I feel a little guilty。


Hu Lixin, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV and swiping his mobile phone, suddenly found his wife walking in front of him,Put a plate of peanut seeds and a plate of cut fruit on the coffee table in front of him。
Melon seeds and peanuts are on the same plate,But it’s very clear,Black-brown melon seeds and yellow-toothed peanuts were shown by Xie Lan as a Tai Chi Yin and Yang fish……
The apples form a radial circle on the outermost part of the plate.,And inside the circle are long strips,Are arranged neatly into a radial circle,In the center of the circle are the swollen purple-red grapes that have been picked.。
Just three layers,The innermost is red,The middle layer is turquoise,The outermost is light yellow,Pretty pretty。
“Why are you doing these fancy things??”Hu Lixin is strange。
“Holiday。”Xie Lan happily sat down on the sofa beside her husband,Then take out the remote control,Turn on the TV,Switch to Anton TV。
“Pursue dreams,It’s never too late!”
Hu Lai’s face and his voice appeared on TV again——this is《Characters》Trailer of the show。
Hu Lixin immediately understood what his wife was doing,Today is Wednesday,Is the latest issue《Characters》Air day……She is so grand,Just to watch my son on TV!
Hu Lixin rolled his eyes,I plan to get up and leave to smoke in the kitchen。
But this time he didn’t make it,Because I was held back by my wife:“Smoking is harmful to health!”
“Then i don’t smoke……”Hu Lixin took out the cigarette case and lighter in his pocket,Put on the coffee table。
Would rather not smoke,Don’t want to watch TV。
Xie Lan is anxious:“Must see!Usually you don’t watch the game,Today’s son’s documentary must be watched!Hu Lixin,He is your son,Not your enemy!You don’t know much about your son,Look at his documentary to learn about him, wouldn’t it be great??Moreover,You always complain that he was forbidden to touch football since he was young,How did he like football in the end……Then you watched this documentary,Maybe you can know the answer?So sit down for me,Let’s watch!”
Her hands passed through her husband’s arms,Hugged him hard,I’m afraid he ran away。
Hu Lixin used a bit of strength,I found it difficult to drag my wife on a soft sofa,He loses all his strength when he reaches half of his strength,Fell back on the sofa。
Upon seeing this, he had to agree:“it is good,I read。Don’t keep dragging me……”
“No way!Until you finish,I won’t let go!”Xie Lan shook her head,Said with a firm expression。

“Well,I ask you,Have you loaned Dongfang again??”

“As far as i know no,what happened?”
“Nothing,I just ask。”
“correct,director,Is Director Tian calling you??”
“He said to call you,It’s still to adopt cattle。In the past few days, the secretary went to the countryside to do the work of village cadres.,Let the village officials mobilize everyone to raise cattle。”
“Oh,That would be nice。”There was a sardonic smile at the corner of Peng Changyi’s mouth。
Liu Quan said:“What good?Yesterday Dongfang Company went out with seven or eight cows,And no deposit is required。”
Peng Changyi was taken aback,Heart said,Feed him cows without deposit,Maybe Jia Dongfang can’t even afford feed,Just say:“There is such a good thing?”
Peng Changyi said:“Never accept?”
“Is not,Say it’s after the new year。
“What about the cows raised before?”
“This is what we worry about。”