“Humph,Isn’t he just a broken doctor?,What kind of thing!”Bi Zhen cursed coldly outside the crowd,Jealous,I hate my teeth。

Although Mo Xiaosheng and Luo Yilin have nothing to offend her,But in her eyes,As long as Luo Yilin is living well,She is not happy!
From freshman year,Luo Yilin pressed her in every way,She has been frustrated for four years。
Today the alumni meeting saw Luo Yilin brought a little doctor boyfriend over,She also wants to use her husband’s power to raise her eyebrows,It turned out that I didn’t have time to vomit,He swallowed again abruptly。
The women on the table who were short with her sisters,After hearing that Mo Xiaosheng was a genius doctor,Immediately left her and ran to kneel and lick Mo Xiaosheng and Luo Yilin.。
The more she thinks about it, the more angry she gets,Especially seeing Luo Yilin’s increasingly delicate face and tender skin that can pinch water,She’s crazy。
“Okay wife,Do not be mad,Catch the opportunity another day,I have to make this nasty breath for you。”
Chang Cong comforted her,Then asked her to take a taxi back by herself,Said he had to rush back to the store to check the goods。
“Humph!Bitch,See me scratch your fox face sooner or later!”Bi Zhen stomped her foot severely,Turned around and picked up the bag and walked out。
Chang Cong kept sending her in a taxi,Watched her go away,But then he did not drive back to the company,But took something from the car,Back to the hotel。
When Mo Xiaosheng got Sun Mei’s pulse,,Luo Yilin’s eyes stayed on his face。At this moment, Mo Xiaosheng’s face is calm,Look focused,He exudes an extraordinary and indifferent temperament,It feels like an outsider。
Luo Yilin looked at his not outstanding but exceptionally delicate eyebrows,I couldn’t help but jumped up,I can’t help but imagine how nice he would be if he were really his boyfriend。
But when she realized her thoughts, she immediately killed it in the cradle,If I am vivid with Mo Xiao,How can it be worthy of Joey?,Worry about Liang Heng。
It’s strange,She has no feeling about the name Liang Heng,On the contrary, the name Mo Xiaosheng did have an inexplicable touch,As if there should be such a person in her life。If it wasn’t for Mo Xiaosheng to tell her that Liang Heng was her first love,Otherwise she won’t have the slightest interest in the name。

“Thank you,Thank you Wanshi Group,I believe you are so conscientious、Such a responsible company,It will certainly occupy a very important position on the international stage in the future!”

Secretary Lan rushed to the stage,Full of excitement,Then he turned his gaze to the direction where Mo Xiaosheng was.,Said with a smile:“President Mo,Now the auction of Wanshi Group’s collection is over,Can you take out your priceless treasure??”
She said“Priceless”Increased the volume specially when,The tone is full of mockery。
Everyone sitting naturally heard what she meant,Suddenly burst into laughter,They are also waiting to see what earth-shattering baby Mo Xiaosheng will bring out,The Warring States Jade Cong that can kill 140 million in seconds。
Actually for most people,Mo Xiaosheng has become a laughing stock in their hearts.。
Knowing the causes and consequences, Li Qianying also looked at Mo Xiaosheng with some concern.,Clenched palms,Quite worried。
Mo Xiaosheng has a calm face,Slowly and firmly stepped onto the stage in the eyes of everyone mocking,Raise your head:“I don’t know what you guys are laughing at,Secretary Lan is right,The thing I want to shoot is OK if you have a price,It’s not too much to say priceless。”
“is it?Then you fucking take out something!”
“Just,I think you’ll be tricky!”
“If you can’t get anything out,Get out of the capital from now on!”
The people below saw that Mo Xiaosheng was so arrogant,Immediately cursed him。
Wan Chen looked at Mo Xiaosheng with a smile,But there was a fierce chill and hatred in his eyes。
He has seen the photos,I know that this Mo Xiaosheng in front of him is so mad at his second uncle,The man who maimed his nephew!It is the person who stepped on the face of Wanjia and grinds hard!
He swears,One day you must cut this kid a thousand knives,Frustration!
Mo Xiaosheng held out a finger,Said with a smile:“I bid for a life!”
Everyone was stunned when they heard what he said,Then everyone in the hall burst into laughter again,As if I heard the most ridiculous joke in the world。
“This kid really doesn’t have any farts,Take out the life,It’s a pity that your life is worthless!”
“Kid,are you crazy,You fate,Who the fuck wants!”
“Just,What the fuck are you,Your life is worthless in our eyes!”

Then came today’s chapter。

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Chapter Eighty Five 《later》
Gu Qiao glanced at Lu Ban。
Ban Lu is a little embarrassed。
“cough……That’s it……”

Shen Huan walked away silently。

It’s really bad。
I almost forgot that these are two old drivers。
Dare to see a group of girls singing and dancing above,I thought I wanted to pick up girls,And in the name of teachers and students。
have to say,Although Kobe and Iverson joked Shen Huan,But they do things well。
“Meteor girl”The nine girls,After singing the ninth song,Not as tired as everyone thought。
the reason is simple,All of them9personal,If you allocate your singing time reasonably,Sometimes a person sings only two or three sentences per song,Nothing tired at all。
As for the hot dance,During training,Which hot dance is not for an hour?
They have long been used to high-intensity dancing。
Otherwise, they would not be able to stand out from dozens of candidates。
So they didn’t go down,But standing on the side of the table,Look at which mysterious guest will come to help yourself create an atmosphere。
As a result, two tall, dark men rushed out from the other side。
What do you mean?

These two beauties,All the beauties of the company。

but,Lin Yulai,Became his woman。
boom!Lin Yulai,When I was about to push these two women down。
Office door,Suddenly pushed away。
“mess,It’s just nonsense。”
“You do,That is pushing the company to death。”
“and also,Here is the company,Not your romantic place。”
Zhao Long who opened the door,See these two women,Only the bikini dress is left。
Pointed at the two women,Anger。
“Zhao Long,Now you are the leader,Or I am the leader?”
“When is it your turn to point me?”
“and also,Before coming in,To knock,do not you know?”
“Go out,Knock on the door and come in again。”
Lin Yulai,Heard what Zhao Long said,Shouted angrily。
“Yes,I am not qualified。”
“But I represent Lin Shao。”

This can only be expected,Unspeakable voice.

Xu Xuan feels like8Taihang look?
O’Neill suddenly looked over with interest,In the warm-up half of the walkers,Xu Xuan makes an outside three-pointer10I only hit the second time1Times。
“This hit rate.Are you tired?”
No way?
What will not?
Eight consecutive triple-doubles and back-to-back matches,Ah,No one can keep their state so perfect!
Even LeBron can’t do it!
Can Xu Xuan do it??
Of course Xu Xuan can’t do it!
Kenny·Smith knows Xu Xuan is strong,He knows that Xu Xuan will be strong in the future,But no matter what,This is only Xu Xuan’s second season。
Want to surpass LeBron in the second season?
Wake up!
There is no such easy thing!
Xu Xuan is also a human,He will be tired too!
“According to this hit rate,Not only did Xu Xuan fail to get a triple pair,And their five-game winning streak is likely to be ended!”

to be frank,Many people come to their school every day to find someone to see you。The doorman said please go back and I am used to it。

Yi Xiangjun smiled and thanked,Not angry,Because she is carrying Yi Jia,in advance,alone,Came quietly。
After the exercise,Bao Bao called Mu Yan,“I am preparing a movie,You know?”
Mu Yan nodded,“Where i can help?”
Baby Ou nodded,“I hope to invite your father, Mr. Mu Nianhua,As a music producer for my movie。”Paused,“Basically the soundtrack,This aspect,Other music effects,Someone else is responsible。I really hope that Mr. Mu Nianhua can compose a song for this movie.”And gave a business card,“I recently worked at Mingle City,If Mr. Mu Nianhua intends,Can contact me,Go into details.”
Mu Yan knows Ou Baobao is Da Ou’s grandson,Super capable,Super status,Different from most of the rich second generation in school。But it was the first time that he came into contact with Bao Bao, who is the role of Taizi,feel,So strange.
He took the business card hesitantly,Mu Yan has a feeling in his heart,The distance between him and Bao Bao,Farther.
Xie Yun glanced at Mu Yan,Nothing said。
When eating at noon,After Xie Yun poured juice for Baby Ou,Just say,“Wan Ming has many very capable music producers, right?Why do you think of looking for Mu Yan’s father??”
Baby Ou directly answered,“Cheap。”
“.”Xie Yunchu is a bit confused,“Mu Nianhua is also a well-known composer in China,He goes,Not cheap?”
Baby Ou explained,“Even if it’s not cheap,It’s also cheaper by famous and talented music producers。”Then I said a few names,“These are all master-level film and television music producers,Want to invite them out,First, the work needs to be made,To be worthy of their status。This is not what they asked for,But after all, Renjie’s skills are there,If the work you receive is a small investment and a small production,Also shameful。”
“then,They are still very assertive。how to say,I am indeed a person who values ability,But this movie,Since from script to casting to investment,I planned it myself,Then I just want to find a musician who can listen to me to cooperate,Rather than an opinionated。”
Xie Yunchu laughed,“that,If you want the effect,Not good?”
“That means,Me,At this level。Good or not,That’s it。”Baby Ou actually hesitated for a long time,“My original intention was to coax Ono,I didn’t even plan to write the script。But later,Since i wrote,I also prepared,Then why don’t I follow my own preferences??Anyway you know,The scripts are all very unpopular science fiction subjects,The worst results can be foreseen by sight,Then what do I have to worry about?”

The doctors treated Ryoko again,Gave him the painkiller again,And also increased the dose a little bit,This is the temporary relief of Ryoko’s painful condition。

Interrogation restarted,Yang Shiyun and Meizi are sitting beside Liangzi’s bed,I kept watching him without saying a word,Show Liangzi directly to Mao!
“you guys……Why are you staring at me so much??Horrible!”
Liangzi asked with a guilty conscience。
“Didn’t you ask us to proactively explain the problem??We are waiting for you to speak。”
Meizi answered coldly。
“Then you ask me,I must ask what to answer this time,But can I mention two conditions?”
Liangzi asked carefully。
“Ha ha……It turns out that your so-called proactive explanation is still conditional?Do you think you are buying vegetables at the vegetable market?Still bargain?Don’t forget what your identity is now!We are the police,You are a suspect!Think about it clearly!”
Meizi scolded immediately。
“Is not……My conditions are not excessive at all!”
Liangzi hurriedly defended。
“Let’s talk first。”

“I……Sorry,This is not my intention。”

Xia Chenglong rarely said“Sorry”These three words,In other words, there is no missing existence in his cognition,But today he is panicked。
Murong Qianxue’s eyes are cold,The woman is still biting her lip in silence,Tears tilted from the corners of the eyes,She seems to release all the grievances she suffered in this period。
Facing fierce enemies,Xia Chenglong has a hundred ways to deal with,But facing a crying woman,It’s too hard。
The point is that this man was hurt by himself。
Black Rose is willing to use her life to exchange the life of the woman before her,Xia Chenglong will naturally keep his promise to let the other party live。
Carefully put up the woman’s ripped clothes,Reach out to wipe away the tears of the other party,I feel this is too frivolous。
It doesn’t seem to be a particularly good decision to let him leave。
“excuse me!”
Xia Chenglong gritted his teeth,After saying a word, he picked up the woman and walked forward。
He could perceive the battle just now,The woman must have been seriously injured,If you leave it alone,I really can’t do it。
Men are always men,Obviously his injury is much more serious than the other,Still holding on alone。
The resulting picture is a ragged man holding an unresponsive woman staggering towards the depths of the forest。
They are now on the back of Phoenix Mountain,Xia Chenglong has never been here,Their battle can basically represent the strongest battle in the northern part of the sea,It’s a long distance to move casually,It’s hard to get back to the villa by just walking。


Powerful martial arts collide on the ground,Countless dust changed people’s eyes,Only Peter smiled slightly。
He has deliberately suppressed the power of martial arts,Otherwise, you will become five or six times as large as now,But even so,The other party also believes in a kid in the Mood。Absolutely impossible to resist。
When the smoke is about to disperse,Peter turned to look at Zhao Shaojiu:“Could you please ask Ms. Zhao to let that kid be lifted?!”
Chapter Two Hundred and Ten go away
“Mr. Peter,I haven’t fainted yet!”
Sound from the smoke,It was unusually loud in the suddenly quiet square,Why does this sound that shouldn’t appear,Everyone is puzzled。
The city of smoke slowly disappears over time,The shadow of the young man slowly emerged,Then the face still smiling like that appeared in front of everyone。
“This,How can this be?”
“We Bencheng people won,That young man escaped the attack?”
For a time,All kinds of sounds are ringing around,Many people are in absolute excitement,Shock,Incredible,The boy is still standing,What an incredible place this is。
Xia Chenglong came out slowly,Look at Peter in a daze,A shallow bend:“Mr,a man of his words,Since I have withstood the test,You can’t forget the promise between us!”
Peter was still asleep in the previous shock,Because he couldn’t think of why?