Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but smile,It feels like a coincidence,This Li Chenming is a powerful singer who is so popular,He is in his thirties,Has been on fire for nearly ten years,Songs occupy the rankings of major music platforms all year round。

Joey is his loyal fan,I heard it on weekdays,Basically all his songs,It is said that she has liked him since high school,until now。
Mo Xiaosheng has been thinking about waiting for Li Chenming to come to Heyang for a concert,Take Qiao Yiyi to listen,I didn’t expect to come to treat his father today。
If you want an autographed photo from Li Chenming,,Qiao Yiyi will be very happy, right??
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but think。
Waited for less than half an hour,There was a knock on the door,Li Yan quickly got up and opened the door。
I saw a very fashionable man standing outside the door,It is Li Chenming。
Mo Xiaosheng looks at Li Chenming,Can’t help but sigh,A star is a star,Fan Er is different,And looks pretty young。
But Li Chenming didn’t come back alone,Next to him there is a blond and blue eyes、Foreigner with long nose,Foreigner dragging a big suitcase,With a big red cross on it。
Western medicine,Or foreigner。
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but look at the foreigner with a long nose.,Suddenly,This foreigner seems familiar,He saw him in a medical magazine of Qiao Yiyi,It seems to be a famous foreign neurologist。
“Chenming,Who is this?”
The family was a little surprised to see the foreigner。
“Oh,Aunt,Uncle,This is the neurologist Skellen I invited from Beijing。”Li Chenming smiled,Hurriedly introduced the foreigners to everyone。
The foreigner’s Chinese is very good,The accent is not too heavy,It can be seen that the time spent in China is not short。
“Then you invite this doctor Skellen to come……”Li Yan asked embarrassingly。
They have invited Mo Xiaosheng,Now Li Chenming brought another doctor,Something wrong,As if I didn’t believe in Mo Xiaosheng’s medical skills。
Jiao Yuan’s face is also a little unhappy,Said:“Chenming,I didn’t tell you,I invited a doctor of Chinese medicine over。”
“Uncle,This year,Who still sees Chinese medicine?,That’s all old stuff,Doesn’t work at all。”Li Chenming mentioned Chinese medicine,Looks quite disdainful。

Liang Kesheng picked up the wine glass,Said with a smile:“Xiaolu,congratulation。”

Luban Huijingdao:“Director Liang, don’t laugh at me,Just three lines,In the sea of entertainment,I’m just a little crucian。”
“Can’t say that。”
Gao Shanxiaodao:“Huang Hua is right,You haven’t officially aired any work yet,wait until《Let’s get married》,and also《Charlotte troubles》,When it is broadcast,Your popularity will definitely rise,By the time,I’m afraid the entertainment industry is your hottest。”
Lu Ban smiled。
He knows his fluke from the third line,It’s just that the songs I copied and released together,Sudden heat,He doesn’t have any advantage over many third-tier players。
to be honest,This third line was forced up by the heat。
Lu Ban noticed,Liu Xin was only when Huang Hua showed her phone,Looked up,I haven’t spoken any other time。
Quiet makes people feel bad。
Finished eating,Everyone left。
Lu Ban also walked out of the hotel,I saw Liu Xin standing near the pavilion。
He walked over。
“Why haven’t you left。”
“Drank,Waiting for driving。”
“Oh,Give me the phone。”
“Just give me your phone。”
Liu Xin frowned,Pass the phone to Lu Ban,Lu Ban took a look,Said:“password。”


Lu Shanshan watching,She feels that Wang Sha is really not empty,She does have merit。
As a female star,She is beautiful enough,Fair and delicate skin,Very slender legs,Clean lines on face,Lips are full,With a little sexy。Whoever met Sha Wang,I think she is a beauty who can indulge men。Maybe because she is so beautiful,And there has been a lot of lace news,So many people think she is just a vase,Not an actor。
But see here,Lu Shanshan thinks,People’s ideas are incorrect,She can make the directors love,Because she does have that acting。
Wang Sha’s face recovered after leaving the camera,Let him do this kind of drama at this time,Are you afraid of being misunderstood??
It’s just that Gu San is in charge now,She can’t change Gu San’s decision even if she has the ability to master the sky。After all, Gu San is not afraid of things,Not short of money。
Lu Shanshan watched Wang Sha leave,Wang Sha went to the corner and smoked a cigarette,She looked a little haggard。When Lu Shanshan looked a little dazed,Wang Sha suddenly looked over。
Lu Shanshan is a little scared,Turned his head immediately。Wang Sha thinks Lu Shanshan is a little weird,Can’t help but walk over。
“Mr. Shen,This is my first time working with you,You just kept watching,Is there something you want to tell me?”
Lu Shanshan is a little nervous,Peeking at the girl was found,This is embarrassing in itself,What’s more embarrassing is that she is now wearing Shen Zhiyue’s skin。
“Miss Wang,I saw the scene you just now,Really wonderful。”
Wang Sha saw Lu Shanshan not talking about the main point,Just answer:“Thank you,If you are fine,I am leaving。”
Lu Shanshan asked:“What kind of woman do you think you are acting now?”
Wang Sha thought Lu Shanshan wanted to tease her,Cold road:“You don’t say the important thing,I’m leaving,I’ll have something to do later。”
Lu Shanshan thinks:“Don’t you think this character is too cold,This kind of people,Why is there the next development??”
Wang Sha said:“You think i’m too cold?Ignore you?But I am different from you,You have a girlfriend,People with fiancee。Amazing,So you are such a sultry star,I am an eye-opener。”
Lu Shanshan stayed for a while,Wang Sha smiled:“Ha ha,I’m really busy,If you really want to talk to me in depth,You can find my assistant later,Get a key from my assistant。Just come to my room tonight。”
Lu Shanshan thinks she has encountered something strange,It’s just that it’s a bit weird,Make her don’t know how to speak。

Captain Red Dragonfly explained。

The blue beam is directed at Tangye Xinzi below,Although Tangye Xinzi escaped in time,But it also left a bottomless cave on the ground,The surrounding plants disappeared completely。
“Have you been avoided.”
“hateful!What are you guys watching!Let’s go together!”
Tang Ye Xinzi, who was lucky enough to escape, shouted angrily to the dull-eyed test subject next to him.。
Captain Blue Dragonfly charged into the air,The blue energy envelops him to form a dragonfly,Captain Blue Dragonfly, who rushed to a certain height, dived into Tangye Xinzi underground。
“Oops!The blue dragonfly guy,Too excited!”Captain Red Dragonfly looked at Captain Blue Dragonfly in the sky and said,Then he turned his head and looked at Sasuke and Sai,“You two,Hurry up to me。”
The red energy envelops Captain Red Dragonfly and Sasuke Sai,Formed the appearance of a red dragonfly。
Captain Blue Dragonfly finally fell to the ground,The blue light mixed with the explosion sounded the land。
Both Sasuke and Sai, protected by the energy of Captain Red Dragonfly, showed solemn expressions on their faces。
“OK OK,Do not worry,I protect,You are all right。”
Captain Red Dragonfly said with a smile。
Wait till the dust and smoke clear,The green grassy land has all become black and burnt land,The surrounding trees have all disappeared,The water in the lake is completely dry,The waterfall connecting the lake has also disappeared。
“Really,I knew I wouldn’t let you do it!”Captain Red Dragonfly, who has removed the protection of the red energy, points to Captain Blue Dragonfly’s duties.,“Because I haven’t done it for a long time, I want to have a good time,You must have this idea!”
“No,I just want to get rid of him as soon as possible。”Captain Blue Dragonfly said blankly,Then look at Sasuke and Sai,“This peace star,It’s yours。”
After throwing the last piece of peace star to Sasuke,Captain Blue Dragonfly flies into the air。
“Hey!Blue dragonfly,You guy wait for me!”
Captain Red Dragonfly followed closely。

Admire Nima!

After Dafan saw that the game had no hope,,Just put Jennings this“Shit stick”Sent up,Lost anyway,Just let him stir,Stir it for healthier.
Does Jennings have a chance??
Of course there is!
Even if the game is a little bit down,Zhan Shaoxia doesn’t think he lost to Xu Xuan either!
He is not as good as the other party,State is state,It has nothing to do with strength!
Lu Fuzi once said:Being behind is not terrible,It’s terrible to fall behind once、twice、three times、Four times.
Jennings doesn’t have that much,Jennings even thinks that his performance today is not worse than Xu Xuan!
Xu Xuan hit30minute,I also hit30minute,Xu Xuan ran so many steps,I also ran so many steps。
Xu Xuan got it24Minute,I got it4Minute.Just ask you where is the difference?
What’s the difference?
Zhan Shaoxia still has an idea not to admit defeat,of course,This idea should be good for players,Because it can promote their growth and progress。
But putting the same thing on different people may have different effects。
Like Jennings now,He won’t admit defeat,His arrogance has even reached the point of arrogance!
But pride and arrogance can’t be confused,Self-confidence is even worse.
Self-confidence can have,But Jennings has now changed from self-confidence to pride,Become arrogant again!
Such a pattern is not a good thing!
But Xu Xuan is an outsider,It’s him again“Hatred”Outsider,I guess Jennings would think it hurt him after saying this.
The Pacers are away94ratio80,14The huge advantage of points defeated the Detroit Pistons to get6Streak!

None of the clerk present dared to disagree,Turn around。

“let’s go!”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Four Waiting for the big fish to bait
Gangsters go away,The manager fell to the ground unconscious,So a clerk picked up the phone,Made a call。
“Hey!Brother Chu,StarlightKTVSomething happened,A group of gangsters came and beat them up!”
Jing Chu is sweating like rain on the training ground,Since Aniu and Li Qingqiu left Nancheng,Qin Shi regarded Jing Chu as his most powerful assistant,I usually teach him some fur kung fu he knows,But for ordinary people,Enough。
These matters,Qin Shi also notified various places,Contact Jing Chu in advance。
He doesn’t want to be noisy with trivial things all day long。
And since that day, Jing Chu,Become steadfast,Also try to communicate with others,But it seems to have no effect。
“I know,Go right away。”
Finished,Jing Chu hung up the phone。
Not for a while,Jing Chu hurried to,Watching the mess all over the floor,And spilled drinks,And the blood from the manager,Jing Chu probably knew what happened here。
“come here。”
Jing Chu pointed to a waiter who didn’t seem to be seriously injured and said。
“Send the manager to the hospital。”
The waiter nodded,Except for the store door,Jing Chu immediately contacted Qin Shi。
This matter is no longer something you can manage without permission,Qin Shi said,Big event,I want to report to him。

1month19,Pacers who challenged the Houston Mosaic team upset again!

Everyone can’t understand the walkers anymore,Lost Hornets,Win the rocket?
What way is this?
No way!
The only way is Houston must die!
1month21,The Pacers ushered in their third away game against the Atlanta Hawks,The Pacers team is down in this game,After three quarters, he was already behind25Minute。
The reason for the loss was not because Xu Xuan played badly,There are reasons for the schedule,The more important reason is,Xu Xuan is the iron,What the hell is iron with your teammates??
Are you still leading the team to build magic soldiers these days??
A team like the Eagles stands out:steady!
Stable is stable,After gaining an advantage,It’s as difficult for others to make a comeback。
It seems that losing to the eagle made a bad head,The Pacers returned in a disastrous defeat in the next two away games.。
The Pacers’ three-game losing streak seems to some experts,Xu Xuan may have met the rookie wall!
Every year after the start of the season,The rookies seem to be becoming more and more active。
They will jump higher,Run faster。

“I’m going to chop off your hands!”

Yang Shiyun said viciously。
“Really?You are willing?”
Qin Liang pulled his right hand,He pulled Yang Shiyun back into his arms。
“Of course willing!What am i not willing!Save your hands are dishonest,Fumble everywhere。”
After Yang Shiyun sat down,I grabbed Qin Liang’s hand first……Lest he put his hand in his bath towel again。
“I have a hasty!My hand will be chopped anyway,I haven’t chopped it yet,I’d better do what I haven’t done first,So even if you get chopped off, you won’t be wronged。”
Qin Liang finished,Immediately began to stretch his hands into Yang Shiyun’s bath towel。
“Don’t make trouble!Watch the night scene with me!”
Yang Shiyun desperately resisted。
“Haha……I don’t want to look at the night view outside,I want to see the beauty in you。Beautiful scenery on you,It’s much better than the night view of the city outside!”
Qin Liang said with a smile。
Two people are quarreling like this,As a result, the bath towel on Yang Shiyun’s body suddenly stretched out,Then slide down……This is just great,Yang Shiyun is naked again。
Qin Liang reacts quickly,Immediately grasped Yang Shiyun’s two hands firmly!And hug her tightly。
“All right,Now you can continue to see your night view of the city。”
Qin Liang said jokingly。Yang Shiyun sitting on Qin Liang,Because of height,The full upper circle dangled in front of Qin Liang’s eyes~~
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One thousand three hundred and thirty-five chapters I am willing

The big troops of the Shen’s sisters began to appear from the woods,The men’s eyes are starting to be insufficient,This unscientific,I have never seen my sister,I saw so many at once,And all of them are little beauties!This wave of welfare came too suddenly,So in a blink of an eye,All the male soldiers in the barracks ran out to see the beauty,No one is left inside。

Chapter four thousand and fifty six Earth-shattering story
Chapter four thousand and fifty six Earth-shattering story
But the sisters of the Shen family are very cold,When they walked to a place at least ten meters away from the male soldiers, they all stood down,Then I started chatting on my own,This is the rhythm of collectively seeing the male soldiers as nothing!
But the male soldiers don’t care about this,Beauty,Everything is right,Besides, there are still so many beautiful little girls,It’s enough to enjoy their beauty quietly,Who cares what they do。
Seeing all the sisters appeared,The four of Shen Ruoxue also turned and walked back,And joined the group chat team,Because they really don’t know what to talk to these brothers who don’t know。
So this scene is a bit funny,A large group of girls get together and chat together,And close to them,It’s a small group of male soldiers who are stupid and watch them chat with their eyes open.。
This embarrassing scene did not end until Qin Liang and Yanzi appeared together。
Qin Liang and Yanzi have been discussing the next itinerary just now,So I fell behind unconsciously。
“The boss is coming。”
Yang Zhi reminded the male soldiers,And can see Qin Liang and Yanzi’s deity,For these male soldiers,Now it is also a rare thing。

Chen Jing’s hand holding the teacup tightly trembled,This is the first time she heard the truth about Peng Changyi’s divorce。

Old Gu stared at Chen Jing and continued:“After the fat pig got out,His wife can’t do it,No one in the unit cares,There are no friends in society。Regret now。in fact,Regret is the same as no regret,Want to remarry,how can that be possible?As a secretary,Is to be a bachelor for a lifetime,I can’t ask for a tainted woman。Men are like this,He can act on the spot outside,Even spend time and drink,But I will never allow my own woman to be stained,Even if he can accept,Public opinion is unacceptable,None of these people around him can accept。There are more women,On his terms,You can find a clean one、Beautiful young woman isn’t it?”
Chen Jing’s face is a little pale,She looked at Old Gu,Did not speak for a long time。
“So say,He is not tempted by the women around him,But I am tempted by you alone,Think about it,If not tempted,Can i run so far to bring you something?”
Chen Jing nodded mechanically。
Old Gu said:“You just said,He never told you about his personal affairs,I wondered,He is scared,Afraid of being cuckold again,Fear of being hurt and insulted again。of course,I am not referring to you,I’m afraid he would have this worry for any woman,Snake bite for a year,Ten years afraid of well rope,This is the truth。you think,Who is not afraid,A man,Can allow women to be poor and uneducated,Even ugly,But never allow a woman to betray him,Did you say i was right?”
Chen Jing nodded,Count as answer。
Old Gu looked at Chen Jing blankly,Feel almost done,Just say:“Let’s order,Eat early,I’ll send you back after eating。。”Old Gu said,I called the waiter to order。
The waiter puts the recipe in front of Old Gu,Old gu open,Took a look,Hand it to Chen Jing,Said:“When I called in the middle of the night last night,Secretary Peng specially asked me,Let me invite you to a restaurant in the city for a good meal,and so,Don’t save him,Ruthless place,Pick up expensive points。”
Heard this,Chen Jing’s eyes are a little moist,She looks at the menu,It took a long time to point to a picture above,Close the recipe。
Waiter said:“Unbaked snow peas?”
Chen Jing said:“Yes。”
Old Gu said:“not enough,Then click。”
Chen Jing shook her head,Say:“enough。”
Old Gu saw that she stopped ordering other dishes,Just say:“Let’s not have more,Just order four dishes,Otherwise, I can’t go back。”
Chen Jing said:“too much,Can’t eat。”
Always smile but don’t answer,Took the recipe,Turned over and said:“Then have another braised prawn,A sweet and sour pork,A stewed fried tofu。”It is clear,The first two are Chen Jing’s favorite,The latter one is for myself。
The dishes came soon,Old Gu obviously felt Chen Jing’s mood a bit depressed,Not as happy as when I saw him just now。He kept picking vegetables for Chen Jing,Said:“Do you have time to play in the city??”
Chen Jing said with chopsticks:“Rarely。”