[Can you drink coffee after drinking beer_What about drinking coffee]

[Can you drink coffee after drinking beer_What about drinking coffee]

Beer and coffee are drinks that people usually drink. Now, white-collar workers like to go out for coffee in the afternoon, so that they can be refreshing in series. In addition, after work, they like to invite a few friends to go out for beer.Eating kebabs has become a common lifestyle among young people. Many people usually eat and drink casually, and drink coffee after drinking beer. Is this feasible?

What about drinking and drinking coffee?

1. Drinking coffee after drinking gradually metabolizes and doubles mutation. After drinking alcohol, alcohol enters the digestive and absorption system, and then enters the blood circulation system. It will affect the secretion of perfusion, heart, liver and kidney and other biological systems. At this time, free metabolism and protein metabolism in the body.Disturbance itself will occur, and if you drink caffeine rich, stimulating coffee at this time, stimulate the body’s nerves and muscles, metabolism will accelerate, and metabolic disorders will become more serious.

2. Drinking coffee after drinking will increase the cardiovascular burden. After drinking, the body’s metabolism will be disturbed, and the body will be used to alcohol paralysis. Among them, the most direct and most serious is the brain.

The coffee acidic brain in coffee turned from extreme inhibition to extreme excitement, and stimulated vasodilation, accelerated blood circulation, greatly increased cardiovascular burden, and severely induced hypertension.

3. Drinking coffee after drinking can cause mental disorders. Drinking a glass of alcohol, alcohol is absorbed in the digestive tract, and then enters the blood circulation system, which will affect the functions of heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, brain, and endocrine. The most affected are the brain and coffee.The main ingredient is caffeine, which stimulates the brain and works with alcohol to increase the damage to brain cells, which causes headaches, mental disorders, such as the system’s five constants, violent, depression and other symptoms.

4. Drinking coffee after drinking will damage the gastrointestinal tract body and the body’s alcohol. Much of the body’s energy is used to metabolize alcohol. At this time, the stomach and stomach have been stimulated by alcohol, and the body does not have too much energy to metabolize the newly injectedCoffee and coffee accumulated in the fermentation tract cannot be metabolized in time, which affects the health of the interaction. In the long term, the injection tract is destroyed and the digestive function is weakened.

How long can I drink coffee after drinking? Within 30-60 minutes of drinking white wine and 1-3 hours of drinking wine, the free alcohol content in the human body will reach the maximum. Remember not to drink coffee during this period.

The best way to relieve headaches after drinking is to drink honey water, because honey contains fructose, which can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol and increase the glucose content in the blood.

In addition, tomato juice is also rich in fructose. Eating tomatoes after drinking can also cause sobering.

[Can you eat probiotics during lactation]_ Diet _ Taboo

[Can you eat probiotics during lactation]_ Diet _ Taboo

The health of Baoma will also indirectly affect the baby’s physical condition, so Baoma during breastfeeding should pay special attention to her diet. She cannot eat it casually. If she eats it incorrectly or eats it incorrectly, it will affect the secretion of milk, which cannot be guaranteed.The health of the baby’s body.

Some treasure mothers want to improve their body resistance, so they will consult to eat something. In fact, probiotics are a good choice. They can not only improve the proper condition of the body, but also improve the body’s immunity. It is a good choice.

What are the benefits of pregnant women eating probiotics?

① Reduce the probability of eczema and allergies after birth; ② Pass the beneficial bacteria through the birth canal and breast milk at birth; ③ Reduce the stomach upset and constipation during pregnancy; ④ Improve the immunity of pregnant women to prevent colds and fever in pregnant women; ⑤ Better immunity after birth; ⑥ reduce the incidence of jaundice after birth.

Can children eat probiotics?


Since ancient times, human beings have given birth to new life and passed the mother’s birth canal. The newborn has passed on the mother’s beneficial flora, and modern surgery on abdominal delivery has changed this inheritance process.

The healthy growth of children is inseparable from the care of beneficial bacteria, so children can supplement probiotics after the full moon, especially for cesarean section children instead of such health needs.

For frail and sick children, probiotics should also be added frequently to increase resistance.

Is it helpful for children who are picky or anorectic to eat probiotics?

Children who are picky eaters and do not like to eat are generally lean, poor digestive function of the recombinant digestive tract, and weak absorption function of the substitute digestive tract. Replacement with specific probiotics can improve absorption and absorption.

[How to make jam cake strips]_ Home made jam cake strips _ The practice of jam cake strips _ How to make jam cake strips

[How to make jam cake strips]_ Home made jam cake strips _ The practice of jam cake strips _ How to make jam cake strips

When the disease came, it was silent. It is very likely that we were always eating outside. We should take it as a lesson. The following is the introduction of jam cake sticks. We will cook ourselves later.


Whisk 1212 whole and half egg yolks and set aside.

Put 2121 butter in a small saucepan and heat until boiling 3.

While the flour is still boiling, pour in the sieved flour 4 immediately.

Stir quickly to become buttery hot dough 5.

1 Put the well-battered buttered hot dough into (1) the yolk liquid 6.

2 Pour condensed milk into the hot flour dough and stir well.

Cut and mix well to make an egg yolk batter.

(Be careful not to stir in circles) 8.

Add a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar to the egg whites and add sugar to beat the wet foam (see another practice, and then fight Qifeng-original Qifeng cake)

First dig 1/3 of the protein paste into the egg yolk paste and gently cut and mix for 10 minutes.

Dig 1/3 of the protein paste into the egg yolk paste and gently cut and mix 11.

Pour the beaten egg mixture into the remaining 1/3 of the egg white12.

Cut and mix well to become cake paste13.

Line the baking sheet with foil or oil paper 14.

Pour the batter into a baking pan and shake gently to remove the bubbles 15.

Preheat the oven 170 degrees and heat it up and down 20?
25 minutes or so.

Remove the baking sheet while the cake is hot. After cooling, cut the cake in half, apply jam in the middle, and cut into 2cm wide and 5cm long jam cake sticks. You may not have finished the introduction.Master, but be sure to practice more. You can take the time to do it in the kitchen.

Kodali (002850): Leader of battery structural components is deeply bound to the top ten domestic battery manufacturers

Kodali (002850): Leader of battery structural components is deeply bound to the top ten domestic battery manufacturers
This report reads: The new energy automobile industry has entered a boom cycle. As the leader of lithium battery structural parts, the company is the core supplier of the top ten power battery manufacturers in China, and its future growth is expected.The first coverage is given an “overweight” rating with a target price of 102.70 yuan. Key points of investment: The first time we give an “overweight” rating with a target price of 102.70 yuan.The market believes that the company’s products are metal structural parts, and the industry has insufficient growth, but we believe that from the analysis of downstream customers, the company is the core supplier of the top ten power battery manufacturers in China.Into the rapid growth period.It is estimated that the revenue for 2019-2021 will be 23 respectively.84, 35.95, 51.480,000 yuan, net profit 2.28, 3.32, 4.71 ppm, corresponding to EPS of 1.08, 1.58,2.24 yuan.Given a target price of 102.70 yuan, corresponding to 65 times PE in 2020 (comparable companies average 64.92 times), the first coverage given the “overweight” rating. Leading companies in lithium battery structural parts have maintained rapid 武汉夜网论坛 growth.The company’s products mainly include lithium battery structural parts and automotive structural parts, with lithium battery structural parts as the core (2018 revenue accounted for 77%.85%), customers include CATL, Panasonic, LG, BYD and other major battery manufacturers. The company’s performance has grown rapidly, with 2018 revenue and net profit of 20 respectively.00, 0.8.2 billion, 2011-2018 revenue and net profit CAGR were 23 respectively.98%, 18.65%.At the same time, the company has a nationwide layout, responding quickly to local customers, increasing investment in research and development, and continually consolidating its leading position. New energy vehicles entered the boom cycle, and the company actively expanded its production to meet industry dividends.Driven by policies and auto companies represented by Tesla, global new energy vehicles have entered the boom cycle. It is estimated that global new energy vehicle sales will exceed 13 million by 2025.The compound annual growth rate will reach 31 in 2025.01%.At the same time, the domestic market GGII is expected to reach 6.23 million units in 2025. 2019?2025 compound annual growth rate of 31.48%, also maintained rapid growth.The demand for power batteries from new energy vehicles has doubled, and the long-term demand for upstream battery metal structural components has also continued to increase (the vehicle cost ratio).41%), the company actively expands production and welcomes industry dividends. Catalyst: policy incentives, Tesla releases new products, new energy vehicle sales risk warning: new energy vehicle sales are less than expected; policy withdrawal

Huaxi Bio (688363): The C king of hyaluronic acid raw materials siege the city step by step

Huaxi Bio (688363): The C king of hyaluronic acid raw materials siege the city step by step

This article starts from the different characteristics of the 2B2C, 2C market and the company’s traditional 2B market, and analyzes in depth how the company uses its own raw material supplier endowment and responds to the challenges of market conversion. We believe that the company, as an enterprise with an integrated industrial chain, has highly integrated technological achievements.

The company uses hyaluronic acid as the main line to extend its upstream and downstream layout, and has huge growth potential under the advantages of technology + cost + industrial integration.

The company is the global market leader in hyaluronic acid raw materials. The actual controller of the company is Ms. Zhao Yan, chairman and general manager, holding 65 shares.


The company’s business is divided into hyaluronic acid raw materials 南宁桑拿 (accounting for 51.

6%), functional skincare products (23%).

0%) and medical end products (proportion 24.

8%), and led by skin care products and medical terminal products to achieve revenue and net profit for 18 years.

600 million and 4.

200 million, the previous growth rate was 54.

4% and 90%.

7%. In the future, we will continue to maintain the growth momentum driven by the cost advantage + R & D results.

Raw materials business: global market leader, cost, qualification, and three major barriers to channels are solid.

The B-end market is the company’s traditional business area. The B-end market is only a more meaningful value for customers than a brand. It has the characteristics of sticky channels and internal barriers (mainly referring to medical products). The company is a market leader (18-year market share 36%), Give full play to costs, qualifications and channel advantages to stabilize market share.

① Cost advantage: The company took the lead in developing the fermentation method instead of the extraction method to produce hyaluronic acid, and currently it has gradually reached the industry leader of 10-13g / L. The unit cost of hyaluronic acid production is about one-half of the industry average cost.

The unit price of companies in the same grade of raw material products has declined, and certain significant price advantages in the same industry, especially overseas companies.

② Qualification barriers: The product quality is far higher than the European Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia and Chinese pharmaceutical quality standards. Pharmaceutical grade raw material products have obtained 7 registration qualifications in China, and have obtained international registration qualifications including the European Union, the United States, and South Korea. 21Items, more comprehensive than peer qualifications.

Countries have strict standards for market access to pharmaceutical-grade raw materials, and foreign competitors want to enter the market where it is difficult.

③Channel barriers: The company has distribution channels in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and other industries in 40 countries and regions around the world. There are more than 1,000 customers worldwide, and the relationship with customers is solid, and it has the first-mover advantage.

Channel B customers have sticky cracks and low channel maintenance costs. Large pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies usually do not randomly change suppliers to establish channel barriers in order to ensure stable product quality.

  Medical terminal products: There is still room for improvement in market share, and low price + technology grabs market share.

The 2B2C market has both B and C-end market characteristics, high barriers to expansion, and stable internal market integration, which can provide customers with more brand and product experiences.

The competition that the company faced entered earlier, the brands merged, and the channels expanded comprehensively, but there was still room for breakthroughs in technology and prices.

Combining its own raw material business and industry development trends, the company uses low-cost + technology to seize consumers’ minds.

① Skin products: The company’s “gradient 3D cross-linking technology” can obtain gels with different properties by using a small amount of cross-linking agents, which is synchronized with the international advanced level. The price under the leading technology is 1,000-2500 yuan per milliliter in the mass price range.The company’s market share is expected to make a breakthrough in the industry’s popularization trend.

② Orthopedic products: The company developed the terminal moist heat sterilization technology to create the only sodium hyaluronate injection that is higher than the national standard. At the same time, it uses its own raw material advantages to cut into the market at a low price. With the promotion of terminal channels, the difference in power has continued to narrow.The market share of sodium hyaluronate has gone from zero.

6% increased to 9.

1%, the future is vast.

Functional skin care products: There are four major advantages in entering the raw material supplier status, and the strength of brand marketing is outstanding to resolve challenges.

The product cycle in the C-end market is shorter, and customer demand changes again.

The layout of the C-side of the raw material supplier usually has only technical and cost advantages, but it usually faces challenges in brand operation and marketing.

The company makes full use of its endowments to select high-quality tracks, exert its technological advantages, and continue to exert its strength in terms of brands and channels, and there is room for future development.

Ratings with traditional skin care products manufacturers: 1) The track is better: the company cuts from its own outstanding raw materials to avoid the mass skin care market, and relatively focuses on the high-end products of original liquids replaced by competing products.Enter the minds of consumers with distinctive features.

2) More focused ingredients: purposeful replacement of the company’s products, the formula ingredients are simple and straightforward.

With the rise of skin care ingredients, the formulation of skin care products that are gentle and direct will become more popular.

3) More cutting-edge technology: The company used microbial enzymatic digestion for the first time to produce low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid and oligomeric hyaluronic acid on a large scale in the world, and was the first to merge the leading industry of hyaluronic acid products, while grafting pharmaceutical-scale production technology to cosmeticsIn production, the production standard is much higher than that of ordinary cosmetics manufacturers in the industry.

4) Industry chain synergy: The brand power and word-of-mouth of upstream raw material business transform the downstream product sales into an axial driving role. The success of downstream products will also promote the promotion of upstream raw material business.

Horizontal similar products also work together.  Expansion of categories + capacity expansion, a wide range of incremental space can be expected: 1) Relying on the R & D platform layout, the product line extends horizontally and vertically: the company ‘s four core technologies that have matured horizontally have derived more new technologies, and the company reserves “genetic engineeringPlatform “,” enzyme synthesis platform “and other new research and development directions; initially relying on the upper-level technology platform to rapidly shape end products, the company will have 4 functional skin care products, 6 injections of sodium hyaluronate gel products, 2 in the next three years.Food grade products, 1 medical sponge project to promote landing.

Many biologically active substances are expected to be further applied in end products.

2) The throughput is close to expected, and the Tianjin + Industrial Park project is expected to boost performance in the future.

The company’s overall main business capacity is close to saturation. The layout of Huaxi Tianjin Sodium Hyaluronate and related projects and the Huaxi Biological Life and Health Industrial Park project will increase the production capacity of hyaluronic acid raw materials by 952 tons / year after the completion of the Tianjin project, which is the original capacity.At 476%, the production capacity of added secondary throwing stock solution is 200 million pieces per year, and the production capacity of hyaluronic acid eyewash solution is 10 million pieces per year.

The industrial park project will mainly add 100 million medical injection products per year, which is 2500% of the original production capacity, and 500 million new products of hyaluronic acid sub-polishing products per year.

According to the prospectus, it is expected that the company’s production capacity will gradually be released in 2020 to boost performance.

  Investment advice: The company ‘s traditional hyaluronic acid raw material business relies on cost, qualification and channel barriers are steadily solid, medical terminal product business breaks through leading technology and reasonable prices to quickly seize market share, and functional skin care business is transformed according to traditional skin care manufacturers and otherThe advantages of raw material suppliers are prominent, and the company’s core technology is continuously expanded to drive the downstream product line to be rich, with great potential for future development.

We expect the company’s revenue growth from 2019 to 2021 to be 28.

5%, 38.

3%, 35.

4%, net profit growth rate was 35.

0%, 39.

3%, 37.

9%, outstanding growth.

The relative estimation law gives the company an estimate of 45-50 times, and the corresponding price range is 53.


0 yuan / share, the company’s price range obtained by the absolute estimation method is 52.


5 yuan / share, the company’s price range is 53.


0 yuan / share.

Risk reminders: new technology replacement risk; dealer management risk; industry supervision risk; raised fund investment project implementation risk, etc.

Super big order: 50 billion big capital to escape the way

Super big order: 50 billion big capital to escape the way
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  [Super Big Order]A rare scene in 3 years!The 50 billion yuan funds fled and fled. These stocks were the biggest source of selling pressure: DataBao original Lin Lifeng’s two big single funds appeared in nearly 3 for the first time in a single day exceeded 50 billion.  The three major A-share stock indexes collectively, the Shanghai index fell below the 3,000-point mark, and the GEM index fell 4.6%, the two cities fell to a limit of nearly a hundred stocks, speculative sentiment cooled, the two cities total turnover exceeded 1.3 trillion, 6 trillion consecutive transactions exceeded 1 trillion.Disk, infrastructure, construction machinery, real estate, steel and other sectors all rose by more than 4%; lithography, remote office, chip, OLED, 5G and other sectors all fell by more than 4%.Northbound funds fell 67% today.2.7 billion.  The two cities have a net allowance of 543 for large single funds.25 trillion, it is rare that the market suffers more than 500 trillion in a single day.Securities Times · DataBao statistics show that in the past 10 years, there have been 52 replacements of over 50 billion single-day funds in a single day, but they are mainly concentrated in the plunge in 2015. In that year, there were 47-day oversized orders or over 50 billionIn 2014, there were 2 times in 2016, and the other was today. In the three years of 2017-2019, there was such a large one-day fund replacement.  From the industry perspective, Shenwan’s 28 first-tier industries have 10 industries with a large single net inflow and 18 industries have a net inflow.The largest single inflow in the building decoration industry reached 26.36 trillion, the industry index rose sharply against the trend3.91%, including China Metallurgical, Shandong Luqiao and other 10 stocks daily limit.On the news, on February 25, Fan Zhenyu, deputy director of the Comprehensive Planning Department of the Ministry of Transport, stated that investment in transportation construction has always been an important part of infrastructure investment.  Large-scale inflow of real estate industry 8.7.2 billion yuan, the industry index rose 2.17%.Iron and steel and construction materials have been injected over 400 million yuan, and mining and banking have been reduced by over 200 million yuan.  Today, there are 12 industries with large single funds that can exceed 1 billion yuan.After the electronics industry received 12.2 billion yuan in large orders yesterday, the excess amount continued to expand today to 214.8.5 billion yuan.After several days of continuous gains, high-tech stocks fell collectively today. The number of individual stocks in the electronics industry exceeded 40, and the industry index fell by 6.71%.Computer industry big order replacement 72.8.4 billion U.S. dollars, the industry has accumulated more than 16 billion U.S. dollars in the past 3 days, the second largest amount after the electronics industry.  The pharmaceutical, biological, and electrical equipment industries have reduced their capital by more than US $ 4 billion, non-ferrous metals and chemical industries have exceeded US $ 3 billion, and communications, non-bank finance, and media industries have exceeded US $ 2 billion.  In terms of individual stocks, 49 large inflows exceeded RMB 100 million, and 8 in the construction and decoration industry.The largest single inflow of funds from Cybernet Technology reached 5.7.8 billion US dollars, has hit the daily limit.  The capital inflows of China Construction and China Communications Construction’s two leading infrastructure companies exceeded 400 million yuan, and China Communications Construction has been approaching the daily limit.Today, large infrastructure construction companies have taken over the technology stocks, which has skyrocketed across the board. From the perspective of capital flows, the large capital construction stocks with higher inflows include Poly Real Estate, China Railway Construction inflows exceeded 300 million yuan, Conch Cement, and China MCC inflows exceeded 200 million yuan.Gezhouba, Vanke A, China Railway, Tengda Construction, Xinjiang Jiaotong Construction, Rongsheng Development and other inflows exceeded 100 million yuan.According to incomplete statistics, recently, Beijing, Fujian, Henan, Yunnan, Jiangsu and other places have released a list of investment plans for major projects in 2020, with a total investment of more than 11 trillion yuan, of which infrastructure investment is still an important part.Guosheng Securities said that the current position of funds in the construction sector is still at a historically low level, and the current sector has a certain margin of safety.  Cyclic stocks such as steel and coal also grew against the trend today. However, the largest single-source funds flowing into these two industries were the largest, and only the large-scale single-source funds flowing into Shagang exceeded RMB 100 million.  Today, there are 177 stocks with over $ 100 million in large single orders, of which 57 are in the electronics industry, 22 are in the computer industry, 11 are in non-ferrous metals, and medical and biological.  Looking at the top stocks from the top, most of them are technology stocks that rose 杭州桑拿网 in the early stage.BOE A, Central Holdings, and TCL Technology have the highest amount of three technology stocks, replacing 17 respectively.4.2 billion, 13.8.3 billion and 10.6.2 billion.ZTE, Huatian Technology surpassed 900 million and Ningde Times surpassed 800 million.  Like some typical chips, 5G faucets, such as San’an Optoelectronics, Zhaoyi Innovation, Changdian Technology, Jingfang Technology, Tongfu Microelectronics, Wingtech, Opel Optics, Dongshan Precision, North Huachuang, Nanda Optoelectronics, etc.The average value of funds can exceed $ 400 million, and there are usually a large number of blockade limits.  Brokerage stocks were also abandoned by funds today. Oriental Fortune, Pacific Exchange over 800 million U.S. dollars, National Gold Securities, CITIC Securities, Caitong Securities, Guohai Securities, etc., all 杭州桑拿网 appeared capital replacement.  Disclaimer: All information content of DataBao does not constitute investment advice. Securities are risky and investment should be cautious.

Barley is nourishing some hands against cancer

Barley is nourishing some hands against cancer

Rice, also known as barley kernel, medicinal corn, Liugu rice, etc., is one of the best ancient and ancient medicines.

Because of its high nutritional value, indica is known as the “king of the world’s grasses”.

In Europe, indica is known as “the grass of life and health”.

In recent years, it has also been classified as an anti-cancer food in Japan, so the value of barley has doubled.

Indica rice has the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption. Whether it is nourishing or used for medical treatment, the effect is very mild.

  Senior public nutritionist Gong Jing introduced that barley has high nutritional value, including protein, trace amounts, starch, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, leucine, arginine, and lysineAcids, tyrosine, fatty acids, coixenolide, coix kernel oil and other nutrients.

  The amount of barley is much higher than that of rice and wheat, and the content of protein and trace vitamin B1 is much higher than that of rice. It may be trace, many amino acids, a large amount of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, etc.For patients who are debilitating and recovering from illness, indica rice is a nutrition product with low price and good quality.

  [Nutrition analysis]Not only nourishing, but also curing Chinese medicine, barley is sweet, light, and slightly cold.

It is completely nourished or used to treat diseases, and the effects are greatly alleviated, slightly cold without hurting the stomach, and nourishing the spleen without getting tired.

It has the effects of diuresis and dampness, strengthening the spleen and stomach, clearing lung heat, and preventing diarrhea.

“The Compendium of Materia Medica” by Li Shizhen said: “Yunren strengthens the spleen, nourishes the stomach, nourishes the lungs, clears the heat, removes wind, and dispels dampness.

“Therefore, regular consumption of barley food is effective for chronic enteritis and indigestion.

Rice can enhance renal function and has a heat-clearing and diuretic effect, so it is also effective for edema patients.

  In the southern Meiyu season, patients with rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and muscular rheumatism always have to recover or their symptoms worsen. At this time, often taking indica rice porridge can dampen and relax the muscles, and has a good effect on eliminating joint edema and alleviating pain.
  In addition, through experimental research, it was found that indica rice also has the effect of reducing blood lipids, which is not only better than white rice, rough rice and oats, but also has a more significant effect on reducing blood lipids in patients with hyperlipidemia.

Practice has proved that patients with hyperlipidemia eat 60 grams of barley every day. After 2-4 weeks, blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein will be reduced.

  At the same time, there are many rich nutrients in barley, which are very good for human health. For example: Vitamin E: beauty anti-aging, can keep human skin shiny and delicate, improve skin tone, eliminate acne, stains, age spots, pregnancy spots, butterfliesMacular, has a good effect on desquamation, acne, cleft palate, rough skin, etc.

And it has a certain therapeutic effect on the unnecessary and superfluous caused by viral infection.

Can be used for adjuvant therapy of peristalsis.

  Vitamin B1: rich in content, very beneficial for beriberi implantation.

  Selenium, coixenolide: selenium can effectively inhibit the proliferation of antigens, coixenolide has a tonic effect, and is an anticancer agent. Tests in mice have shown that it can inhibit Ehrlich ascites tumors and can be used for gastric and cervical cancer.

At present, clinicians use barley porridge as an adjuvant treatment for cancer.

Because barley is light and non-toxic, it is a normal food, and it can nourish the spleen and stomach. There is no toxic side effect like chemotherapy, which is easy for patients to accept. It is very convenient for cancer patients.

Therefore, healthy people often eat some barley, which also has the effect of preventing cancer.

No wonder Japan ranks barley as an anti-cancer food.

  [Dietary suggestions]How to eat the most nutritious rice noodles? Stewed pork ribs or chicken in rice in winter is very nutritious; porridge with rice in the summer or iced rice with cold rice is a good refresher for summer fitness.

The following is a description of the nourishing methods of barley: barley porridge: 30 grams each of barley and rice, boiled porridge, eaten on an empty stomach, can cure rheumatism and spleen pain, constraints of tendons and veins, spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

  Barley rock sugar drink: 50 grams of barley, 10 grams of lily, decoction, taken with rock sugar, can cure warts, freckles, acne.

  Rice mutton soup: 150 grams of barley, 250 grams of mutton, add soup with water, salt, monosodium glutamate (also add a few slices of ginger).


Can strengthen the spleen and kidney, nourishing qi and tonic.

Weakness, anemia, loss of appetite, etc. after treatment.

  [Health Tips]Introduce indigo rice Gongjing carefully during the first trimester. It should be noted that you should decide whether to consume indica rice regularly according to your constitution: red tongue is yang or yin deficiency, such spleen deficiency can use indica rice; however,If the tongue coating is white, it is yang deficiency or yin sheng, and it is likely that the kidney and spleen are both deficient. Although 薏 MILI water soaks and strengthens the spleen and relieves diarrhea, it may cause urination to clear and grow, and even incontinence due to cold.

Therefore, it is best to ask traditional Chinese medicine for differentiation before eating long-term barley.

Spleen deficiency and dampness, constipation, less sweat, more urine and women in early pregnancy should eat barley.

The key to yoga slimming-abdominal breathing

The key to yoga slimming: abdominal breathing

If you want a small waist, can you do abdominal exercises?

If you want a small waist, you must learn this kind of abdominal exercise. Although there are many methods for thin waist yoga, but abdominal exercise is the most effective to thin waist. If you want a small waist, what are you waiting for?

Come and see it.

  Many MMs like to practice yoga. Yoga promotes abdominal breathing. It is said that the effect of thin waist can be achieved. What exactly is abdominal breathing, let’s learn it.

  Change the breathing pattern: start to spend 30 minutes each morning and evening on abdominal breathing (the belly feels aligned when inhaling, and the belly feels flat when exhaling). Be careful not to intentionally inhale and exhale.Just change the breathing pattern as usual.

Gradually develop a habit, so that the extra aunt on the belly and waist slowly disappears.

  Editor’s comment: Abdominal breathing can help tighten the transverse abdominal muscles. Long-term adherence can be, for example, excess meat in the waist and abdomen.

The promotion of abdominal breathing in yoga is also because yoga breathing methods such as abdominal and chest breathing methods can affect the control of human brain nerves on human desire to eat food and prevent excessive eating, especially those greasy foods and a small amount of affected meatFood.

Therefore, MM who wants to lose weight may try to change their breathing habits.

  How to do abdominal breathing Abdominal breathing is actually very simple. When we inhale, the belly is raised, and when we exhale, the belly is tightened. Do not open the chest cavity during breathing. Inhale through the abdominal cavity.Lift inward and upward, inhale fully and exhale deeply.

Although it may not be accustomed at first, it will help stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote the excretion of waste in the body. It can also make the air flow smooth and increase lung capacity.

  If you want to slim your waist, it will take a long time to heal by purely breathing. Today Lynn recommends some methods that can quickly shape a small abdomen.

  The action is very simple, do it every day before going to bed, and soon you will see Xiaoman waist.

  1. Lift your legs on your back, do not move too fast, slowly lift your legs with abdominal strength, do 16 times 2, static prone forearm support-tighten the abdominal muscles, hold for 10 seconds each time, do three times 3,Cushion the abdomen for half a time-Tighten the rectus abdominis, pay attention to always keep the back close to the ground and lift forward.

16 times per group, do contradictions.

  How about, these 3 movements are not difficult, but they are the most effective in the abdomen movement. Try it, you can see the effect for a week.Give up if it hurts!

We must believe that only by persistence can we achieve the most perfect figure.

These fitness methods are extremely wrong.

These fitness methods are extremely wrong.

Basically, fitness has been loved by a lot of people. Many people pay attention to fitness and health, thinking that this is of great benefit to physical health.

In fact, this is indeed the case. Fitness exercises can effectively strengthen the body, enhance the body’s immunity, and have greater benefits to physical health.

However, some fitness methods are also extremely wrong. If these fitness methods are used for a long time, the effects of fitness cannot be passed, which will have a great impact on physical health.

  Which fitness method is wrong?

  1. Elderly people regress and walk. Many elderly people prefer to retreat when walking in the morning, but because the elderly’s hard work and storage capacity are relatively low, it is easy to say that regressing can increase the cardiovascular burden.

It is easy to cause carotid artery compression and blood flow to be greatly reduced due to turning. If you persist in regressing for a long time, the symptoms of hypoxia in the brain are prone to occur, and some patients may suddenly faint when they turn their heads.
Of course, if the elderly step back and forth once in a while, it will not have any impact on the body, but if this is done for a long time, it will be very harmful to physical health.

  2. Excessive deep breathing scientific research in patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease shows that patients who reduce the symptoms of hypertension and coronary heart disease, if they take a deep breath, may cause a contraction of the cardiovascular system. In severe cases, it will have a health impact on life.There are great threats.

Symptoms such as cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction are all related to deep breathing, so do not always take deep breaths. Deep breathing is a fitness method.

  3, drink salt water after fitness Many people like to drink salt water in the summer, thinking that drinking salt water can supplement the energy lost by the body, and can also through the effect of fitness, in fact, this method is wrong.

In general, we continue to sweat and breathe during sleep, and will consume more water.

When you get up in the morning, you are prone to dehydration, which makes you feel dry.

Drinking salt water at this time will have a great impact on your health, so you should not drink salt water during fitness, you can drink more plain water.

  Please note that you cannot put a lot of water immediately after fitness. If you put a lot of water immediately after fitness, it is easy to increase the burden on the heart and have a certain impact on the heart pressure. If it is serious, it may easily cause cardiovascular disease.Such symptoms are more harmful to the body.

After exercise and fitness, you should take a break and drink water for about 10 minutes. In this case, it is better for your health. You should drink water many times and you should not drink too much at one time.

Hot water feet help improve heart function

Hot water feet help improve heart function

Komamura Kazuo and others from Japan’s National Research Center for Circulatory Diseases conducted a two-week trial with four patients waiting for a heart transplant.

The researchers asked patients to soak their feet in hot water for 15 minutes a day and then incubate for 30 minutes.

The results showed that the cardiovascular function of these patients was improved to varying degrees.

  Researchers believe that soaking feet with hot water can increase body temperature, promote smoother blood flow in peripheral blood vessels, and reduce the burden on the heart.

  In fact, the benefits of soaking feet don’t stop there.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there are reflection areas and multiple acupoints on the feet. When people soak their feet with hot water, they will stimulate the acupuncture points and the reflection areas, promote blood circulation in the feet and the whole body, thereby speeding up the body’s metabolism and gradually regulating the whole body.Role.

For example, the Yongquan and Taichong points, which we are familiar with, can nourish the kidney and protect the liver after being stimulated by heat.

If the large intestine reflex area on the sole of the foot is stimulated, the laxative effect can also be passed.

In addition, footbath speeds up blood circulation and makes people sweat, which not only relieves fatigue, but also converts some toxins into sweat and expels them.

  Foot bathing is also particular about. First, keep the temperature of the foot bathing water slightly higher than the body temperature, not longer than about 38-40 seconds.

In fact, foot bath time depends on age.

For the elderly, it is generally suitable to soak for 20-30 minutes, but the elderly with low blood pressure and the elderly who are relatively weak, it is enough to soak for 20 minutes a day, in order to prevent the feet from being soaked for a long time, which will cause blood vessels to dilate and lower blood pressure.

For children, because their skin is relatively delicate, it is best not to soak feet for more than 10 minutes.

Young people can soak for 15-20 minutes every day.

In addition, the feet should not be too shallow, at least not over the feet, of course, even with the calf, the effect will be better.