“then,Let them two at night,All meet each other。”

“In this case,they,Will fight for sure。”
“Once fighting,This old man is rich,We know。
But this person in her daughter’s mouth,Not necessarily true。”
“And if it’s not true,Then this old man,I will retaliate against this young man,No matter who it is,Will get revenge。”
“Daughter bureau,Will be broken。”
“Ruuo the person in her daughter’s mouth,it is true。”
“Then,This old man,Don’t need us to act,Can also borrow this person,Drive him away,By the time,maybe,We also,Made 300,000 yuan!”
Father Liang,When saying this,With sinister expressions all over his face。
“Whoops,Old man,Why didn’t I think of this one?”
“you are so brilliant。”
“Yes,that’s it。”
“and,location,Also we ordered。”
“I’ll call that old man,Let him come at night。
In this case,Regardless of the final result,daughter,Don’t suffer,We don’t suffer。”
“Loser,Is one of these two。”

Only boss!Only the boss Kobe will teach himself every technical point,Do your best to train with yourself,Let yourself sign the contract,Starter!

right now,At the most critical moment of the playoffs,The boss needs me to get rid of Barkley。
Then come on,This time,Never let you down。
Daben’s eyes are fierce and full of tension,A bald head with fierce facial features。Makes Barkley a little uncomfortable。
“damn it,A rookie,Glaring?I’ll let you kneel down!”Barkley is a little bit embarrassed,But on the surface it still looks like a brave。
Big Ben doesn’t say a word,The corners of the mouth are slightly raised。
Barkley grew guilty as he watched the crooked mouth,The shadow of those punches is still there,Although there is no need to wear a mask for this game,But seeing Big Ben Barkley still feel a little pain on his face。
jump ball。
O’Neal won the jump ball again,His jump ball advantage over Olajuwon is still much greater。
Kobe catches the ball,accelerate!
“So fast!”Drexler didn’t expect Kobe to wait for the team to fall on the first goal,Direct entry!
Kobe simply accelerates and rushes past Drexler,When all players on the field did not anticipate,Hit the basket,Into the sky,Bend the body,Twisted into a long bow with great tension,Smash the ball into the basket!
“Sudden breakthrough!Kobe rarely plays like this at the beginning of the game。”

A young man,Bring more than a dozen bodyguards to Lin Yu’s side,Directly stopped Lin Yu and others。

And the man protected by the bodyguard,It’s the man who said nothing to Lin Yu。
Chapter One Hundred Forty Two
Hear this,Lu Wei turned his head and looked over。
When you see the person who speaks,It turned out to be the Young Master Jiang from the four major families in Jianghu City,Jiang Shaotian!A happy face,There is no smile in an instant。
in fact,It’s not just Lu Wei’s face that has changed!And some surroundings have not left,The person who is leaving,See this,Also showed a change。
of course,The reason why these people will change。
I doubt this Lin Yu,Why offend Jiang Shaotian。
To know,This is Jianghu City,The four major families ranked second, the future heir of the Jiang family。
How!The words of Jiang Shaotian just fell for less than a minute!“Let me kneel to beg for mercy?
What are you?”
Lin Yu heard,Suddenly angry!I finally met my old classmates,Plan to have a good chat with classmates。
But what?
I didn’t have time to chat with classmates,Someone you don’t know,Rush out for no reason,Saying such arrogant things to myself。
As soon as this said!Not only Jiang Shaotian couldn’t help but laugh!With the people around,I can’t help covering my mouth and laughing at this moment。
I’ve seen a brain disabled person,But haven’t seen,Someone like Lin Yu。
You an unknown person,Dare to treat the young master of the Jiang family,Heir of Jiang family in the future,Say you are an old man,Such arrogant words。
Including Lu Wei next to Lin Yu,At this moment his face became stiff。

“It’s nothing,Wife.”Clone Grey Wolf shook his head,Looking at the red wolf sitting beside him hesitated for a while,Said,“Wife,Do you like the life of eating lamb every day??”

Jilaiya looks at the cloned Gray Wolf,Although I still don’t know the real purpose behind his inquiry,But Ji Lai nodded and replied directly:“Ok,Like it,what happened?”
“Wife,You like it,in fact,I also like life now,I eat lamb every day.”
Clone gray wolf lying on the lawn,Looking up to the sky。
Outside Konoha Village。
Naruto temporary base。
“Sasuke,This is the number one?”
Naruto asked Sasuke。
Sasuke wiped the sweat from his head,Looking at the Bofeng Water Gate lying on the ground, it gradually revealed its original liquid robot appearance。
“I always feel that there have been more liquid robots going out looking for us recently。”
Shikamaru said from the side。
In the last week,The number of liquid robots has increased significantly,And it’s exactly as described by the information from Jilai,All liquid robots are disguised as familiar people。
Among them are some people who have died long ago,Such as Bofeng Shuimen,Uzumaki Kushina,Jiraiya,Uchiha Itachi, etc.。

It seems that this poisonous snake must have fought against a certain mercenary group before。

Archer,This is not a mainstream profession in Douqi Continent,But often in some mercenary groups,There will be archers。
Li Chenfeng couldn’t help but raise his vigilance。
In this place,It’s not a good thing to meet a mercenary group that goes hunting in the mountains……Because the other party is likely to be evil。
But in this regard, Li Chenfeng is just being vigilant,Not afraid of anything,After all, he has A Fei next to him。
Most of the mercenary groups in this area are the mercenary groups scattered in Utan City.,The strongest is the level of the fighting master.?
Thinking in mind,Li Chenfeng’s movements are not slow,A flash chased up again,The sword aura in his hand is like a meteor attacking the poisonous snake。
Li Chenfeng’s sword energy continued,But the opponent is a Tier 3 intermediate monster after all,And snake monsters are the most tenacious,Even if the body is shot through by sword energy,The speed is still unabated。
“Looks like we need to zoom in,Otherwise, let this poisonous snake run away!”
A crisp sword sound。
A cyan sword net composed entirely of frost sword aura instantly covered a place within tens of meters in front of him。
And the escaping fire snake happened to be shrouded in the sword net.。

Xu Xuan’s defense is a prepared defense,The position is stuck,Manu still threw the ball in by relying on his demon wind。

Pacers’ last attack。
Strictly speaking,The Spurs at this time still have hope of a comeback,As long as they choose to foul,Then expect Xu Xuan to miss two free throws,They have even tied or even killed(3+1)Opportunity。
But this is a bit difficult。
Will it foul??
The old undead Popovich touched his chin and thought.
When he wants to come,At this time, all fouls are inferior,The best thing is that someone can steal something or something,then3+1Beat into,Tut,Flawless。
I just don’t know if his disciples have this spirituality。
Does anyone else know,Anyway, Kawaii has this spirituality。
He has a big heart,Seeing Xu Xuan coming with the ball,The first thing that comes to mind is to be like Popovich。
Steal,Then shoot,At least it can be overtime!
The Spurs’ formation.Kawaii this expression,Why is it a little familiar??
This guy is thinking about stealing me?
How else can you be so murderous?
damn it!
I have to guard against it!
Xu Xuan raised his vigilance secretly。

They were all awakened by the sound of Fang Hao and Luo Xiaohu’s pair training.。

Chi Jiao and Qu Wan’er came out without being as dirty as Zhan Li,But came out after packing up。
Their eyes stay on Fang Hao’s body in the same way。
Fang Hao in a vest,In addition to showing his superb looks,Also showed his muscles,Let the hearts of these two women ripple,Can’t hold on。
“Such a good man,Can’t let it go!”
——This is Chi Jiao’s idea。
“I must work hard to grow,To be worthy of such a good brother。”
——This is the idea of Qu Wan’er, a new fangirl。
“This guy is nice,Worth training。”
——This is Hong Yan’s evaluation。
But he is not evaluating Fang Hao,But Luo Xiaohu。
As a man of a little older,He still has a natural rejection of such small fresh meat as Fang Hao。
I don’t know if it’s out of jealousy or I really feel that these little meats are not good,Anyway, rejection。
Probably because he hasn’t seen a powerful little fresh meat in recent years。
He prefers Luo Xiaohu, a young man who is honest and hardworking。
Saw two people stop practicing,He smiled and gave Luo Xiaohu a thumbs up,Said:“Not bad,After recording this episode,If you have time,You can follow me to the capital,I will show you a few people。”

“Marin and I didn’t promise to let them take a shower。”

Qiangzi answered nonchalantly。
“is it?That line,I’ll do the job myself,I will tell Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun:Qiangzi and Marin never agreed to let Qiao’er and Xin’er take a bath,So they are right not to help。”
Yang Zhi smiled,Say calmly。
“do not!When did you learn the boss’s tricks?You’re pretty good, you!”
Hadron started to struggle。
Yang Zhi just laughed,Don’t even say anything,Although he can’t deal with Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,But it’s more than enough to deal with Qiangzi and Marin。
“I remember wrong!Marin and I seem to have promised Qiao’er and Xin’er that they can take a hot bath。”
Hadron changed his mind。
“As if?It means not sure?”
Yang Zhi asked slowly and deliberately。
“Do not,Not as if,Yes ok!We must have promised!”
Qiangzi changed his mouth again……
“What nonsense is that?Don’t hurry up?Let’s fight back these two empty buckets,Then the three of us will figure out how to get a simple water heater。”
Yang Zhi just released it with satisfaction“command”。
Yang Zhi Kongwu Youli,So he fights against an empty gasoline can alone,And Qiangzi and Marin take advantage of the laziness,Two people carried one together,The distance from the camp is not very far,This little hard work is not a problem for them,An empty gasoline can,Except inconvenient to take,In fact, the weight is too trivial for a male dragon soul elite fighter。
But even so,When Yang Zhi and the three of them put two gasoline cans back into the camp,Shen Ruoxue, Liu Xiaoyun, and the others immediately surrounded him,You know that an empty gasoline can is nothing to Yang Zhi and the others,But to the Shen family girls, that’s really nothing!

“My parents are dead,And now……He is going to die too,Am I a girl full of evil?All the relatives of my children will be killed by me?”

Chaotic thinking,Led to an unreasonably wrong inference,Xiao Yuer not only regarded Li Hai as her own“Relatives”,And also filled with Li Hai’s evil,Self-destruction,As the result of my own mistakes……
“I killed them!I must have killed them!”
Xiao Yu’er’s thoughts have become more extreme!And as soon as this idea appeared in her mind,She immediately believed!She even forgot why Lee Hai killed her parents,I also forgot why Li Hai was arrested by the police,I even forgot when Li Hai was caught by Qin Liang and Yanzi,I’m doing something inferior to myself……
“Yuer,Are you going to the toilet?”
Liu Xiaoyun’s voice suddenly came from outside the door!
“Yep,I am in the toilet!”
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and eighteen Must have done terrible things
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Chapter two thousand seven hundred and eighteen Must have done terrible things
Xiao Yuer answered numbly。
“Oh,Come out of the toilet after you’re done,Aunt Xiaoxue and I have something to ask you,It’s fun。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s voice is very soft and beautiful,She rarely talks to the girl at home in this tone。
Xiao Yuer replied subconsciously……
Outside,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue exchanged glances,Walked away safely,But don’t know why,Liu Xiaoyun felt a strange feeling in her heart,She always feels something is wrong!But what’s wrong,She doesn’t know!

Wang Jiadong heard the sourness in Peng Changyi’s words,Just say:“Yes,Good old saying,A courtier,I recently noticed that your mood is not high,It should be some time,You shouldn’t be like this。”

“Oh,You see?”
“Of course I can see。Your status in the eyes of superiors has declined,I even feel inferior to Mayor Zhu Guoqing,Let me say it’s normal,People in officialdom,Will experience such growth、Downturn,How can it always be when you vent your anger?,There will always be troubles。When you first debuted,What a scenery is that,Assistant mayor in a few days,Converted into official food stamp,And became the deputy mayor in a few days,I arrived at the county magistrate all at once,Despite being the head of a poor county,That’s also a resounding county level,And the actual job is the county magistrate,The county magistrate worked for more than two years,Catch up with Wu Youfu,Successfully took over as secretary of the county party committee,The county party secretary hasn’t worked for more than two years,Transferred back to Kangzhou City as Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee,Bon Voyage,Climbing,Envy everyone。Don’t talk about others,Take Jiang Fan for example,Dare i say,He will envy you。”
Peng Changyi smiled bitterly,Heart said,What is my promotion,Sheer desperation。
Wang Jiadong may have seen his mind,Said again:“of course,You have been promoted as a firefighter for several promotions,Looking at Quan Jin’an at the time,The superiors really can’t find someone more suitable than you,You do have this strength,In fact, you didn’t disappoint the person who promoted you,You brighten their faces,You rely on your abilities and the energy to gnaw hard bones,Win one problem after another。You also hand over many friendly social relationships with your sincerity in life,Such as Lao Hu,Such as Dou Lao,As far as i heard,These people helped you in this last step,This makes people who want to use you but don’t want to further promote you finally promote you。”
“The relationship between Yue Xiao and Zhong Mingyi has long been good,They were very close when he was the deputy mayor,Zhu Guoqing is close to Zhong Mingyi,Naturally their relationship is extraordinary,When Zhu Guoqing was in the development zone,Rented a private room for Yue Xiao for a long time,Yue Xiao travels to and from Beijing,Must live in Kangzhou,We didn’t even know about it。now,The one who promoted you becomes a prisoner,It would be nice if you can stay in this position。”
First96chapter Blood is thicker than water
Peng Changyi said disapprovingly:“The person who mentioned me is now the head of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department,Say that again?”
Wang Jiadong frowned,Said:“But don’t forget your kid,You are not only promoted by the head of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee。”
Peng Changyi was stunned,indeed,Zhu Guoqing was also promoted by Fan Wenliang。He’s speechless。
“Regarding the cooperation between you and Zhu Guoqing,I didn’t say a word to him,Understand?”
Peng Changyi looked at him,Nod,Said:“understand,Save the name of protecting the calf。”