Su Luo ran around with the cameraman,He’s fine,And the camera crew is carrying a heavy machine,Already sweating,Panting,He looked at Su Luodao:“That one,Can you go slower?I can’t keep up with you。”</p>

Su Luo looked at the sweaty camera brother,Somewhat apologetic:“Sorry,I have been thinking about games,Never thought of you,We are not going,Just stay here。”</p>
With,Su Luo casually pointed to the storefront beside the street,Brother camera turned to look,There was a weird look on his face。</p>
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Many Reba broke up with the protagonist,Ha ha,Did you make it too early?。</p>
Don’t draw conclusions too early,The excitement is yet to come。</p>
First313chapter Su Luo is a scheming bitch(under)
Glanced at the store on the right,Camera brother looks weird,He spoke:“Sure we want to hide here?”</p>
Su Luo nodded,Went in first,The corner of the camera’s mouth twitched,Still bite the bullet and walked in。</p>
Who would have thought of this place Nima,A big man is hiding here,So scheming,In addition, the location of this shop is a corner,Most people habitually ignore this。</p>
walk into,You can find on the shelves on both sides,There are different kinds of women’s finished underwear。</p>
This is a lingerie shop,Two young people in the distance saw this scene,One of the young men in a baseball cap asked his companion:“I seem to see that Su Luo entered the underwear shop,Am i dazzled or……?”</p>
Companion looked weird:“Do not,You read it right,I also saw,Let’s go in。”</p>
The young man stared at the underwear shop for a half,Sighed,This person named Su Luo is really a talent,It’s almost impossible for anyone to find out。</p>
But it’s not their business,He is not a fan,I will definitely not prompt。</p>
Shop,Su Luo motioned to Brother Cameraman to put the machine down and rest for a while,He came to a place with a relatively large space,Put a twisted pose。</p>

This also increased her goodwill towards Liu Qing a lot,To this《Discover history》Show,Also have a greater sense of identity。

Really treat this show as his own show,Not a cameo job。
At dinner,I was discussing with Liu Qing about the recording of the show,Studying how to make more people like this show。
Chapter Four Eighty Five Just a younger brother
Watching Jiang Li’s show showed great interest,Liu Qing finally put forward a suggestion that he had always wanted but did not dare to make,That is to let Jiang Li in the future recording of the show,There can be more changes in clothing。
Although withOLStyle-based,butOLWind also has a different system,Always wear a suit,Every issue is like this,It is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue。
Jiang Li is a little depressed:“I also know this is not good,but,I only have one set of this style in my clothes。”
Liu Qingdao:“I can apply for this costume,Let the company solve this problem,Bought from outside,Airdrop over again。After all, our show is also making money for the company。”
Jiang Li is happy,Really need to be able to let the company solve its own photogenic clothing problem,Isn’t it possible to wear beautiful clothes for free??
Said:“that,Does the final ownership of the clothes belong to the company or to me??”
Liu Qing smiled:“Buy clothes according to your body type,Then it can only be yours。”
This is a bit of suspicion of using power for personal gain,but,For program quality,The reason is quite good。
Moreover,As the content director of a company,What’s wrong with seeking a little bit of selfishness for my dream goddess?
“I would like to thank Mr. Liu。”Jiang Li said happily。


“All right,Facts are clear,I still have an important academic conference to attend,The driver is still waiting for me downstairs,Don’t stay much!Old he,It’s understandable for a while,But if you keep clinging to it,Ha ha……”
Finished,Gao Deyuan looked at Wang Yufei again,Still domineering:“Remember what i said today,Coming to Huaqing,Must take my graduate exam!”
Then I didn’t wait for anyone to react.,And left proudly。
Dana is Dana,Full of master style,Wave the sleeves,Without taking away any emotion。
The master is fast and accurate,get the point,Kill the enemy with one move。
It’s like Ximen Chuuxue never used a second sword to kill,The villain always die of too much ink。
“Then,Mr. He,Can we start talking about it officially?”
He Dushang looked up at Peng Jiankang,Then he nodded weakly。
The desperate look in his eyes instantly made Peng Jianjian understand what He Du sang meant,Put down the cup immediately,Open road:“Damn,My stomach hurts suddenly,Where is the toilet here?”
He Dusang looked up at Chen Feng again。
“The toilet here is really hard to find,This teacher,I will take you there!correct,Do you have paper?Do you want me to get you some?”
“paper?what,exactly,Get some,Get some,Look at my memory,We Huaxia people don’t hesitate to use our hands……”

Kakashi looked up at the spiral pill above Konoha,With a worried look in his eyes。

The huge slug suddenly appeared。
Kakashi looked at Tsunade who came to support and said。
“Adult Slug,Can I ask you to stop this level of ninjutsu??”
The only way,Is to let the slug’s body block the attack of future bloggers。
“I feel the existence of natural energy from this ninjutsu.Ok,Should be no problem。”
“Then please,Adult Slug。”
The slug straightened its body,Prepare to face the super-large jade spiral pill of future bloggers head-on,but,At the moment when the super large jade spiral pill is about to touch the slug,Suddenly disappeared。
“what happened?”
Konoha, like a big enemy, watched Helix pill suddenly disappear,All showed a dumb look。
“Hey,Kakashi,Are we being tricked??”
Metkay pointed to the empty black sky and said。
“.This time,Konoha Village is so embarrassed。”
Kakashi shook his head and said helplessly。

Principal Wang shivered,He just remembered,Shen Huan, who is calling for rain on the court,Another identity is a mathematician!

16Year old mathematician,Have you heard of it?
It’s scary thinking about it!
He has now become a signboard of the Lin’an education system。
I want to see how good our education is?
Come come,Propose and prove it“Shen Huan proposition”Classmate Shen Huan,He just16Years old!
Someone introduced,It must be the expression above。
And there is no way to refute。
So the leaders of Lin’an Education System,Even the bigwigs of the education system in Zhejiang and Vietnam,Listed Shen Huan as a treasure,Is the key protected one。
As a result, when I came to watch today,I saw such a bad foul。
Fortunately, Shen Huan does not seem to be seriously injured,The school that has been vented.The flowers pulled and stood up,Walked slowly a few steps,Jumped a few times,No discomfort。
If Shen Huan broke his leg and foot today,Director Nie doesn’t know how he will be scolded by the big guys above。
That’s why he sympathizes with Yang Quan。

“But before the prosecution is not successful,Please hand over the keys to the villa,if not,Don’t blame me for being polite。”

Finished saying this,And walked up towards Lu Yingying。
seem,I want to do something to Lu Yingying。
at the same time,The other side。
Lin Yu back to the villa complex,After getting out of the car,Just walked into the community,I saw Xiaolinzi。
The little forest guarding one side,Never expected,Can still see Lin Shao。
but,The first time I saw,I scratched my eyes,Want to see,Did you read it wrong?。
I found after scratching for a while,I didn’t read it wrong。
“forest,Lin Shao,It’s you?”
After Xiao Linzi confirmed again,Shocked and questioned。
“Correct,it’s me。”
Lin Yu heard,Replied。
“forest,Lin Shao,Aren’t you gone?”
After hearing this,Kobayashi,Excitedly asked。

“I know。”I heard Gu Yuena’s words,Brigitte gritted her teeth。

“Well。This is my dragon scale。You can rely on this dragon scale to find him。Then just follow him。”Gu Yuena said lightly。
Finished,Took out a silver-white scale from his arms。Look at this scale,Gu Yuena’s face turned red,But Brigitte, with her head down, didn’t notice Gu Yuena’s strangeness。
“Yes,Lord。”Brigitte respectfully took over the scales,Then packed it in a delicate box。
“Then you are ready to go。”Gu Yuena said lightly:“Your cultivation base is over 500,000 years。As long as you deliberately hide,Unless it is a powerful Title Douluo above level 95,It’s impossible to find you。”Gu Yuena thought for a while,Said。
His eyes gradually closed as Brigitte left,Sighed faintly。
“Ugh。Hope i did nothing wrong。”
Finished,All clothes off,A flawless body exposed to the air。
The flawless skin of white jade is more radiant under the shining of this silver white hall。only,Under the flat belly,With a reddish scar。
obviously,This is where her dragon scales fell off。
Finger gently rubbing the wound,The soggy feeling made her tremble suddenly。
Chapter Eighteen Xiao Wu’s disgust
Walking alone on the streets of the college,Suddenly Zhao Ming felt a breath of danger。Since becoming a soul master,His physical perception has been greatly improved。Especially after acquiring the Ancient Immortal Martial Spirit,His physical fitness has been greatly enhanced again。
Especially the perception of danger。
This kind of ability can’t even tell Zhao Ming what is going on。But it exists objectively。

Baby looks up at mother,Smile,No objection。

Zheng Liang brought Guan Hao a set of jerseys,Let him change。He looks at his wife and son here,Said:“I won’t fight,Let me walk with them。”
Secretary Chang said:“Mr. Zheng,You guys go fight,I can’t fight anyway,I accompany Mayor Guan。”
Zhao Gang said:“I don’t fight either,Division of Labor,You accompany Master Guan,I’ll go with Comrade Guan Jian。”
Baby listen,He raised his head and smiled at mom。
Chang Yuan said:“Will Xiaoxia fight??”
Guan Hao said:“Haven’t taught her yet。”
Chang Yuan said:“Xiaoxia,Learn to play,I can come to play with him in the future。”
Not waiting for Xiaoxia to make a statement,The baby who has been held by her mother said:“Often big,Can baby learn?”
What he said made everyone happy,Chang Yuan bent over and hugged the baby and said:“Of course you can learn,But you have to grow taller quickly,At least higher than the cue。”
“I am taller than the cue。”Baby said。
“Much higher,Otherwise you can’t get up。”
Baby doesn’t speak anymore,He asked mother:“mom,Why doesn’t dad play?”
Xia Jihan took the baby,Put on the ground,Said:“Dad has something。”
The baby hugged mother’s neck,Said:“Baby wants to watch dad play。”
“This one,Wait for dad to finish talking,It’s okay, let dad play for the baby,Alright?”
Baby nodded。Xia Jihan said:“Da Zhao has a little brother,Shall we let him bring my little brother to play with you??”
“I don’t want to play with kids,Want to see dad play。”
“Haha。”Chang Yuan laughed,Xia Jihan smiled。
At this moment,Guan Hao and Zhao Gang who were walking in front heard their laughter and turned their heads,Guan Hao saw their mother and son squatting there and talking,Just asked:“what happened?”

Ren Dongguo’s excuse。

Actually sucks。
Ren Yurou didn’t believe it on the spot,Until I went out and saw the car,Call Yang Junxiong again,This is sure,Car,Indeed bought。
As for the so-called investment dividend,She knows her father,No talent in that area,Ye Tianzong bought it with him,This increased her suspicion of Ye Tianzong。but,She doesn’t know,Is this guy really stupid or pretending to be sick?,all,You have to see Dr. Wu before you know。
Dr. Wu and himself have been friends for many years。
Ten years older than myself,I was the most lonely and helpless,Even when insane,Gave a lot of help。
It can be said,Is her life mentor,Her words,Is a famous saying。
and so,For buying a car,She didn’t ask,Come back to learn more。
Clock in off work,After driving Ren Dongguo home,,Go to Lincheng Mental Hospital。
The hospital is big。
Accommodate various mental patients,And because of the conditions and facilities,Even attracted many foreigners to come to see the doctor。
In the character introduction column in the lobby,The so-called Doctor Wu,Actually a woman。
Around fifty。
Looks easygoing,And the status is quite high。
Ranked first,Many titles,Good medical skills,In the field of mental illness,Is the best among experts。

Tan Xiaoyan held back a smile and said。

“I said it before,I’m your daughter!that’s it,Nothing to talk about。I have many good sisters now,But i don’t have a mother yet,and so!You will be my mother from now on!”
Yanzi immediately answered firmly。
“Isn’t my mother too young??”
Tan Xiaoyan said deliberately。
“What’s wrong with young?I will introduce you to a sister in a while,She is a few years older than me,The daughter is the boss。”
Yanzi immediately thought of Murongshan,This is the best way to convince Tan Xiaoyan,The most effective,The most convincing example!
“Ok……Then I will ask you, the top killer girl, to be a daughter。”
Tan Xiaoyan smiled happily,In fact, she has always regarded Yanzi as her daughter,When she first brought the swallow home,Just out of sympathy and pity,But after living with Yanzi for a while,All her heart is placed on this poor little girl。Many dragon soul fighters like her,Except for the comrades around,There are almost no friends in real life,So once you have someone around you, you can give yourself love,People who can let themselves care about and trust their feelings,They usually care,Cherish this feeling
“I’m a top killer,Whatever it is,That doesn’t matter,You don’t have to think,You just need to know that I am your daughter。”
Swallow can be caught“mom”Up,This is called a pro!
“it is good,I will be your mother from now on,You are my daughter,that’s it。”
Tan Xiaoyan smiled and nodded and said……
“correct,mom,You just said that you were seriously injured last time?Where did you hurt?Is it really fully recovered now??”
Yanzi asked with concern。
“Yep,it’s all good now,I was chased by a group of opponents that time,No more bullets……And got two shots in the leg,I was stabbed twice in the chest,I almost couldn’t come back,Fortunately, my companions arrived in time,Kill the enemies who chase me,Then saved me back!”