[Can pregnant women eat kale]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat kale]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Kale is a more popular vegetable and a vegetable with higher nutritional value. It can promote digestion, increase appetite, prevent constipation, and regulate the body’s function.

However, pregnant women, as a group with special constitutions, have a lot of attention in terms of diet. Some foods that cannot be eaten must not be eaten.

So, can pregnant women eat kale?

Detailed introduction will be carried out initially.

First, can pregnant women eat kale?

Kale is a flat vegetable that pregnant women can eat but should eat less.

Kale is a crisp, tender and nutritious green leafy vegetable. Like most vegetables, its biggest hidden danger is pesticide residues, such as flufenazine, flubenzimid, and carbendazim, which are all key EU tests.Pesticides.

Therefore, pregnant women must clean when eating kale to prevent pesticide residues from exceeding standards.

In addition to bitter vegetables such as kale, which can clear away heat and relieve heat, it can also stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice and promote the peristalsis in the body to improve the digestion and absorption of pregnant women and increase appetite.

However, it should be noted that pregnant women with spleen and stomach deficiency should not consume too much.

Another unique bitter ingredient in kale is cinchona cream, which can suppress the over-excited body temperature center, thereby eliminating the heat-relief effect.

Contain as much dietary fiber as possible to prevent constipation.

It also lowers cholesterol, softens blood vessels, and prevents cardiovascular effects.

So pregnant women can eat it, but try not to eat it raw.

Second, pregnant women eat kale precautions 1, pregnant women can eat kale, but pay attention to cleaning before cooking.

Kale has high nutritional value, and it is mixed with organic bases to reduce heat and relieve heat, increase appetite, and accelerate fermentation and peristalsis.

Expectant mothers often eat kale to lower blood pressure and protect the heart and brain blood vessels.

Therefore, as long as you have a good check on purchasing and cleaning, pregnant mommy can eat kale.

However, it should be noted that pregnant women with spleen and stomach deficiency should not consume too much.
2. When buying kale, go to supermarkets and markets, because most of the vegetables in these places have been checked for pesticide residues.

Kale and other green leafy vegetables must be carefully washed before consumption. It is best to replace warm water under 40 seconds to accelerate the decomposition and dissolution of residual pesticides.

In addition, the kale can be rinsed under running water to eliminate pesticide residues.

Third, the practice of eating kale for pregnant women When pregnant women eat kale, it is best to replace the edible part of kale. Generally, they are hypertrophic succulent stems and young leaves. They are suitable for frying, mixing, burning, and can also be used as ingredients, soups, etc.

Kale has a bitter taste. Adding a small amount of sugar and wine when fried can improve the taste.

Add more water to the soup than ordinary dishes, and it will take longer to fry, because the kale stems are thick, not easy to be cooked through, and the water volatilizes when cooking.

[How to make squid with small potatoes]_Homemade method of squid with small potatoes_How to make squid with small potatoes_How to make squid with small potatoes

[How to make squid with small potatoes]_Homemade method of squid with small potatoes_How to make squid with small potatoes_How to make squid with small potatoes

Every day that people live, they cannot live without food, clothing, and shelter. This is the most basic thing, especially “food”, which is related to human life and death.

And to do a good job of “food”, you better be able to learn to cook every dish by yourself.

So, let me introduce to you how to make this dish of roasted squid with potatoes.


The ingredients are ready.


Cut the potatoes in half, cut the green peppers into circles, and shred the onions.


The squid peeled off the black film on its back.


Scratch the knife edge from one end first, don’t cut it.


From the other knife edge, a crossbow knife is formed.


Cut into pieces.


Squids are boiled in boiling water and drained.


Put small potatoes in the pan and fry.


Fry until golden brown on two sides, wrinkle skin, and add ginger slices.


Add 2 spoons of Shexian bean paste.


Fry evenly.


Add squid and stir-fry.


Add green peppers and onions.


Add 1 teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of soy sauce, and half a teaspoon of white pepper.

I believe that after reading the above about how to cook squid with small potatoes, you must have a deep understanding of this dish, and you must make it yourself.

[Baby Carrots and Mashed Potatoes]_Baby_How to eat

[Baby Carrots and Mashed Potatoes]_Baby_How to eat

When infants are born, their only natural instinct is to suck, so they can only support themselves by drinking breast milk and milk powder.

The newborn’s body metabolizes very quickly.

Therefore, they grow up very quickly and through the growth of babies and toddlers, at a certain time, the mother will wean the babies and toddlers and let them slowly learn to eat other foods.

Carrots are rich in vitamin c, which can provide nutrition and vitamins for the growth of infants and young children. Let us understand how to make carrots and mashed potatoes for infants and young children?

Ingredients: carrot Ingredients: water Ingredients: carrot half root, potato half.

Practice one: 1.

Peel and wash carrots and potatoes, cover with plastic wrap, and steam them in a pot to mature.


Steam the carrots and potatoes in a bowl and crush them with a spoon. Be sure to crush them into a puree.

Uses: Carrot and mashed potatoes are suitable for constipation and diarrhea caused by indigestion in infants and young children, and have a mechanism of action to improve vision and physical fitness 2: 1.

Prepare a potato and half a carrot and peel it after washing; 2.

Slice the potatoes and carrots into thin slices; (The purpose of thin slices is to facilitate the rapid steaming of carrots and potatoes. If the whole pan is steamed, it will take longer) 3.

Put potato chips evenly into the steaming bowl; 4.

Put carrot slices on potato chips in order; 5.

5. Put a proper amount of water into the pot, put the steaming bowl on the steaming rack after the fire is boiling, and steam for 10 minutes on the high heat;

5. Wait until the carrots and potatoes can be easily punctured with chopsticks, then it means steamed and removed from the pan; 7.

Use a spoon or rice shovel to press the carrot and potato chips into a fine puree while hot; 8.

Add salt, white pepper and sesame oil and stir well; 9.

Finally sprinkle with green onions and mix well; 10.

Finished product method 3: Prepare ingredients: 2 potatoes, 1 carrot 1, peeled and cut potatoes into a bowl and set aside 2, cut the carrots and fry them 3 and place them in a steamerSteamed 4, steamed potatoes are pressed into a puree 5 with a spoon, and steamed carrots are put into the mashed potatoes and mixed evenly. Nutrition tips: Carrots are rich in carotene. After entering the body, the liver and small intestine mucosaAfter the action of enzymes, 50% of them become vitamin A, which has the effect of nourishing the liver and can treat night blindness.

At the same time, vitamin A in carrots is an essential substance for the normal development of bones, which is conducive to cell reproduction and growth.

It’s true that your baby will eat more carrots.

Precautions for eating carrots: 1. Cooking whole carrots is more helpful to prevent cancer than cutting after cooking.

British scientists have recently discovered this dietary pattern through research, because whole root cooking contains 25% more fuscapol than the cut carrot, and it has anti-cancer effects.

2. Carrots are not suitable for eating raw.

Carotene is a fat-soluble vitamin that must be in fat to be digested, absorbed, and transformed.

If eaten raw, it can only compress laxative and lower cholesterol, but cannot absorb more nutrients.

2, it is best not to put vinegar when cooking, increase vitamin A is damaged.

4. Don’t overdo it.

A large intake of carotene will change the skin’s pigments and become orange-yellow.

Changyuan Power (000966): Q3 results continue to grow, waiting for Haojili to release

Changyuan Power (000966): Q3 results continue to grow, waiting for Haojili to release
The performance is in line with expectations, maintaining a “buy” rating of 1-9M19 companies returning to the parent net profit up and down + 178%?237%, in line with expectations, the main reason is the high growth in power generation + coal prices down, 19Q3 company’s power generation / electricity sales were 55.7/52.200 million kWh, +14 per year.7% / 14.8%, the third quarter of the sustained high growth of electricity is mainly due to strong demand for electricity + hydropower squeeze out the improvement and weakening.Considering the continued improvement in power generation, an increase of 19?The net profit attributable to the mother for 21 years is 6.0/7.9/8.400 million (previous value: 4).6/7.8/8.300 million), the BPS in 19-21 is expected to be 3.61/4.19/4.76 yuan (previous value: 3).48/4.08/4.65 yuan), considering that the commissioning of the Haoji Railway will help to improve the performance, given 1 in 19 years.6-1.8x target PB, target price 5.77-6.49 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Q3 power generation +14 per second.7%, mainly due to the advent of the dry season of hydropower + high demand for electricity consumption According to the company’s announcement, the company completed 19Q3 electricity generation / grid electricity 55.7/52.200 million kWh, +14 from the same period last year.7% / 14.8%, we believe that the main reason for the sustained high growth of Q3 electricity is the strong demand for electricity + the improvement and weakening of the hydropower squeeze effect. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 7-8M19 Hubei’s entire society’s electricity / hydropower generation volume is at least +6.8% /-16.5%.According to our calculations, the utilization hours of the thermal power units of the 19Q1-3 company are about 3978 hours, of which 19Q1 / 19Q2 / 19Q3 are 1507/932/1539 hours, which are respectively increased by 284/61/199 hours.We judge that the high growth trend of Hubei electricity is expected to continue in the future, and the utilization hour for 2019/20 is appropriately raised to 5132/5182 (previous value: 4812/4862). Q3 performance is in line with expectations, the company is expected to fully benefit from the decline in coal prices in the future According to the company’s announcement, 1-9M19 company’s net profit attributable to the mother gradually increased + 178%?237%, the performance is in line with expectations, mainly due to the high growth in power generation + coal prices fell.According to the data of the National Development and Reform Commission, the average price of Hubei Electric Coal in 7-8M19 is 590 yuan / ton, and the average price of 18Q3 / 19Q2 changed from -46 / -8 yuan / ton (vs. Qinhuangdao Q5500 coal 7-8M19 average price of 588 yuan / ton)., Earlier 18Q3 / 19Q2 changes -45 / -21 yuan / ton)无锡夜网, Hubei coal prices are high due to limited coal resources + inconvenience of transportation, we judge that Hubei is expected to benefit from the operation of Haoji Railway in the future + domestic coal supply and demand tends to be looseWith the positive, coal prices are expected to continue to fall. The Haoji Railway was officially opened to traffic and began to focus on significantly reducing the company’s fuel costs in 2020. According to information disclosed by Xinhua News Agency, the Haoji Railway had been opened before the National Day. Although the final transportation pricing was higher than market expectations, we believe that the Haoji Railway is expected to significantly increase Central China.Coal supply, and driving the “Sanxi” coal transportation in Hubei shortened from more than one month to 1-3 days, which helped local coal cost control.The company’s pure coal power properties are expected to fully benefit from the decline in coal prices in the future. According to our calculations, if the Q5500 spot price of Qingang Q10 is -10 yuan / ton, the company’s coal price is expected to be -12.4 yuan / ton, driving the return of net profit to mothers in 2019-20 by 552.556.36 million yuan, an increase of 12% / 7%. We raise our profit forecast and give a “Buy” rating. Considering that the power generation continues to improve, we raise it by 19?The net profit attributable to the mother for 21 years is 6.0/7.9/8.400 million (previous value: 4).6/7.8/8.3 ‰), the corresponding EPS is 0.55/0.72/0.76 yuan (previous value: 0.42/0.70/0.75 yuan), BPS is 3.61/4.19/4.76 yuan (previous value: 3).48/4.08/4.65 yuan). Current routine corresponds to 19?21 years P / E is 9/7 / 7x and P / B is 1.4/1.2/1.1x.Reference comparable company 19-year average P / B1.2x, considering that the commissioning of the Haoji Railway will help drive better performance, giving the company 19 years.6-1.8x target PB, target price 5.77-6.49 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: coal prices go up, electricity prices are adjusted, and incoming water squeezes thermal power utilization hours.

SDIC Power (600886): Hydropower price restructuring in the third quarter but the subsequent price risks have been basically eliminated

SDIC Power (600886): Hydropower price restructuring in the third quarter but the subsequent price risks have been basically eliminated

Company dynamics keep outperforming industry companies SDIC Power released 3Q19 operating data: the company’s third-quarter power generation was 49.1 billion kWh, each time +3.

9%; the average on-grid price is 0.

289 yuan / degree, ten years -4.


Among them, hydropower and thermal power generation +0 respectively.

1%, +9.

1%; the average on-grid price is -8 per year.

5%, -3.


  In the first three quarters, the company completed 121.7 billion kWh of electricity generation, +8 a year.

2%; average on-grid electricity price is 0.

303 yuan / degree, ten years -3.


Among them, hydropower and thermal power generation are +4 respectively.

1%, +12.

4%; the average on-grid price is -7 per year.

2%, -3.


  Commenting on the Yalong River, SDIC Dachaoshan’s electricity price declined significantly in the third quarter, but the risk may be basically lifted in the fourth quarter.

In the third quarter, the electricity price of the company’s hydropower sector was replaced by 8.

5%, of which Yalong River Hydropower, SDIC Dachaoshan several times -7.

7%, -46%.

In our view, this downward adjustment may be based on 武汉桑拿 the government’s demand for profit, but the risk of downward electricity price increase in the fourth quarter may be basically eliminated.

In terms of power generation, except for SDIC Dachaoshan, which is at least nearly 40% per year in the third quarter, the company ‘s remaining hydropower generating units have generally increased steadily.

  In the third quarter, the thermal power sector’s profitability or benefit will increase over hours and coal prices will fall.

The company’s thermal power generation in the third quarter increased by 9 per year.


Considering that the company’s latest Beijiang 2 phase was put into operation in June last year, we believe that the growth of the company’s thermal power generation is mainly driven by the increase in utilization hours.

The increase in the amount of power delivered and the rapid increase in power consumption have brought Gansu, Guangxi and Xinjiang units to increase by + 24%, + 68% and + 101% in the third quarter.

In addition, we expect the company’s standard coal unit price in the third quarter is expected to fall by 7%.

  Estimates suggest that we temporarily maintain the company’s profit forecast unchanged.

  The company is currently trading in February 2019/20.

6% / 2.

8% exponential rate, 13.


6 times P / E ratio and 1.


4x P / B ratio.Maintain Outperform Industry Rating and Target Price 9.

64 yuan, corresponding to 2019/20 year 2.

4% / 2.

6% exponential rate, 14.


7x P / E ratio and 1.


5 times P / B ratio, 8 more recently included.

9% upside.

  The risk coal price was higher than expected; the reduction in financial costs was less than expected.

China Pets (002891): Performance in line with expectations of high domestic business growth

China Pets (002891): Performance in line with expectations of high domestic business growth

2019H1, net profit starts from zero38.

91%, in line with our expectations of the company’s 2019 Interim Report, which reports two companies, the company achieved revenue7.

8.7 billion (among which pet snacks6.

460,000 yuan, +20 compared with the same period last year.

97%; canned pets1.

10,000 yuan, +18.

30%; pet staple food 0.

270,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of +36.

30%), a year-on-year increase of +21.

58%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 1610.

690,000 yuan, yoy-38.

91%, the company’s performance is in line with our expectations.

In a single quarter, 2019Q2, the company’s operating income4.

0.7 million yuan, +9 compared with the same period last year.

71%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 926.

270,000 yuan, yoy-32.


We expect the company’s EPS to be zero in 2019-21.

52 yuan, 0.

75 yuan, 1.

12 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

The domestic market investment has dragged down the performance, and the business has been stable and progressed. In the first half of 2019, the company’s operating income has steadily increased, and the net profit attributable to mothers has expanded and decreased, which is mainly affected by factors such as the expansion of the domestic market and the increase in raw material costs. 1) 2019H1In order to develop the domestic market business, the company’s selling expenses are zero.

770,000 yuan, an increase of 59 in ten years.

05%, R & D investment is 0.

11 million yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

17%; 2) The price of chicken meat has risen rapidly, the cost of chicken breasts as the company’s main raw material has risen, and the overall gross profit rate has been lowered; 3), the increase in the company’s financial expenses is also one of the factors that reduce the performance.Is 0.

110,000 yuan, an annual increase of 910.


The development of domestic and foreign markets continues to advance, and the growth drives the company’s growth. The company actively promotes strategic layout, acquires overseas, establishes subsidiaries, promotes product sales and market expansion, and comprehensively improves channel layout and construction of new retail models in the domestic market.

In the domestic market, the company has reached strategic cooperation intentions with Tmall, Suning, and JD.com, and established e-commerce teams such as Nanjing Cloud Cat, Zhongsong Songzhi, and Weihai Haotong to focus on the development of online channels; offline, the company and petsStore cooperation, while entering Ruipeng medical 深圳桑拿网 system, opening up pet medical channels.

In the short term, the development of the domestic market requires a lot of expenses, which puts pressure on profitability.

In essence, the domestic market has room to resist development, and the domestic revenue of H1 companies in 20191.

5.2 billion, a previous increase of 37.

35%, the company’s domestic revenue expansion in 2019 is expected to further increase.

Carry out capital operation, strategic layout to seize the advantage of reorganizing the capital market of leading companies, actively carry out capital operation, and strengthen the construction of emerging markets.

Reporting basis, 1) Invested in Amoy Pets (Cambodia) Company, and agreed to change its business scope to pet meat products, research and development, production, sales and import and export of edible chewing 杭州桑拿 gum, further improve the overseas production capacity layout, and increase resistance to trade friction 2) Signed the “Industrial Fund Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Beijing Fangyuan Jinding, which provides a platform for China Pet’s industrial investment, mergers and acquisitions, and promotes the company’s industrial chain layout.

Long-term strategic layout + strong market-side sales, maintain “overweight” rating, we estimate that the company’s net profit will be zero in 2019-21.

880,000 yuan, 1.270,000 yuan and 1.

8.9 billion yuan, corresponding to EPS (after diluted share capital) are 0.

52 yuan, 0.

75 yuan, 1.

12 yuan.

With reference to 30 times the PE level of comparable companies in 2019, considering the growth space of domestic pet industry breakthroughs and the breakthroughs achieved by the company’s internal sales, we give the company 40 in 2019?
43 times PE, corresponding to a target price of 20 in 2019.


36 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: intensified competition in overseas markets, fluctuations in raw material prices and exchange rate fluctuations.

Is winter suitable for acupuncture to lose weight?

Is winter suitable for acupuncture to lose weight?

At the end of the year and at the end of the year, social entertainment is extended, “eat big meals” gradually, and body shape is expanding day by day.

Weight loss has also become an urgent issue in winter.

Among the many weight loss methods, acupuncture weight loss has attracted the attention of many women at reasonable prices, raising many questions.

Therefore, we have specially invited Zhang Zhongcheng, a doctor of medicine and deputy chief physician of the Department of Acupuncture of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to give some tips.

  Q: Is winter suitable for acupuncture to lose weight?

  A: Acupuncture for weight loss is a method of weight loss that uses acupuncture to acupuncture the human body to adjust the overall body’s slight imbalance.

Acupuncture can improve the abnormal state of appetite, poor excretion, and low metabolism in obese patients, thereby regulating the imbalance of visceral function and achieving weight loss.

Because of its good efficacy and no obvious side effects, it has become a green weight loss method.

  The weather is cold in winter, and people wear more clothes, resulting in inconvenience of putting on and taking off, and the obstruction of too much clothing, which makes the wearer not fat, so many people give up weight loss treatment in winter.

In fact, due to the cold weather, the enhancement of the body’s own defense will cause people to increase their appetite. They often beat the stove, eat supper, and eat more.

Also because of the cold weather, reduced activity, and decreased metabolism, the body weight will gradually increase under the condition of entering and leaving a little, and it will be as little as a few pounds in the winter and a few pounds more, so winter is one of the most dangerous for weight gainSeason.

  If acupuncture treatment is continued in winter, it can regulate excessive appetite and increase body metabolism.

  Of course, when performing acupuncture treatment in winter, attention should be paid to the appropriate temperature of the consultation room, and patients should also keep warm to prevent colds and colds.

At the same time of acupuncture treatment, we should also pay attention to reasonable diet and moderate exercise cooperation.

  Q: Why is it slow to lose weight in winter?

  Answer: Due to the change in winter climate, as people gain weight and their metabolism decreases, the entire body weight will increase. For most people, losing weight in winter will lose weight more slowly than in summer. In fact, as long as the weight is not increased,To a certain extent, it is to lose weight.

  Q: Are there any adverse effects of acupoint embedding?

  Answer: Acupoint embedding is a method of using long-term stimulation of sheep’s gut buried in acupoints to produce a therapeutic effect.

It is mostly used for peptic ulcer, hypertension, trauma and other treatments.

It has long been used for the treatment of hypertension, melasma, acne and other diseases.

Under the long-lasting and gentle physical and chemical stimulation to the acupoints, the buried thread can clear the meridians, reconcile qi and blood, balance yin and yang, and coordinate the internal organs, thereby achieving the functions of healing the body and slimming.

  This therapy is effective, saves time, has less pain, lasts, is safe and reliable, and is being widely used without obvious repetition.

Once every 15-20 days, especially suitable for urban women who lose weight.

  During the treatment, soreness, local redness, fever, and even temperature rise may occur, generally around 38 ° C. These are normal reactions and generally do not require treatment. Patients with such reactions have better curative effects, otherwiseIs poor.

However, there are individual patients with allergic reactions such as itching, pain, and local swelling.

At the same time, it should be noted that the method of weight loss by acupoint embedding is a medical behavior, and treatment should be performed at a medical unit at a distance to avoid adverse reactions such as infection, bleeding, nerve and blood damage.

Nourishing both hands in winter

Nourishing both hands in winter

Winter is the most suitable season for nourishing, but it is also a season when certain diseases, such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, have a high incidence of accidents.

Therefore, some people say that winter is the “old enemy” of the elderly.

How to prevent the occurrence and development of winter diseases in the elderly?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in the winter, yang qi collectors tend to qi and blood inward. Therefore, winter season helps the human body absorb nutrients and store them in the body to enhance disease resistance.

Therefore, actively and timely taking food supplements and diet therapy is of great significance to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

  The method of diet therapy is that the elderly who have bronchial tuberculosis should start taking food before winter. Take 1-2 pieces of walnut meat and 1-2 pieces of ginger each time.The effect of wheezing and coughing to prevent the recurrence of bronchial asthma.

It has been reported that taking radish and boiled eggs for a long time has a better effect on the prevention and treatment of bronchial asthma.

The specific method is: buy 1500 grams of carrots in the winter solstice, wash them at the head and tail, cut the radishes into slices about 3 mm thick with an oil-free clean knife, thread them into strings, dry them and store them each time.Take 3 dried radishes, 1 egg, and 1 pinch of mung beans. Put them in a pot and add water for 30 minutes.

Peel off the skin while serving, add radish, mung bean and soup and eat together.

Once a day for 30 consecutive days.

Elderly people with hyperlipidemia can often take black sesame mulberry paste.

  The production method is as follows: take 60 grams of black sesame, 60 grams of mulberry, 10 grams of white sugar, and 30 grams of rice.

Wash black sesame, mulberry, and rice separately, and grind them in the same way as in medicine research.

Put 3 bowls of clear water in the earthenware pot, add sugar after boiling, wait for the sugar to dissolve, add water to the syrup, and cook it into a paste.

Elderly people with coronary heart disease can take white fungus and black fungus 10 grams each, soak the hair in warm water, wash it, add a small amount of water and rock sugar, and steam it for one hour after eating.

Elderly people with high blood pressure can take 6 grams of black fungus, 50 grams of persimmon, moderate amount of rock sugar, and cook it together to reduce blood pressure.

  ”Winter Plague” is also a common symptom of the elderly in winter.

The “winter fever” mentioned by Chinese medicine refers to certain symptoms similar to colds, such as cold, cough, fever, headache, and snot exercise, to improve the body’s resistance, so that you can eat and control the diet, you can often eat carrots;Accumulation of stagnation, phlegm heat, detoxification, lowering qi, wide and medium effects.

If the tongue is sore and erosive due to winter blast internal dryness, use radish slices, cook with raw pear slices, and take an appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Drink this juice often, it can clear the internal heat, nourish yin and cure sores.

If you have a cold and cough, you can take one radish, dig a hole in the radish, put an appropriate amount of honey in the hole, and cook it on the fire, warm it, one per day.

If you have a cough, you can use raw radish to mash the juice and extend into the appropriate amount of ginger juice.

Oil Control Shrink Pore DIY White Tea Toner_1

Oil Control Shrink Pore DIY White Tea Toner

If your lotion just runs out, if you adore natural and healthy skin care, and if you just don’t want to buy it, then try this DIY lotion.

Catechin in green tea can shrink pores and increase skin elasticity.

If you happen to have large pores and love acne, then start DIY lotion.

  This time, let’s talk about white tea. Let’s first look at the health effects of white tea.

  White tea has a lot of health effects: 1. It can delay skin aging. White tea has a high-efficiency antioxidant function, which can strengthen the skin’s resistance, prevent the external environment from causing adverse effects on the skin, and cause serious problems in advance, so that the skin remains long-lasting and smooth.

  2. The polyphenol component in whitening and detoxification can effectively suppress free radical activity, which can improve human detoxification and defense effects.

  3. In addition to the inherent nutritional components of other proteins, Qushujiedu white tea also contains the active enzymes necessary for the human body. In vivo medical research proves that long-term use of white tea can significantly increase the lipase activity in the human body, promote trace catabolism and effectively controlInsulin secretion delays the intestinal absorption of glucose, breaks down excess sugar in the blood, and promotes blood sugar balance.

White tea is rich in a variety of amino acids.

  Teach you DIY white tea lotion Now we come to DIY lotion.

  STEP1: Take 3?
5 grams of white tea, 150ML of water, preferably heated mineral water.

Wait for it to cool slowly.

  STEP2: Pour into the spray bottle and add some glycerin (you can go to the supermarket to buy Phoenix No. 1 glycerin). If you feel your skin is dry, add more glycerin.

Finally, add a few drops of tea tree oil from THE BODY SHOP, acne-prone MM can try.

  Step 3: Store in the refrigerator, preferably at 3?
Finished 5 times.

Because it is natural, there is no added thing, it is relatively easy to deteriorate.

  Netizens experience: I personally feel that the natural Dongdong is really very gentle, and the skin will not have any discomfort.

The oil control effect is good. With glycerin, the skin will not feel dry.

Shrinking pores is not particularly obvious, and has a certain anti-inflammatory effect.

The skin becomes more hydrated and can be used to soak a paper film.

Seven vegetables that are recognized for their whitening effect

Seven vegetables that are recognized for their whitening effect

Masks can whiten, cosmetics can whiten, do you know that vegetables can also whiten?

Eating the following 7 kinds of vegetables often can make you moisturize and whiten and improve skin condition.

  First, Winter Melon “Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica” states that Winter Melon is “awesome color, not thirsty, long-wearing, light and durable”.

Winter melon is a beauty product, which has a significant effect on whitening skin.

Rub the face with melon slices daily or wash the face with melon tincture frequently to make the skin delicate and smooth and reduce melasma.

This may be related to the inclusion of histidine, urease, multivitamins, and trace elements in melons.

  Second, eating more peas can dispel spots and stay beautiful. “Compendium of Materia Medica” states that peas have the effect of “removing dark spots and making the face shiny”.

  Modern research has found that pea beans are rich in provitamin A. This substance can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A has the effect of moisturizing the skin and is absorbed from general foods without causing toxic side effects.

Eating peas also has swelling, stretches the skin, and can tighten wrinkles around the eyes.

  Third, potatoes are related to whitening vegetables, as well as “double beans”, double beans are potatoes and peas.

  Potatoes are rich in B vitamins and a large amount of high-quality cellulose, and also contain trace elements, proteins, trace and high-quality starch and other nutrients.

  These ingredients play an important role in the anti-aging and disease prevention process, and can effectively help women detoxify.

It is rich in vitamin C to restore women’s whitening skin.

In addition, the crude fiber in potatoes can also have an intestinal laxative effect.

  Fourth, white radish Chinese medicine believes that white radish can “favor the five internal organs and make people white and clean muscles.”

  White radish is a common vegetable. It is eaten raw and cooked with a slightly spicy taste.

It has the effects of promoting digestion, enhancing appetite, accelerating metabolic peristalsis and relieving cough and phlegm.

Can white radish be whitened?

Because white radish is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C is an antioxidant, which can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent slight oxidation, and prevent lipofuscin deposition.

Therefore, regular consumption of white radish can make the skin white and delicate.

  Fifth, carrot Carrot is known as “skin food” and can moisturize the skin.

The beta carotene contained in it can anti-oxidize and whiten the skin, and also remove excess horny skin. It also has a calming and soothing effect on oily acne skin, and egg yolk and honey have a moisturizing and emollient effect.

In addition, carrots are rich in pectin, which can be combined with mercury to replace harmful components in the human body, and the skin looks more delicate and rosy.

  6. Mushrooms Mushrooms are nutrient-rich, contain protein and vitamins, trace amounts are low, and are cholesterol-free.

Eating estrogen secreted by mushroom nutrition is more vigorous, which can prevent aging and anti-aging, and make the skin beautiful.

In addition, mushrooms contain crude fiber, semi-crude fiber and lignin that are difficult for the human body to maintain water balance in the intestine. It can absorb the remaining plasma and sugar and replace it outside the body. It is useful for preventing constipation, bowel cancer, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes.Etc. are very beneficial.

  Seven, cucumber cucumber is rich in protein, sugar, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, while cucumber also contains propionate, cucurbitin, soft and fineFiber and other ingredients can clean and whiten the skin, eliminate sunburn and freckles, and relieve skin allergies. It is a traditional beauty product.

  The citric acid contained in cucumber can promote the body’s metabolism and expel toxins.

The content of vitamin C is 5 times higher than that of watermelon, which can whiten the skin, maintain skin elasticity, and inhibit the formation of melanin.

Cucumber also inhibits the conversion of sugars into feces, which is very beneficial to the lungs, stomach, heart, liver and excretory system.

In summer, it is easy to get irritable, thirsty, sore throat or phlegm. Eating cucumber can help resolve fermentation.