In the pavilion,Huang Lei and Teacher He glanced at Su Luo,Sighed,It seems that even he has nothing to do。</p>

Nothing,Let the show crew take advantage this time。</p>
Although the watermelon is a bit,But everyone share some,Still no problem。</p>
And everyone was busy cutting watermelon,When dividing the watermelon,Su Luo left alone,Walk towards the program group。</p>
joke,But no one can easily take advantage of him。</p>
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Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
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Wilderness also involves some first aid knowledge,Can be used in reality。。</p>
First415chapter This book ends the eunuch(two)
Su Luo walked towards the program group,Wang Zhengyu’s eyelids twitched,Heart,Why is this guy here again。</p>
Even if it is highly concentrated,Su Luo came to him,Smiled:“take it easy,I’m here to buy watermelon,Then one is not enough for us,I want to buy another big one,how much is it?”</p>
Wang Zhengyu glanced at him up and down,Tao:“One hundred yuan。”</p>
Su Luo didn’t walk away,But for a moment,Tao:“Can you show me how old it is?”</p>
Wang Zhengyu nodded,Wave,The deputy director was harsh and brought a watermelon big enough for basketball,Even bigger than basketball。</p>

James gritted his teeth and pushed the ball。

This time he didn’t find his teammates first。
James made a simple screen and chose to go to the basket after dropping the pickled peppers。
Facing the impact of tanks,Hibbert on the inside line did not counsel,A big Peng spreads its wings directly。
Although he didn’t risk James,But gave him enough interference for his layup。
James hit a layup。
Pickled Jiao quickly took off the rebound from Mozgov。
Accelerate in place。
Frontcourt two on three。
Pickled Jiao and the two quickly passed halftime。
Pickled peppers pass the ball to Xu Xuan on the free throw line。
Xu Xuan took advantage of the Cavaliers’ center has not yet been seated,A simple pace adjustment in place。

Jiang Li is very depressed,Stretched out and kicked Liu Qing:“Hey,Call you,Don’t sleep like a pig!”

Liu Qing was shaken by her kick,But still no response。
Liu Qing’s clothes are also well dressed,It seems that nothing happened,Hug and hug at most。
——Hug and hug are definitely there,Because when Jiang Li woke up, he found himself being held by Liu Qing。
I don’t know if there are any。
She thinks there is a high probability。
I am so beautiful as a girl,Are already in the arms of this man,How can I hold back my hands?
Thought of this,She feels sick again。
I listened to Liu Qing who was sleeping like a pig:“Wake up,You wake me up!”
But Liu Qing just won’t wake up。
Kicked two more feet,Seeing this man can’t wake up,Jiang Li can only give up such an effort。
Have a look,This is not her bedroom,But Liu Qing’s bedroom。
I don’t know how to follow this man into his bedroom。
She was a little confused,Don’t remember much。
There are some impressions in the confusion,Just remember that Liu Qing didn’t force her。
But she doesn’t accept her impression。520
——This must be an illusion。
Do not force,How could she follow this man to his bedroom,Sleep on his bed?
Then gave Liu Qing angrily:“It’s all you!I said yesterday not to drink,do not drink alcohol,Have to drink!Some juice drink or something,Nothing shit!You guy is not at ease at all,Must be thinking of getting me drunk and doing bad things!”


“Ok!Please wait!”
The salesperson’s heart beats extremely fast,As if dreaming。
Sold two cars worth 1.8 million in two days,This commission is soft!
The salespeople on the side beat their chests and feet,Very regretful。
I knew he was here again to buy a car,I should take the initiative to go up!
Two days,Two cars,3.6 million,Don’t take it seriously!
Is this Gao Fu Shuai?。
“Hey,Qin Shi,How can I explain to my mom like you。”
Lin Yun sighed。
“Explain what?Over one million,It’s not a big deal,No need to tell mom。”
Not much,The salesman came。
When handing the card to Qin Shi,The salesperson’s hands are shaking。
“I’m afraid you have to wait two days for your new license,I’ll let you know!”
Qin Shi nodded。


A few days before the game,All the Shrek inner courtyard students who participated in the Continent Young Soul Master Elite Competition gathered together……
Beibei said solemnly“This time the mainland young elite soul master contest,Points system,Divided into individual knockout and team competition,The proportion of the former gradually surpassed the latter!”
“but,This is exactly what we can take advantage of,Just control the points,Even if our two teams meet,Giving up will not affect”
Xu Sanshi proudly said“Individual match words,We are completely crushed here,Little Tao and Tang Ya both reached Contra,And Yuhao and Wang Dong who seem to have the lowest spirit power levels here,Personal combat capability is also extremely powerful!”
Dai Yaoheng gave him a glance,“Don’t underestimate anyone,We also had this idea,Winning in the end is still very difficult”
Ling Luoshang nodded“Yes,Because the spirit masters who participated are so strange,So even if the opponent’s spirit power level is very low,,Also be ready!”
Beibei solemnly said“but……the most important is,This time, except for the tricky Sun-Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy,And people taught by the Holy Spirit!”
Xiaoya was captured by the evil spirit master taught by the Holy Spirit,If you let him meet in the game,I absolutely want to catch them all!
Wu Feng Wen Yan,Frown“what?These people in charge of hosting the contest are all eaters?”
Ma Xiaotao shook her head,Helpless“Do not……Because even they can’t tell whether the people of the Holy Spirit have hidden in that sect,If you want to know,I still have to observe after the matchup!”
suddenly,A figure appeared“Yo,Little guys,You are all here!The rules for this year’s Continent Young Soul Master Elite Competition have been……”

Anyway, I have nothing to do with Sun Xiaofang’s dead skinny face,The other party can’t restrain her quiet,I can only go with her。

Fang Xianjing walked towards Sun Xiaofang,I pulled away a few positions and followed with anxiety,The pitiful look of her black nose and swollen face floated in her head,I can’t bear it,I always feel that destroying such a beautiful and sexy stunner is against the sky。
Fang Xianjing walked to Sun Xiaofang and looked at her coldly,Fang Xianjing’s aura is already strong,Taller than Sun Xiaofang,Looking at Sun Xiaofang so condescendingly,Make her feel hairy,The roar:“What do you want?Want more people and bully fewer people!”
Du Tingting also said:“Don’t you just rely on a few attendants??Drag what drag,Dare to be presumptuous in our university,Let’s call a bunch of people to see who of you dare to be arrogant。”
Fang Xianjing’s cold face suddenly smiled,But her voice is still cold,This makes people look shuddering,She said:“Deal with you two,Do you still need help?”
The few small attendants next to him listened to Sun Xiaofang and the others,I can’t help but laugh,Fang Xianjing is one of the top geniuses in the martial arts hall,You are the president of the Tan Dawu Association,To deal with two weak women needs help,Then you can find a piece of tofu。
Fang Xianjing reached out and pinched the throats of the two women,Two women have their throats pinched,Difficulty breathing,Desperately trying to pull her hands away with both hands,But with that little bit of strength, what regret made her move,In an instant the faces of the two women were flushed,Eyes are starting to turn white。
The big men of us stared at Sun Xiaofang,Seeing the miserable look of this natural stunner,I can’t bear it,As for Du Tingting,Sorry,I really can’t follow so many people。
Fortunately, Fang Xianjing only gave them a small punishment,Soon let go,The two women immediately hugged their throats,Breathe the fresh air that is usually totally inappropriate,The face is full of horror,Now Fang Xianjing is no different to King Yama to them。
Dou big tears fell out of Sun Xiaofang’s eyes,She looked at me like a miserable way of catching a straw:“Brother Yuan!help me!Brother Yuan!”
“It seems you won’t cry if you don’t see the coffin!”Fang Xianjingfu stepped forward to pinch Sun Xiaofang’s neck,Sun Xiaofang is not a fool,I must resist,But with her soft-footed crab ability,In twos or twos, he was uniformed and pinched again.,Fang Xianjing’s cold way:“Jiang Fengyuan is my junior,The elder sister must cover him,Do you dare to harass him again,I see you hit you once,Remember??”
Du Tingting said impatiently next to him:“remember,remember,We won’t dare to look for Brother Yuan again,Please let Xiaofang go!”
Fang Xianjing let go of her hand,Sun Xiaofang covered his throat and took a few breaths of air,“Wow!”Cried out,She is a delicate girl,Sexy hot body,The face that reverses all beings is her weapon,Which man saw her and won’t let her three points,Ever been treated so rudely,Today is the most shameful and humiliating she has suffered in her life。
“Don’t cry!”Fang Xianjing’s fierce way,Sun Xiaofang immediately stopped crying obediently,I don’t dare to look at us when I look down,Her shoulders shrugged,Although stopped crying,But her sadness can’t be restrained。
Fang Xianjing is like the cold voice from the depths of Jiuyou again ringing in her ears:“say it one more time,Don’t harass my brother in the future,Otherwise I see you hit you once,Remember??”
Sun Xiaofang clicked like a chicken pecking rice,The matter is resolved satisfactorily,No need to watch Sun Xiaofang being bullied,I was relieved,Remote here,But it’s hard to guarantee that no one will find out,I greet Fang Xianjing and the others to leave together。
Sun Xiaofang waited for us to go far,I raised my head and tears were still showing extreme resentment on my wet face,Gritted teeth:“Jiang Fengyuan,Neither you nor your sister must die,I will retaliate against you!”
Du Tingting has a lingering heart:“Xiaofang,forget it,Jiang Fengyuan has always been tolerant of us,Gave so much money to us,Never asked us to do。And regardless of his wealth、Power、Very deep background,We are not rivals at all!”
Sun Xiaofang hates the way the shipwrecked:“Jiang Fengyuan is not for Zhong Manxia, how could that bitch coax me with money?My old mother is so sexy and beautiful, he is so sexy and beautiful,His senior sister is even worse,Actually used violence against me,I won’t let them go,You are waiting for Jiang……wind……deep!”

Qin Liang’s surprised question。

“Oh,Yu’er was thirsty and wanted to drink water,She didn’t bring her wallet,Li Hai has no money,Ran over and asked us for ten yuan……So the two of us gave Li Hai the two thousand dollars we brought,Although he has a special status,But he’s a big man anyway,You have to ask for money even to buy a bottle of water,It’s too embarrassing,And he still buys it for Yuer,So Xiaoxue and I think we still have to worry about the face of him and Yuer。”
Liu Xiaoyun explained seriously。
“Yep,You are very thoughtful,Even if you don’t think about Li Hai’s face,,Yu’er’s face must also be maintained,There is nothing wrong with doing this。”
Qin Liang nodded and said in approval。
“So brother-in-law, you have to reimburse us。”
Shen Ruoxue said while the iron was hot。
“No problem with reimbursement,But the three of us are so familiar,Can you give me a discount?For example, can you reimburse half of it??”
Qin Liang deliberately held back a smile and asked seriously。
“No way!”
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun answered in unison!
“I have a hasty!So I just refused?Don’t even have any room for negotiation??”
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and forty six Why don’t you change your name
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Chapter two thousand nine hundred and forty six Why don’t you change your name
Qin Liang asked bitterly。
“I’ve never heard that reimbursement can be discounted。”

“Although today is just a simulation training,The game has a lot of ingredients,But the problems exposed by them are terrible and worrying,I don’t think I’m exaggerating.,I just see what i see,And tell you all the truth in my heart。”

Yang Zhi obviously really takes this matter seriously。
“Maybe they thought they were participating in a game,So I didn’t take it seriously.。”
Qiangzi bit his head and tried to help the four little girls to make excuses to explain……
“Are you sure you really think so in your heart?”
Yang Zhi looked at Qiangzi,Still asking him in a serious tone。
“Ok,I actually don’t think so,I just want to help them find an excuse。”
Qiangzi admitted with a wry smile。
“Hadron,I know you are kind,But i want to remind you:Today you made an excuse for your Li Qiao’er,Tomorrow or someday later,Your Li Qiao’er is very likely because of the excuse you helped her find today,And fell on the battlefield。”
Yang Zhi’s tone became more severe。
Actually in Dragon Soul Warrior,Yang Zhi’s reputation has always been extremely high,Apart from Qin Liang, another warrior leader most respected by the dragon soul warriors!Everyone can see his ability,So what he said in a serious state,It’s definitely a very important talk of experience。
“I’m wrong!I……Shouldn’t make this excuse for them。”
Qiangzi dare not talk casually,Yang Zhi’s words,Has made his mind sober immediately,He also realized the seriousness of the matter。
“This responsibility lies with me,Is my usual negligence……”
Qin Liang had to speak up。
“Boss,I didn’t talk to you about responsibility,I’m talking about their life and death issues on the battlefield,I don’t care who is responsible,I only care if they can come back alive from the battlefield in the future。”
the first time,Yang Zhi unceremoniously contradicted Qin Liang!
“That one……After letting them rest for a while,Convene all the Shen’s sisters for a meeting,Yang Zhi,You scold them well,We must make them aware of the seriousness of this matter!Don’t think too much,I didn’t let you take the thunder for me,The key is that I speak now,They don’t take it to heart,I am just a brother-in-law in front of them,It’s not the boss of the dragon soul at all。”
Qin Liang said helplessly……

Old man took the money,Grateful question。

“We are not police,We are fighters of special forces who came here to perform missions。”
Yanzi smiled and explained a few words。
“Oh oh,You are special forces!”
The old man didn’t know he was really stupid,Still confused,He actually said Yanzi’s answer loudly,So there was another discussion in the crowd。
Swallow turned away,Looked at Du Shanshan。
Du Shanshan also looked at the swallow,Look at Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun again,Then smiled faintly,Put the gun away,Don’t speak,Turn around and walk slowly outside,But everyone can see,She walks very hard。
“Koyuki,Xiaoyun,Take care of her,She should be injured,She just moved,It is estimated that it caused the injury。”
Qin Liang said in his headset。
So Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun stepped forward one by one,Supported Du Shanshan。
“Sister,you do not need to worry,We are here,You will be fine,Are you injured?”
Shen Ruoxue said softly。
“thank you all,Little Junior Sister。”
Du Shanshan said with a bitter smile,Although she didn’t know these two girls who helped her,But Yanzi knows her,So even if you don’t need to identify each other,She also knows who the other person is。
She knows better:These dragon souls appeared,Must be for myself……
Yanzi didn’t walk to the front three people,But walked about ten steps behind them,She walks,One side is watching vigilantly the surrounding movement,She is responsible for protecting the three people in front。
And the seven people of Tiger Soul,All scattered around the four of them。
Go back to the downstairs of the building where Du Shanshan lives,Du Shanshan turned around,Smiled sadly at the swallow,Swallow walked to her,Although there is no expression on his face,But I still asked a question:“You have injuries?is it serious?”
“Let’s go up and talk。”

Daochang Bai said seriously。

Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun agreed in unison and honestly,I can still be so honest after the fight,This is the first time for them both,It should be that both of them are truly aware of their mistakes。
But speaking of it,Daochang Bai spared no effort to come to Shen Ruoxi’s house from the quiet and beautiful Taoist mountain,The purpose is to pass on my kung fu to these female disciples,If these apprentices don’t cherish such a good opportunity,If you’re lazy and don’t learn kungfu well,That’s too disappointing Daochang Bai’s efforts。
And what a rare opportunity!Daochang Bai’s kung fu,But not everyone has the opportunity to learn。
“master,I won’t fight you either,It hurts so much by you,Really hurt,Can’t stand it。”
Liu Xiaoyun also admitted directly,This is also the first time she confessed to another person in front of so many people!Of course this other person is not an outsider,Is the master of all the Shen’s sisters,So it’s not shameful at all,If it’s someone else,Liu Xiaoyun would never admit defeat even if he died。
“Know it hurts,I won’t be lazy in the future。”
Bai Daochang said with a faint smile。
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are relatively speechless,I didn’t answer the words that were very tacit.!
“Qiaoer,Xiner,You two come out。”
Get,This matter is not over yet!Daochang Bai is still calling!Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were beaten up,Is it the turn of Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin again??
of course not,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are indeed lazy,But Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin are not lazy,So they are safe,Won’t be beaten……
“master,Only Yanzi’s pair of swords,But we are two。”
Li Qiao’er said embarrassingly。
“Mine for both of you。”
Luna suddenly interrupted and said,And then in front of Wang Linlin“Make magic”Like a double sword……
“These Shen family girls are so amazing!Not only do magic,Can martial arts that are only available in martial arts!All of them are so powerful!It’s really amazing!”