If it wasn’t for Brother Jiu’s exhaustion,,And gave out many favors,It’s impossible for Lan Kai to come。

The second is the folk song Xiaotianwang Fu Bufan of Yanhuang Music。
Fu Bufan back then18Years old,Also from a variety show,But he was eliminated in the quarterfinals, but he didn’t make a hit,But just wandering all over the country alone3Year time,Was discovered by Yanhuang Music。
Then he signed an extremely unequal contract,One person arranged all the lyrics and music in the album,One came out two years ago《My beginning》record。
Turns out this record sold300Million online album sales,Offline physical disc,Fully sold95000Zhang!
Since then, Fu Bufan has been hailed as the third little king。
Because Fu Bufan debuted in the same year as Han Donger,So the industry also calls them golden boys and girls。
Happens to be,recent《love letter》Drives Han Dong’er to the fire,So Brother Jiu made a decisive decision,Changed the original guest,Ruan Mo hard soak his good friend Wei Xi,I finally invited Han Donger。
In this way,《I sing my song》It seems to be the most powerful talent show this year。
Even if it’s another talent show with a queen Xu Ping participating in,Can’t compare to it。
Really for this reason,Last week’s《love letter》Saturday after the premiere,《I sing my song》Got0.68%Ratings,Ranked No. 1 in all variety shows last week17Bit。
This result is pretty good,Even in its ranking on Saturday,Are ranked fifth,Second only to the big variety show, Shonan TV“happy everyday”、Jiangdong TV《Blind date march》,Huajing TV《Sound of Nature》And Shanghai Hai TV《We are comedians》。
To know,Saturday’s variety shows are the most,More than 30 provincial and municipal television stations across the country,Almost there20Will show variety shows at this time,《I sing my song》Can be ranked fifth,It’s already a very cowhide performance。
last year《I sing my song》The one with the highest ratings is the final,But it’s just0.92%,Ranked fourth only once。
Now the first knockout game has such a good start,Brother Jiu and they are also in good spirits,Strive to break the ratings as soon as possible1。
As long as the ratings can be broken1’S variety show,Qualified to be called the Ace Variety Show。


“Chu Yi,Uncle Lu,How’s it going?”Zhang Yang saw the two come back,Even welcome。
Zhang Yang this person,Although I look pretty stinky on weekdays,But at this time,I still care about Chu Yi。
only,Whether it is publicity、Still Uncle Lu,I don’t even know that their concern is completely redundant。
“Ugh!”Uncle Lu sighed。
“Expelled!”Chu Yi spit out these two words easily。
“Maybe it’s a good thing!”Uncle Lu raised the spirit,Again,“I always feel,A college student like you,It’s a waste to stay here as a security guard!What kind of job do you want,No better than being a security guard here?”
“Yes Yes!”At this moment,Zhang Yang also echoed and said,“I feel so too,You take advantage of this time to change jobs,Also pretty good!But in that case,We won’t have many chances to meet in the future!”
Zhang Yang glanced at Chu Yi’s Passat again,Keep saying:“And you just bought a car,You must have a car loan now, right??Find a new job,It’s not so easy to find the right one……”
“This is!”Uncle Lu also nodded,“Xiao Yi,If you have any difficulties in the past two months,Just speak up!A little busy,Uncle Lu still helped!”
“Thank you Uncle Lu!”Although Chu Yi doesn’t need it,But thank you very much。
“in fact……”Zhang Yang suddenly brightened his eyes,Tao,“Actually Chu Yi,You don’t have to rush to find a new job!These two months,I can bring you some quick money!”
“Take me to make quick money?”Chu Yi was surprised again,Speechless again。
There are people who can take him to make money?
Uncle Lu on the side,Lian Hudao:“Xiao Zhang,You quickly talk,Let Xiaoyi have a place to make money!”
Uncle Lu obviously cares about what Chu Yi will do when he loses his job。
“Hehe!”Zhang Yang smiled,“Chu Yi,you have heard‘Dangto’Is it?”

The person beside,Naturally, I also recognized the identity of Grandma Shen,Everyone still has some doubts,This old lady Shen,Why came here today,And he looks very happy,Su Jingchen and Shen Mange back then,That’s a lot of rumors,It is said that Mrs. Shen is so angry that she is a vegetable。

“Grandmother,I’m telling the truth,But why can’t baby Lolo and aunt come here??I’m going to miss it soon。”Shen Qianran is also very worried。
“Do not worry,Coming soon。”Grandma Shen said with confidence。
really,When the emcee asked Su Jingchen and Tong Xinyou to exchange rings,The big screen behind me suddenly lit up,But the photo above is not Su Jingchen and Tong Xinyou,It’s the marriage certificate of Su Jingchen and Shen Mange。
“This……this is……”The man below,Are all talking,And here,When Tong Xinyou saw this marriage certificate,My face has changed。
It’s Su Jingchen,The corners of the mouth are slightly invisible,really,You guys are still here。
“Brother-in-law,What’s the hurry?The protagonist hasn’t appeared yet。”A clear voice reached the ears of everyone present,Then two people walked in。
One is Shen Mange in a wedding dress,The other is Shen Luoluo in a dress,The two sisters walked in together。
“There are so many people,So cheering,Brother-in-law,The wedding you owe sister,Five years have passed,Finally made up。”Shen Luoluo didn’t care about others’ eyes。
Although Shen Mange is very nervous,But seeing Shen Luoluo running away like this,So I don’t feel so nervous。
“Shen Luoluo,What nonsense are you talking about?Today is obviously my wedding and Achen,How could it be your Shen Mange wedding?”Tong Xinyou looked at Shen Mange and Shen Luoluo incredibly。
“Can’t believe it?Then take out the marriage certificate of the two of you?If there is,Then we can withdraw。”Shen Luoluo said。
She has investigated,Su Jingchen and Tong Xinyou did not get a marriage certificate,not to mention,Su Jingchen and Shen Mange have not divorced yet,How do you say this bride is from Shen Mange。
“Song,You are so beautiful today。”Then three figures walked in,Deng Xiner,Li Meilin and Fan Xiaoxiao。
The three of them are also wearing dresses,Similar to the dress on Shen Luoluo,It should be a bridesmaid dress。
“Yo,The preparations are quite complete,Even the bridesmaids have been found,Brother Achen,You speak,How do you choose,You want this woman?We still want our home,Don’t forget,these years,But you are all with you。”Shang Yue came over,Angrily said。
Su Jingchen kept watching Shen Mange without speaking,He never thought,It turned out that Shen Mange in a wedding dress would be so beautiful,So charming,So beautiful。
Shen Mange also looked at Su Jingchen,Su Jingchen today,Seems extra attractive,Extraordinarily eye-catching。
“Achen,Don’t forget,You Su Group still owns 30% of the shares in Tong Group,If you choose this woman,I immediately talked。”Tong Xinming also came over,Warning Su Jingchen。

This time the Mavericks Film and Television Hei Chu Liuxiang,Gan Liangchen was overjoyed,And directly add fire to them。

It’s a bit unbearable to take the initiative,But just to add to the flames,Gan Liangchen has no psychological burden at all。
Supported by such a big company with a net worth of hundreds of billions of RMB,This time the online crusade will be so crazy and lively。
Even Mavericks doesn’t know it,I still have such a strong temporary ally,They thought that their strategy was better than expected。
on the other hand,Gan Liangchen saw it“Teacher Lu Xiaofeng also donated schools”Statement。
Chu Liuxiang naturally donated because of this school donation,Already have an undefeated golden body。
Lu Xiaofeng who is similar to him,There was before1Billion《life long love》Donate to the charity aura in the mountains,Now I have added this one“Mountain Education School Donation”,Lu Xiaofeng also has a greater aura on him。
This kind of people,How to suppress him in the future,Go hack him?
The last“Lightning boy”One thing,Although the person above did not speak,Doesn’t mean they didn’t see。
Today Lu Xiaofeng also donates a lot for charity,And donating constantly,So for the big guys above,This is more than just a genius。
That’s a model of the times!
This kind of people,It just happens to be the best example to set up,Will never allow others to destroy and slander。
So in the future, Lu Xiaofeng will cooperate with Shanhai.com,When you hit Youyi,Shining Technology absolutely dare not use outside tricks,To get an advantage by suppressing Lu Xiaofeng。
How is this fair!?
They are cheating!!
Gan Liangchen was furious,Porcelain and things in the office suffer,That is also expected。
The secretariat has already had its own experience,Anyway, you can’t buy expensive furniture or porcelain every time you buy,Which is three to five million。
It’s not a pity,Don’t worry about others coming,Seeing the boss’s office is too shabby。

First565chapter Sink,You have to calm down!

Seeing Shen Huan not speaking,The look of coming over with a cold face,Everyone on the side was stunned。
Including a crowd of Lakers and Spurs players。
Even the audience on the field was stunned,It feels like watching a cold-blooded killer。
Seeing Shen Huan getting closer and closer,And anyone close to him,All hid in fright,Gave Shen Huan a way,Ginobili felt like he was going to pee。
But he can’t move yet,Not afraid,But he was so scared that his legs became weak。
He is swaying,On the live TV screen,Can see clearly。
Fortunately, Ginobili also has a teammate named Tim Duncan。
Duncan rushed out quickly,Hugged Shen Huan directly,“Sink,Sink!Hear me out,do not do that……He didn’t want to……Are you really going to kill him?”
Duncan didn’t dare to grab the two chairs in Shen Huan’s hands,Because he knows,If he dares to grab,Then Shen Huan will definitely not give him face。
Shifo doesn’t want to be so old,Shen Huan also punched the food overnight。
He is also complaining about Ginobili,You are also a little bit concealed,Don’t cause injuries。
This makes Iverson’s face covered in blood,Didn’t you make Shen Huan go crazy??
Ginobili’s approach,Is the tactic that the Spurs discussed before。

The Great Elder of the Haotian School saw the white masks all over Qianyu,Secretly“This man turned out to be a soul teacher!And the level should not be low!No wonder you dare not release Wuhun,Holding a woman to resist her own blow!It turned out that the Soul Guidance Device gave him confidence!”

The continuously rotating waterspout with the size of more than ten meters rushes towards Qianyu,Straightly hit the white mask next to him,Madly strangling……
however,Lasted a full ten seconds,This waterspout suddenly disappeared……
Did not even leave a trace on the white mask!
The surrounding Clear Sky School disciples saw that their Great Elder’s attack was easily blocked,All angry“This person is shameless!Even using the Soul Guidance Device to resist the attack of the Great Elder!”
“I thought he was very strong,I didn’t expect to rely on this despicable method!”
“People of this kind want to meet our Sect Master of Clear Sky School,Simply unreasonable!”
And the elders of the Clear Sky School heard the words of these disciples……
All shook their heads in disappointment……
Even if this man doesn’t use the Soul Guidance Device,,The spirit strength he possesses is not comparable to that of the Clear Sky School disciples.!
The Great Elder of the Clear Sky School looked at the undamaged mask,Secretly“He didn’t even leave a trace,I’m afraid that at least it has reached the eighth level soul guide!Then I must not keep my hands!”
immediately,The eighth spirit ring under my feet lit up……

Say self-discipline,Which of you has self-discipline?

You Allen just because you want to play basketball for two more years,Re-emphasis on diet,Did you start training??
Weekdays,Kobe definitely doesn’t mind going up and down,Make a good friend make a fool。
But today he is in a good mood,So I won’t cause trouble。
After all, early today,He and Iverson drank the soup made by Shen Huan again,That strength is getting stronger in the body,No injuries seem to exist anymore。
Familiar formula,Familiar taste,It’s so deeply missed!
Merry Christmas~~
First302chapter Superstars behaving strangely
Kobe and Iverson came to China early。
It’s a few days earlier than the training camp competition plan negotiated by Nike and Reebok.。
Nike and Reebok are both very chicken thieves。
They did not choose to join,Instead, I chose a very tacit way of fighting between the two sides。
This time Kobe and Iverson’s China training camp trip,The two training camps in each city are next to each other,This can greatly stimulate popularity and attention。
Although I don’t know why Kobe and Iverson must at least stay in Shanghai5Days,But Huhai is a super metropolis no less than New York,There is also money here,The two companies do not refuse,But you have to change the plan。
For this suddenly changed plan,Both Nike and Reebok have urgently mobilized,Both the US headquarters and the China headquarters are very busy。
But Kobe and Iverson are fine.,After drinking the last bowl of soup,The two directly lead the team,Packed a plane and went straight to Lin’an。

He Pengfei thought Ding Yi was shy,Just follow,Hugged him from behind,Hold both hands in front of her,Said shortly:“day,Am I dreaming?”

Ding Yiban opened his hand,But he hugged her hard,Don’t let Ding Yi struggle,Simultaneously,Lowered his head and kissed the back of Ding Yi’s neck。
but,He Pengfei’s hand slowly released,Simultaneously,The mouth also left Ding Yi’s neck,because,His hands clasped in front of Ding Yi,I clearly felt tears falling on his hands,Cool,Wet……
He slowly calmed down the heat in his heart,Slowly turn Ding Yi around,really,Ding Yiliang’s eyes filled with tears,delicate and charming……
He held this little face,Said painfully:“Sorry,Sorry……”
She shook her head,Closed eyes,Immediately,Two strings of crystal tears,Just like the broken pearl,Tumbled down,Drip on her white neck。
He Pengfei gently held her face,Stared for a long time,Then let her lean on her chest,Hug her gently,that moment,I closed my eyes too……
he knows,In Ding Yi’s heart,There is a person,Always occupy her heart so tenaciously,So that he can’t enter,He waited bitterly,Waiting for Ding Yi to accept himself,He just thought this wonderful moment had come,So I kissed her forgot,Caress her presumptuously,but,After all, it’s hard to resist that person’s charm,Although Ding Yi did not categorically refuse,That is to save face,Her tears,Says it all……
no way,She loves so much,She can’t accept anyone,Isn’t it the same with me??Other girl,Just look beautiful,No matter how good,Isn’t he indifferent??He suddenly remembered a word,When you love her,She loves others in her heart。
Thought of here,He Pengfei has a faint pain in his heart,He leaned in her ear and said:“I’m waiting for you,Waiting for the day you accept me。”
Ding Yi raised his head,Said with tears:“Sorry,I can not do it,Don’t wait,It’s useless,impossible……”
“To shut up!”
He Pengfei suddenly stopped drinking,Ding was surprised,Shut up quickly。
He Pengfei’s eyes are very deep、Very painful,His eyes are a little red,Swears:“I have the confidence to wait until you,I believe that one day,Your heart will open for me He Pengfei。”
Tears,Flowing out from the corner of Ding Yi’s eyes。
He Pengfei distressedly wiped away her tears with his fingers,Said:“I will not bother you anymore,You don’t have to invite me tonight……”What else does he want to say,But shut up,Bow your head,Gave her a kiss on the forehead,Said:“rest well,You have a task tomorrow。”
Talking,Turned around and walked towards the door。
“Pengfei——”Ding Yi pointed at his back,Called。

After Liu Xiaoyun looked at the photos carefully,Convincingly。

“You think it looks good too, right?Then you quickly learn tomorrow,And braid me like this,Weave such a braid for Qiao’er and Xin’er。”
Shen Ruoxue said cheerfully。
“This can have。”
Liu Xiaoyun nodded immediately。
“This braid looks good or looks good,But it’s too much trouble to make up?Don’t you find it hard to make this up?”
Qin Liang’s bloody question。
“Just look good,No matter how hard it is, it is worth it!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately answered without hesitation。
“This is a woman,you do not understand。”
Liu Xiaoyun joked to Qin Liang。
“Yes Yes Yes,I don’t understand,I am not a woman,I don’t understand it is normal,Nothing to be annoying,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang’s ridicule of self。
“If you don’t understand, you should be ashamed to ask,You have to learn carefully。”
Shen Ruoxue started to educate Qin Liang again。
“I have a hasty!This is what you two should learn?I’m a big man,Isn’t it a bit abnormal for me to learn this??”
Qin Liang said awkwardly。
“How do you not learn?If you don’t learn,How to serve us in the future?Really。”

When I saw Yang Shiyun just now,He was already amazed at the beauty of the other party!Now a younger one comes out……

“do not move!Put the gun down!”
With a scolding,Another girl also appeared on the other side,The man turned his face to take a look,Stupefied again!Nima!This is actually a young girl in Tianxiang Country……
and many more!Why does she have a gun!
After amazing,Then I was surprised!The hand of the little girl who appeared after the man saw it,Actually holding a jet-black pistol!
“Put the gun down!”
There were several scoldings,Several more girls appeared in different positions!Just in the hands of these girls,All holding a pistol!
“I rely on!This is a big game……”
Man thinks helplessly。
“Son of a bitch!Didn’t you say that I dare not come out?I am standing here now,You have the guts to put the gun down,Let’s compete!Beat you all over the floor, believe it or not?”
Liu Xiaoyun arrogantly challenged the man!The man rolled his eyes,Did not speak,But the gun was not put down……Isn’t he afraid to compete with Liu Xiaoyun,But he has no ability to do it anymore!Swallow’s punch just now,Already hurt him,He has a terrible pain in his chest right now,Where can I continue with Liu Xiao
Cloud hit!
“Son of a bitch,Do you dare or dare not??Give a nice word!”
Liu Xiaoyun asked impatiently。
“You win……But I can’t give you a gun,Unless you kill me!”