[King crab practice steaming]_ delicious practice _ steaming practice

[King crab practice steaming]_ delicious practice _ steaming practice

Although we do n’t have the cooking skills of a five-star chef, the easiest way for king crab is to steam it.

Steamed King Crab can retain the original flavor of King Crab.

And steamed king crab can also reduce the loss of nutrients.

Although steamed king crab is a simple cooking method, there are many techniques to make it delicious.

So, how do steamed king crabs taste delicious?

Steamed or Cooked King Crab The recommended method is steaming over water. If you cook it, it will boil all the umami, so do not cook it.

The king crab practice recommends home-made spicy crab legs1.

First cut the king crab leg, insert it at the joint, and then cut the crab leg apart for easy taste.


Cut all the ingredients into spares.

Preheat the pot with an appropriate amount of oil, stir-fry the ingredients such as peppers in the pot, add the crab legs and continue to fry until they are cooked.

A very simple dish, let’s try it.

How about king crab? Is king crab steamed or boiled?

King crab practice recommends crabs with ice weighing three catties, with ice!

One claw is broken!

The meat is really dissatisfied. Although it is more than normal crab meat, the meat is very dry!

Not enough to weigh!


The boss is still hanging 3.


6 pounds attract customers, does not exist at all!

After the shrinkage was severely thawed, it was less than 2 catties. It was quite honest that the boss refunded the difference.

However, I still thought that I had spent the money to buy a crab.

So not cost-effective.

Crab is very skinny, although it is a little meaty but not much, the body meat is almost empty, let alone the crab cover, there is no meat at all.


It is packed in a foam box with a complete ice pack. The king crab inside is also packed in a separate gift box. It is very suitable for giving away or eating by yourself. When you take it out, the whole is still very iced, very fresh and quite large.It is also equipped with a pair of small scissors, which can cut the spikes and cut them, which is very thoughtful.

The portion is full, one can cut two large pots, and I have seen that the meat is full, firm and fresh, and it is very convenient with tools. When eating crab legs, you can cut it slightly and use a small lengthThe crab meat is scooped out with small scissors. When eating crabs, the king crab shell is relatively soft and difficult to pluck, but it is convenient to have scissors. It is straightforward to cut the crab meat full and feel a bite. Super good, anyway.I want to eat it when I look at it. The next time I will come here, the portion is full. The meat is full and firm. It is packed in a fresh gift box. It is very suitable for eating or giving away.

Not bad.

The material is fresh, the portion is full, the logistics speed is fast, and the taste is good. On the whole, it is the same as the king crab that can be bought on the market. In addition, it also has a gift box packaging, and comes with scissors and some crab eating gadgets.Cost-effective, no shortcomings have been found, the overall is very good, very satisfied.

[Dried Dendrobium candidum]_ making method _ how to make

[Dried Dendrobium candidum]_ making method _ how to make

I do n’t know if you have eaten iron Quebec in your life. It is a kind of Chinese medicine with great nutritional value. In ancient and ancient times, only those aristocrats in the palace could afford it, so he was particularly valuable.It is because its growing conditions are relatively harsh, it is troublesome to pick, and it is brewed and eaten, and it is relatively wasteful. So what is the method of eating dried Dendrobium?

There are many ways to eat Dendrobium officinale, so here are one by one.

Of all the many ways to eat, taking Dendrobium candidum is the best way.

Beverages are convenient and effective, but Dendrobium officinale is expensive, and it is extremely wasteful.

In ancient China, only royal nobles used this method to take Dendrobium officinale.

It is said that Empress Dowager Cixi has been drinking Dendrobium officinale in her old age to alleviate “thirst”, that is, diabetes.

Fresh Dendrobium can be eaten directly.

After washing the fresh Dendrobium officinale, put it in the mouth and chew it carefully. The taste is sweet and slightly sticky. It is fresh and refreshing. The slag can be swallowed.

Dendrobium officinale can also be used for decoction.

After washing Dendrobium officinale, chop or pat it, add water to the pot and cook with simmer for about half an hour, then you can add some American ginseng and cook for another half an hour. The soup can be used for drinking and the residue can be eaten.
Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor in modern times, attaches great importance to this way of eating.

You can also use Dendrobium officinale to make tea, wash it, cut into thin slices, add boiling water and infuse it. You can add honey or wolfberry and rock sugar, and you can brew it repeatedly.

Of course, its dregs are edible, don’t waste it.

One of the eating methods advocated by many Chinese medicine practitioners is boiling ointment.

After washing Dendrobium officinale, chop or pat it, add other materials and add cold water decoction, and fry twice and discard the residue.

Fry over low heat, add rock sugar or brown sugar, and continue to boil to make a paste.

Dendrobium can also be used to make wine.

Soak it into other high-alcohol spirits with other ingredients, and replace it after 3 months.

Finally, Dendrobium can be used for cooking.

It is also necessary to wash and chop or pat, and then simmer with chicken and duck and other materials with simmering fire, rotten and eat with residue.

You can also add other ingredients or cook porridge, or make ravioli or soup.

[How to fried peas is more crispy]_How to fried_taste crispy

This is the best way to compile a series of documents, such as a series of awards and awards. The awards are made by the Chinese government and the government is responsible for the patents.吇锛屾槸寰堥€傚悎姣忓ぉ鍚冪殑钄彍涔嬩竴銆傚緢澶氫汉鍠滄鎶婅睂璞嗙偢鐫€鍚冿紝浣嗘槸鏈夌殑鍗翠笉This is the only way to change it, if you want to change it, if you want to change it, you will be able to change it to each other.I ‘m afraid that I ‘m afraid, I ‘m afraid, I ‘m afraid, I ‘m afraid, I ‘m afraid, I ‘m afraid, I ‘m happy.0 闏 庶 楦 $ 經 10 鍏 嫔 娛 娉 曪 Details 1 髶 嫂 共 絃 眃 眴 鐢 ㄦ According to the report of the field, it ‘s the same as that of the tea.People press the button?  鐗 ╂Complementary chains and links 咑 将 呬 具 唷 劷 咹 姑 姽 姑姑  协  垚 鐑  姀 姾 姾 匾 包 僁 娅 娄 啫You can’t help it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t you want to do it?璞岃眴涓悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛屽喎鍗村悗浼氭洿鍔犻閰ュ彲鍙c€備簩涓绘枡锛氬共璞岃眴 540g杈呮枡锛氱洂 300g 锛岃My girl?30g, discerning?10g pan 掭 桶 Ad?.What are you talking about?.鍑嗗濂介鐩愬拰鑺辨绮夈€?.Qin chao pu pu 嗙 咤 呓 咮 咲 楀 劣 銆?.僌 ュ 共 姘 村 垎 銆?.璞岃眴鍊掑叆鐐掗攨涓紝灏忕伀鎱㈡參鐐掑埗锛岃嚦鏃犳按鍒嗐€?.锷 珲 叆 椋 紺 洂 銆?.鍊掑叆鑺辨绮夈€?.灏忕伀鐐掕嚦璞岃眴鐨寮€銆?.鍔犲叆鑺辨锛岀户缁笉鍋滅倰鍔ㄣ€?0.鐐掔啛鐨勮睂璞嗙瓫鍑虹洂鍜岃姳妞掋€?1.What’s the matter? What’s the difference?

Dashenlin (603233): Performance in line with expectations

Dashenlin (603233): Performance in line with expectations

Investment highlights: The company announced its 2018 annual report and realized revenue of 88.

5.9 billion yuan (+19.

38%), net profit attributable to mother 5.

3.2 billion (+11.

93%), net of non-attributed net profit5.

0.9 billion (+7.


The EPS is 1.

33 yuan.

Performance distribution plan: 10 yuan 6 yuan (including tax), 10 to 3 shares.

Ping An’s point of view: The gross profit margin has increased significantly, and the expansion of stores has led to an increase in the expense ratio: the company’s gross profit margin is 41.

65% (+1.

39pp), the increase in gross profit margin was mainly due to in-depth cooperation with upstream manufacturers, increased resources obtained after the increase in scale, and an increase in the proportion of high gross profit margin products; sales expenses decreased.

07% (+2.

16pp). The reason for the increase was mainly due to the increase in the number of employees and the increase in fixed assets after the expansion of the stores, which led to the corresponding increase in expenses; management expenses.

69% (+0.

02pp), financial expenses 0.

36% (+0.

01pp), maintaining stability.

Plowing into the provincial market, the expansion outside the province accelerated: In 2018, the company added 895 new stores, bringing the total to 3880 (+ 20%).

The company has the fastest growth in the number of stores in East China (Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian), which increased by 148, the number of stores reached 231 (+ 178%); followed by Guangxi Province, which increased by 243, the number of stores reached 695 (+ 54%), operating income 6.

3.1 billion (+37.

41%); 464 stores were newly added in Guangdong Province, the number of stores reached 2612; Henan added 137, the number of stores reached 342, and revenue increased by 36%.


Maintaining the “Recommended” level: As the leading pharmacy chain in the southern region, the company benefits from the good economic environment of Guangdong Province, the base of the province, and the development momentum in the province is good. At the 杭州桑拿 same time, the company accelerates the consolidation of markets in Guangxi, Henan and other places, with considerable room for future growth.

As the company’s profit growth in 2018 exceeded the previous forecast value, the company’s profit forecast was slightly reduced, and the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.



39 yuan (originally forecast EPS for 2019/2020 is 1.


20 yuan), corresponding PE is 28X / 23X / 19X, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk Tips 1. Risk of short-term performance growth pressure caused by rapid growth: The company will enter a period of rapid expansion after 2017. The profitability of new stores is weaker than that of old stores, so the increase in the proportion of new stores may put pressure on short-term performance.

2. Policy risks: The supervision of the pharmaceutical distribution industry 北京夜网 is becoming severe, and policies that may affect short-term performance may emerge. The implementation of hierarchical classification management methods has uncertainties on the company’s short-term performance.

3. Drug safety risks: Specific conditions are required for the transportation and storage of medicines. Improper handling may cause drug safety risks.

Aojiahua (002614): High-growth domestic market is expected to form a matrix of independent brands

Aojiahua (002614): High-growth domestic market is expected to form a matrix of independent brands

The global massage chair leader multiplied by the domestic market’s Dongfeng, for the first time covered the company that received the “strong recommendation” rating for resetting its own brand + ODM two-wheel drive massage device industry leader.

We believe that under the background of population aging and consumption upgrade, through the effective education of mass consumers through shared 深圳桑拿网 massage, China’s massage healthcare industry is about to usher in a golden period of accelerated penetration.

The company focuses on the “massage chair + AI” strategy, with outstanding technology and product power, the formation of an independent brand matrix, and the domestic market is expected to gain accelerated growth.

We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 5, respectively.



60 ppm, corresponding EPS is 1.



71 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE for 2019-2021 is 17/13/10 times.

Covered for the first time and given a “strong recommendation” rating.

Aging is driven by the need for supplementary health, and the penetration rate of the domestic massage chair industry is expected to usher in accelerated population aging. The problem of aging of the population is increasing, and the sub-health status of the young and middle-aged population is increasing, driving the rapid growth of the market demand for massage health equipment.To promote mass consumer education, China has gradually upgraded from a global massage chair production base to a new growth pole for the massage chair consumer market.

At present, the size of China’s massage equipment market is only US $ 12 billion, and the home massage chair retention rate is less than 1%. By benchmarking against the 10% level of mature markets in Japan and South Korea, the increase in the penetration rate of the domestic market will bring broad growth space.

In the era of mass consumption, the growth rate of the massage chair industry is expected to remain above 20%, and the market size of 100 billion yuan is expected.

Aojiahua: Improved product competitive advantages, the formation of an independent brand matrix, and high growth in the domestic market. The company is deeply cultivating the field of massage equipment. Through “overseas mergers and acquisitions + self-establishment”, it has formed the global layout of five independent brands, and gradually established technology, brands and channels.And other multiple competitive advantages.

The company focuses on the “Massage Chair + AI” strategy, leading the research and development of technologies such as “4D warm-sensing massage movement” and intelligent soreness detection; the independent brand Aojiahua is positioned in the Asian high-end market, and the star product “Imperial Warming Master Chair” replaces intergenerational competitionIts advantages have been well received by the market since its listing. In 2019, it will be used with a second brand to further explore the rapidly evolving mid-to-low-end market.

In the future, the company’s reorganization relies on ODM’s deep accumulation and solid overseas, and cooperates with BJSC to explore multiple new markets such as South Korea; gradually improve the domestic brand matrix to develop 杭州桑拿网 domestic sales, transform the star consumer products into the mass consumer market, and achieve sustained high growth in the domestic market.The leading advantages of the industry have gradually been further consolidated.

Risk reminder: The penetration rate of domestic massage chairs is lower than expected, exchange rate risks, etc.

Great Wall Motor (601633): Comprehensive gross profit margin increased slightly, market share continued to expand

Great Wall Motor (601633): Comprehensive gross profit margin increased slightly, market share continued to expand
Event: The company released the first quarter report of 2019: 2019Q1 achieved total operating income of about 226.300 million, realizing net profit attributable to mothers is 7.7.3 billion.The comments are as follows: 8%, the average price of bicycles has decreased: operating income (vehicles + parts) revenue reached about 220.9 trillion, a growth rate of -15 in ten years.8%, 2019Q1 company sold a total of 28 cars.380,000 vehicles, an increase of 10 in ten years.6%, revenue is mainly affected by price, rough estimate of average bicycle price (operating income 杭州桑拿网 / car sales) 2019Q1 is 7.780,000 yuan, 10 in 2018Q1.220,000.After the official drop in 2018Q3, some old models in 2019Q1 still basically maintain the price after the official drop.In addition, due to the product structure, the share of Euler increased and the share of WEY decreased, resulting in a decline in the average price of vehicles. The comprehensive gross profit margin increased steadily from the previous quarter, mainly driven by the auto finance business: the comprehensive gross profit margin of 2019Q1 was 15.04%, 2018Q4 was 13.96%.The 2019Q1 auto finance business income (index + commission income) is 5.42 trillion, a sequential growth rate of 81.At 6%, the gross profit margin of auto finance business in 2019Q1 was 68.8%, 2018Q4 was 57.3%.Automotive segment business (non-financial business) 2019Q1 gross profit margin was 13.7%, basically the same as 2018Q4 (13.6%).In our judgment, the proportion of the company’s F series increased, the industry demand continued to recover, and the company’s automotive segment gross margin improved. The management and sales expense ratio was basically the same as 2018Q4: management expenses (including research and development) accounted for 3% of revenue in 2019Q1.7%, 2018Q1 and Q4 are 2 respectively.4% and 3.7%; selling expenses accounted for 4 in 2019Q1.6%, 2018Q1 and Q4 are 4.4% and 4.6%. The sales volume of Great Wall in 2019Q1 continues to be higher than the industry, and the market share has steadily increased: the company’s auto sales (excluding pickup trucks) in 2019Q124.70,000 vehicles, an increase of 10% in ten years.In 2018, Great Wall accounted for 9 of the implanted brands in the market.2%, 2019Q1 increased to 11.3%.The Haval F-series (including F5) sold 50,850 units from January to March, accounting for 21 of the company’s SUVs.9%, of which Harvard F7 sold 14,512 units in March. Since its launch in November 18, the F7 has sold over 10,000 sales for four consecutive months.Sales of new energy models of the Euler brand increased sharply, with sales from January to March 1.410,000 vehicles, of which 7031 were achieved in March, an increase of 114.4%. We expect the EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.65 yuan, 0.74 yuan and 0.85 yuan, corresponding PE is 14x / 13x / 11x respectively; Great Wall Motors H shares 南京夜网论坛 corresponding PE is 9x / 8x / 7x, given a “recommended” rating risk reminder: the automotive market boom continues to decline, new model promotion is less than expected

Panjiang Co., Ltd. (600395) 2019 Interim Report Review: Performance Exceeds Expectations, Focuses on Capacity Expansion and Long-term Dividend Level

Panjiang Co., Ltd. (600395) 2019 Interim Report Review: Performance Exceeds Expectations, Focuses on Capacity Expansion and Long-term Dividend Level
The company’s first half performance increased by nearly 18%, exceeding market expectations.In the long run, the company is expected to release 420 tons of production capacity in the next three years.As the only state-owned coal listing platform in Guizhou Province, the company’s long-term remaining resources are expected to integrate and the growth is good.At the same time, considering the company’s leading dividend yield in the past two years, the company’s investment value is gradually showing. Net profit in the first half of the year increased by nearly 18%.The company’s operating income / net profit for the first half of the year were 32.86/6.2.2 billion (eleven +).27% / 17.81%), EPS is 0.38 yuan, the performance exceeded market expectations, mainly due to Q2 net profit in a single quarter3.2.5 billion, a significant increase from the previous quarter (+ 10%).The company deducts non-attributed net profit5.5.7 billion yuan (+12 per year).49%), the non-recurring benefits mainly come from the government subsidies corresponding to the overcoming of overcapacity wages and housing provident funds. The gross profit margin of coal increased significantly, and the price of coking coal increased by about 19%.The company produced 368 raw coal in the first half of the year.59 inches (+14 per year.30%), of which clean coal / blended 杭州桑拿网 coal is 185 respectively.54/183.04 for the first time (at least +5.90% / 24.28%); commercial coal sales were 398.59 for the first time (at least +11.52%), of which the average selling price of clean coal / blended coal is 1418 respectively.98/292.24 yuan / ton (in the past +18.94% /-5.22%), 519 tons of coal sales cost.69 yuan (one year -2.53%).Coal business gross margin 56.07% (up 4 per year.56pct). The increase in gross profit margin is primarily due to the company’s effective control of unit costs and the increase in the sale price of clean coal. R & D expenses increased significantly, and some subsidiaries turned losses.The company’s sales / management / finance / R & D expense ratios in the first half of 2019 were 0.32% / 9.99% / 1.82% / 0.83%, the total cost rate during the period increased by 0 each year.68pcts. Among the main subsidiaries, except Guizhou Shouqian Company, which exceeds 0.At 17 trillion, the Songhe Mine realized a turnaround and profit of about 12.87 million yuan; SDIC Panjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd. and Panjiang Finance Co., Ltd. made a profit of 552.216 million yuan. Regional leaders have further increased and increased production capacity is expected to drive output growth.As a regional coal leading company, the company is expected to benefit from the integration of resources of the group and the region for a long time.At present, the company actively promotes the construction of supplementary production capacity. The mines under construction include the Jinjia mine Jiazhuyu mining area (90 sites), Hengpu Company’s first phase of the Erfa mine (90 sites), and the Mayi coal mine (one well 240 initial).These mines are expected to gradually release food starting this year and next. Risk factors: Overcoming the risks of regional production safety, affecting the stability of the company’s output release; falling coal prices; uncertainty in resource integration. Investment suggestion: Considering that the company’s interim results exceed expectations, we slightly increase 2019?The EPS forecast for 2021 is zero.67/0.73/0.78 yuan (previous forecast was 0.64/0.71/0.77 yuan), the current price of 5.09 yuan, corresponding to 2019?P / E8 / 7 / 7x for 21 years, P / E10x for 2019, corresponding to a target price of 6.7 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

How to wear flip-flops

How to wear flip-flops

Core tip: Is flip-flops one of the pronouns of summer in your mind?

From spring to summer, your feet must desperately want to travel with flip-flops.

The problem is, long-term wearing flip-flops is not good for health. However, these do not mean that you must completely abandon flip-flops.

  ”Flip-flops”, commonly known as “flip-flops”, is a must-have cooling equipment for many people in summer. Some people who are relatively free at work even drag a pair of flip-flops out the door every day.People especially enjoy it, and many housewives also prepare a few pairs for their families.

However, the comfort of flip-flops is actually not very healthy and can even hurt your and your family’s feet.

Let’s take a look at the dangers of flip-flops.

  Frequently wear flip-flops 5 major hazards1, make the skin of your feet age too fast. The flip-flops are located in ordinary slippers, and they constantly slap on the back of the feet, because flip-flops are only in the front of shoes.According to the principle of the fulcrum of the two straps, when the heel of the shoe is in contact with the heel, the strength is great.

In this way, the skin on the heels will be hardened, plus the feet are exposed to the air, the skin will become dry.

If it becomes too dry, the dry skin will crack.

Whether it becomes dry or cracked, the feet will look very old, which is a very indecent thing, especially for girls.

  In fact, because the design of flip-flops is too simple, most of the area of the foot surface is exposed to the air.

Of course, this is not the main thing. The main thing is that in the flip-flop season, the sun is often more intense and the ultraviolet rays are richer. As a result, the foot surface will not only be tanned in a short time, but also give the skin a chance to cause skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays.

  2. It hurts the tendon of the foot, and the foot bones wear a flip-flop to walk. The main principle is to rely on the force of the toe to clamp the two straps in the middle of the shoe to drive the entire shoe forward.

In order to clamp the shoes more firmly, the toenails are unconsciously tightened and curled to grab the soles. This twisted state lasts for a long time, which can cause tendon strain under the toes and even nerve inflammation.

  In addition, even though people’s foot bones are usually thick and short, it is not easy to be injured, but the enlarged part of the sole of the foot is placed on the toe bone where it is displaced, and it is not so strong.

Flip-flops greatly increase the pressure on the arch and surrounding ligament tissue. In addition to triggering resonance, severe stress fractures of the phalanges.

  3, causing waist discomfort, when wearing the flip flops, people often unconsciously change the gait, the frequency becomes faster, the steps become smaller, and the ankle is rotated in this direction to stop the shoes, and the center of gravityLean forward, the contraction will naturally bend, and the spine of the waist will follow.

Over time, it will not cause the pace to become the internal figure, cause pain in the spine, and even cause sciatica.

  Even though the chance of causing sciatica is relatively small, it cannot be denied that maybe you are the lucky one.

  4, causing heel pain, flip-flop soles may look very soft and comfortable, but the design of the soles of most flip-flops is completely the opposite, and very thin, your feet will eventually sink down excessively.

The feet of normal people have a certain degree of curvature, which can help us buffer the vibration when walking, and flip-flops wear walking as if they are directly in contact with the ground without shoes.
This can cause pain in your heels, arches and toes.

Overly slender flats are also prone to hurting feet for this reason, and not as comfortable as they seem.

  5. Foot is more vulnerable to trauma. When people walk on gravel roads, flip-flops cannot provide any guarantee.

Recall that when you wear flip-flops, are there too many cuts, stabs and abrasions.

Buckled sandals are a healthier choice, except that your toes do not need to be bent to tighten the shoes to keep the shoes from flying out, but also provide better protection against joints and heels.

  Flip-flops high-risk crowd 1, paparazzi-starred stars have reached the level of Faye Wong, and paparazzi follow the tail when they go out. People who have to walk fast everywhere are the most unsuitable for flip-flops.Love flip-flops, it is the spokesperson of flip-flops.

Faye Wong loves to wear flip-flops in both winter and summer. She is the best model of flip-flops and also a representative of the harm of flip-flops. You don’t have to go to Mount Emei to ask for help.Her joints, calves, knees, hips, and back are her healthy black spots.

  2, pregnant women, people who are overweight, people who are overweight need more support from shoes, they usually put more pressure due to obesity on the feet, feet and insteps and backs.

Flip-flops will aggravate the loss of these locations and bring greater damage to these parts.

  3. The sister of Paris Hilton, who is easy to get rid of shoes, Nicky often wears flip-flops in shopping in summer, but she once threw out her left-foot flip-flops to make a joke next to the paparazzi.

In fact, sandals are already easy to be thrown, flip flops are easier to throw. To ensure that they are not thrown, you can only clamp them hard. It is easy to hurt the muscles and Achilles tendons.Suitable for wearing flip-flops, the image is completely destroyed.

  4. The feet need special care. People like Lin Zhiling, who pull advertisements on beautiful legs, such as C Luo, Liu Xiang, who compete on their feet, should not wear flip-flops, flip-flops will increase their chances of sprains, injuriesIt is important to think twice.

  How to Wear Flip-Flops Healthyly Flip-flops are often harmful, and flip-flops cannot be worn often.

Of course, we are not saying that we must completely replace the flip-flops.

They are great for beaches and swimming pools, or they are perfect for showers in the gym.

If you have to wear flip-flops, don’t forget to protect your feet. Here are a few ways to protect your feet.

  1. Choose a good material flip-flops. The general flip-flops are made of foam, which is relatively soft. Rubber flip-flops have good flexibility and can give the human body sufficient support.In addition, the heel-embossed shoes can make you walk more naturally, and will not make your toes tense, and always worry about the sandals falling off.

It may be in harmony with your tibia, or it may not be, but they will provide more support for your feet than ordinary flip-flops.

  2, choose the right shoe size to buy a shoe size that suits you, because there are many one-size flip-flops, you can’t just buy it for good looks, if it is too large or too small, it will be laborious to walk.

  3, select the width of the flip-flops First select the width of the flip-flops.

The support of the flip-flops on the insteps relies on two narrow herringbone straps. Try to choose some flip-flops. It is best to cover the middle of the insteps to give more support to the insteps.

  How to wear flip-flops for foot maintenance1. Wear flip-flops for up to 1 hour to tell everyone the harm that flip-flops can cause to your feet. It is not for everyone to never wear flip-flops, just don’t wear them for a long time.You should take a break when walking for more than an hour, so don’t wear flip-flops when traveling.

It should also be noted that flip-flops, like sports shoes, should be replaced after wearing for 3-4 months. If the soles are worn and skewed, they must be replaced in time.

  2. If the feet are soaked in hot salt water for a day, and you feel particularly tired and sore feet, you can put the coarse salt into the hot water to make a “foot bath” for yourself, which can be done in 10-15 minutes, which can improve and soothe the discomfort of the feet.Feeling, promote toe fracture and calf blood circulation, stretch the veins and improve the stiffness of the lower limbs.

  3, self-help foot massage After doing a hot foot bath, if you still feel the feet are sore, you can also do a self-service foot massage.

First apply a layer of emollient lotion to the hands and feet, and then cross the arch of the foot with the thumbs of both hands, do not blindly massage the painful part of the foot.

  4. Simple “physical therapy” For the disease of “damaging the muscles and bones”, rehabilitation-type physical therapy is always more conducive to recovery than drug therapy.

First teach you a simple foot movement: step on a small ball with a foot (tennis ball), and use the power of the foot to roll the ball gently, so that you can massage and stimulate all points of the arch of the foot, and reduceSmall calf muscles.

If your symptoms are serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for professional physiotherapy to enhance the effect.

Recommended seven stomach nourishing medicinal soups

Recommended seven stomach nourishing medicinal soups

Stomach disease is a common problem among modern people, so nourishing the stomach has become something that modern people must pay attention to. So, how to nourish the stomach and what is the medicinal diet?

Take a look at the 7 nourishing medicated diets described below.

  Yangwei Medicinal Diet Soup 1, Pepper Pork Belly Soup Ingredients: 20 grams of pepper, 3 slices of ginger, 6 jujubes, 250 grams of pork belly.

  Method: Cut off the pig’s belly, rub it with salt, wash it with water, and remove odor.

Red dates and ginger are washed with water, red dates are pitted; ginger is peeled and sliced.

Bring it to a boil with moderate amount of water, add all the ingredients, wait for the water to boil again, and boil over medium heat for 3 hours. Season with fine salt and replace.

  Efficacy: This soup can regulate the condition of cold stomach and restore healthy spleen and stomach.

  2, yam stewed lamb chops material: lamb chops, ginger, hawthorn, licorice, yam amount.

  Method: Lamb chops are washed and boiled in boiling water for 15 minutes. After picking up and draining, stir fry with ginger, hawthorn and licorice, add water when smelling, and simmer for 20 minutes on high fire.

Finally, pour in yam and water, and simmer slowly for 40 minutes.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of dispersing cold in the middle temperature, nourishing the spleen and replenishing qi, strengthening the stomach and digesting food.

Yam helps to repair the gastric mucosa, and the amylase and polyphenol oxidase contained in it also help the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach.

Lamb meat is delicate and high in protein, but a few are less than pork. It is a delicious ingredient for winter health and cold protection.

  3. Ginseng and pork belly material: 1 pork belly, 15 grams of ginseng, 6 grams of dried ginger, 7 scallions, 150 grams of glutinous rice.

  Method: Wash the pork belly, fold the shallots and cut into sections, wash the glutinous rice, put them together in the pork belly, and insert them with a thread.

Add water to the casserole, put the pork belly in the pot, first boil with the wuhuo, skim the noodles in the noodle soup, and use the simmer to cook until it is extremely hot.

  Efficacy: It can treat the symptoms of cold pain in the spleen and stomach, coldness of the stomach, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.

  4, Amomum lamb soup ingredients: Amomum 10 g, white pepper 3 g, ginger, a small amount of lamb.

  Method: Cook 10 grams of Amomum villosum, 3 grams of white pepper, a few slices of ginger and an appropriate amount of mutton, and cook in a suitable amount of salt.

  Efficacy: Amomum villosum, warming and dampening, qi and medium; white pepper, ginger Xin Wen to regulate qi; mutton Xin Wen tonic, Yangwei cold.

Amomum villosum soup has the effects of strengthening the spleen and dispersing cold, warming the stomach and relieving pain, and is especially suitable for those with TCM syndromes that are of deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

  5. Pork Belly and Atractylodes Soup Ingredients: 1 pork belly, 60 g of atractylodes, 45 g of ginger, 15 g of pepper, and appropriate salt.

  Measures: Wash the pork belly, degrease it, add boiling water and simmer it, and then dry it.

Add Atractylodes macrocephala, ginger, and pepper into the pork belly, put in the pork belly, puncture the small holes with acupuncture, put in water, boil on high heat, and cook for 2 hours on low heat, season with salt.

Remove pork belly, cut into pieces, and drink soup to eat pork belly.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of dispersing cold in the middle temperature, nourishing the spleen and invigorating the qi, especially suitable for those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

  6, Shenqi monkey head stewed chicken soup material: 100 grams of Hericium erinaceus, 1 hen (about 750 grams), 10 grams each of astragalus, codonopsis, jujube, ginger slices, shallot knot, Shao wine, clear soup, starch.
  Method: Wash the Hericium erinaceus to remove the pedicle. After the swelling, squeeze the residual water in the bacteria to remove the bitter taste, then cut into 2 mm thick pieces for use.

Remove the head and feet of the hen, chop the cubes, and put it in the stew pot. Add ginger slices, shallots, wine, clear soup, put the Hericium edodes tablets and soft-washed astragalus, codonopsis, jujube.Slowly cook until the meat is cooked and seasoned.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and spleen, nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach.

  7, Guizao yam soup material: 12 jujubes, about 300 grams of yam, two tablespoons of longan meat, 1/2 cup of sugar.

  Method: Red dates are soaked, yam peeled, diced, and boiled in clear water, cooked until soft, seasoned with longan meat and sugar.

After the longan meat has been cooked, it can be eaten off the heat.

  Efficacy: Yam has the function of nourishing the spleen and stomach; longan and red dates are beneficial to qi and blood, and spleen and stomach.

  The method of the above seven nourishing stomach medicated soups is very simple. It is easy to learn to follow the recipes. Friends with poor stomachs should cook these soups often!

Give skin a sweet sleep


Give skin a sweet sleep

The busyness, tension, and stress of the day make the skin in a tense state of tension. At the same time when the cells actively prevent various injuries from the outside, the nutrients stored inside the skin will be metabolically consumed by themselves, and they look tired, dull and dry.

Only when you fall asleep at night, skin cells begin to “exercise” and begin to truly self-regulate and renew. At this time, the metabolic activity is equivalent to more than the daytime, so give your skin a sweet sleep!

  Perfect sleep exercise. Before going to bed, use some night care products with deep nourishing and repairing functions. This kind of cream that can improve the cell’s metabolic vitality is like injecting “stimulant” into the skin, so you can see it every morning.Reinvent yourself.

  Milk, honey and red wine can soothe hyperactive nerves and help you fall asleep before midnight. In the middle of deep sleep, the lymphatic tissue in the skin is like a “cleaner”, and the waste and toxins remaining in the cells are one by oneremove.

  Take a bath two hours before bed, supplemented with calming sandalwood, lavender and rosewood essential oils to soothe your body and mind, or drop it in the fumigator and release it into the air. Only when you have a full and deep sleep can you enjoy the excellent effects of skincare.

  30 minutes before bedtime, you may wish to dim the light first, so that the pineal glands that photophobia start to become active, and then secrete melatonin hormones with hypnotic effect, and date dreaming step by step.

  Exercise can increase the oxygen content in the blood, increase serotonin secretion, and promote sleep.

Exercise for 30 minutes a day can increase brain endorphin secretion, make you feel happy, release stress, and relax your muscles to help you fall asleep.