Doctor: Do 6 things, the kidney will thank you

“Let’s eat kidney and kidney” is the biggest scam in health?
Doctor: Do 6 things, the kidney will thank you

In high blood pressure, the kidney has always been a hot topic.

Whether it is “the kidney is good, the body is good”, or “a man with a good kidney, don’t want to run.”


.A variety of kidney virtual advertisements, constantly brainwashing and eating melons.

Of course, “kidney deficiency” itself is a relatively complicated concept of Chinese medicine. Different Chinese medicine schools have different treatments for kidney deficiency. We don’t talk too much about kidney deficiency, but how can this kidney be “developed”
Really good for the kidneys, there are mainly these 6 small tricks!

First, controlling weight obesity is the source of all evils, and it also has too many disadvantages for the kidneys.

If the body weight is too heavy, the obesity rate will increase the metabolic burden of the kidney, and cause glomerular disease, which will cause kidney failure.

So this is not the world’s discrimination against fat people, but more for health.

Second, tar and nicotine in smoking cessation tobacco can cause arteriosclerosis, which indirectly damages the kidney or directly damages the kidney.

Although alcohol does not directly affect the kidneys, it can damage the liver and cause liver failure, resulting in hepatorenal syndrome.

In addition, excessive alcohol intake will increase the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and will also cause continued kidney damage.

Third, there are many causes of active control of chronic kidney failure in basic diseases, most of which are chronic glomerulonephritis, diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive nephropathy.

These chronic diseases not only damage the heart and brain vascular diseases, but also increase the burden on the kidneys, especially those caused by diabetes.

Fourth, physical activity that avoids fatigue and hypertensive exercise will increase the production of metabolites and increase the burden on the kidneys.

If you have a patient with kidney disease, you need to avoid fatigue. Too much exercise can cause rhabdomyolysis, directly damage the vein, and cause acute kidney injury.

Fifth, drug abuse is the main metabolic organ of the human body, and the kidney absorbs all metabolic waste in the body.

Naturally, some unidentified drugs and food directly damage the kidneys. The biggest one is Chinese herbal medicine and the so-called “tonic”.

The National Food and Drug Administration has repeatedly issued warnings. At present, it is clear that Chinese medicines with kidney damage are mainly related to Mutong, Tianxianteng, Qingmuxiang, and Guangfang.

Sixth, the first major cause of chronic renal failure in chronic physical examination is chronic glomerulonephritis. This disease does not have too many symptoms in the early stage, leading to patients in the middle and late stages of discovery.

It is recommended that all friends have to adhere to the normative physical examination at least once a year, and early detection of hematuria, proteinuria and other performance, is conducive to control early conditions.

Reducing sexual intercourse, it really does not matter much with the kidney. The Chinese people are not good at the kidneys, and often think of the first impression—–“reducing sexual intercourse.”

But in fact, this matter has little to do with the kidneys, and those so-called “shapes and complements” eat kidneys or kidney herbs, these things are not “purified” by the kidneys after digestion and metabolism.

After you have eaten these wonderful things, you will leave your hands. Are these messes not solely borne by the kidneys themselves?

Therefore, there is no good medicine for “reinforcing the kidney” in this world.

If you want to be good at the kidney, do a good job of prevention and less toss, this is the most effective and most cost-effective way to “replenish the kidney.”