If it wasn’t for Brother Jiu’s exhaustion,,And gave out many favors,It’s impossible for Lan Kai to come。

The second is the folk song Xiaotianwang Fu Bufan of Yanhuang Music。
Fu Bufan back then18Years old,Also from a variety show,But he was eliminated in the quarterfinals, but he didn’t make a hit,But just wandering all over the country alone3Year time,Was discovered by Yanhuang Music。
Then he signed an extremely unequal contract,One person arranged all the lyrics and music in the album,One came out two years ago《My beginning》record。
Turns out this record sold300Million online album sales,Offline physical disc,Fully sold95000Zhang!
Since then, Fu Bufan has been hailed as the third little king。
Because Fu Bufan debuted in the same year as Han Donger,So the industry also calls them golden boys and girls。
Happens to be,recent《love letter》Drives Han Dong’er to the fire,So Brother Jiu made a decisive decision,Changed the original guest,Ruan Mo hard soak his good friend Wei Xi,I finally invited Han Donger。
In this way,《I sing my song》It seems to be the most powerful talent show this year。
Even if it’s another talent show with a queen Xu Ping participating in,Can’t compare to it。
Really for this reason,Last week’s《love letter》Saturday after the premiere,《I sing my song》Got0.68%Ratings,Ranked No. 1 in all variety shows last week17Bit。
This result is pretty good,Even in its ranking on Saturday,Are ranked fifth,Second only to the big variety show, Shonan TV“happy everyday”、Jiangdong TV《Blind date march》,Huajing TV《Sound of Nature》And Shanghai Hai TV《We are comedians》。
To know,Saturday’s variety shows are the most,More than 30 provincial and municipal television stations across the country,Almost there20Will show variety shows at this time,《I sing my song》Can be ranked fifth,It’s already a very cowhide performance。
last year《I sing my song》The one with the highest ratings is the final,But it’s just0.92%,Ranked fourth only once。
Now the first knockout game has such a good start,Brother Jiu and they are also in good spirits,Strive to break the ratings as soon as possible1。
As long as the ratings can be broken1’S variety show,Qualified to be called the Ace Variety Show。