[King crab practice steaming]_ delicious practice _ steaming practice

[King crab practice steaming]_ delicious practice _ steaming practice

Although we do n’t have the cooking skills of a five-star chef, the easiest way for king crab is to steam it.

Steamed King Crab can retain the original flavor of King Crab.

And steamed king crab can also reduce the loss of nutrients.

Although steamed king crab is a simple cooking method, there are many techniques to make it delicious.

So, how do steamed king crabs taste delicious?

Steamed or Cooked King Crab The recommended method is steaming over water. If you cook it, it will boil all the umami, so do not cook it.

The king crab practice recommends home-made spicy crab legs1.

First cut the king crab leg, insert it at the joint, and then cut the crab leg apart for easy taste.


Cut all the ingredients into spares.

Preheat the pot with an appropriate amount of oil, stir-fry the ingredients such as peppers in the pot, add the crab legs and continue to fry until they are cooked.

A very simple dish, let’s try it.

How about king crab? Is king crab steamed or boiled?

King crab practice recommends crabs with ice weighing three catties, with ice!

One claw is broken!

The meat is really dissatisfied. Although it is more than normal crab meat, the meat is very dry!

Not enough to weigh!


The boss is still hanging 3.


6 pounds attract customers, does not exist at all!

After the shrinkage was severely thawed, it was less than 2 catties. It was quite honest that the boss refunded the difference.

However, I still thought that I had spent the money to buy a crab.

So not cost-effective.

Crab is very skinny, although it is a little meaty but not much, the body meat is almost empty, let alone the crab cover, there is no meat at all.


It is packed in a foam box with a complete ice pack. The king crab inside is also packed in a separate gift box. It is very suitable for giving away or eating by yourself. When you take it out, the whole is still very iced, very fresh and quite large.It is also equipped with a pair of small scissors, which can cut the spikes and cut them, which is very thoughtful.

The portion is full, one can cut two large pots, and I have seen that the meat is full, firm and fresh, and it is very convenient with tools. When eating crab legs, you can cut it slightly and use a small lengthThe crab meat is scooped out with small scissors. When eating crabs, the king crab shell is relatively soft and difficult to pluck, but it is convenient to have scissors. It is straightforward to cut the crab meat full and feel a bite. Super good, anyway.I want to eat it when I look at it. The next time I will come here, the portion is full. The meat is full and firm. It is packed in a fresh gift box. It is very suitable for eating or giving away.

Not bad.

The material is fresh, the portion is full, the logistics speed is fast, and the taste is good. On the whole, it is the same as the king crab that can be bought on the market. In addition, it also has a gift box packaging, and comes with scissors and some crab eating gadgets.Cost-effective, no shortcomings have been found, the overall is very good, very satisfied.