Middle-aged sports fitness Taijiquan


Middle-aged sports fitness Taijiquan

Tai Chi is a relatively common sport in China.

The martial arts novels often use the “four or two pounds” to describe the wonders of Tai Chi, and for more people practicing Tai Chi, it is no longer self-defense, mainly fitness, nourishment, self-care.

銆€銆€Tai Chi is a kind of sports that is slow in motion, quiet in motion, and soft in the middle.

Its strength, strength, rhythm and time can be changed by the practitioners themselves. It is a stress-free, artistic way of exercising.

銆€銆€Tai Chi Chuan’s tension Tai Chi is a combination of strength, balance, posture and calming. It is a lightweight sports program with the following advantages: 路 Maintaining cardio endurance; 路 Increasing body softness; 路 Improving old ageHuman balance ability, swing ability; 路 Certain effects on arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and coronary arteriosclerosis; 路 Improvement of self-awareness, self-confidence, sleep, loss of emotions, etc.improve.

銆€銆€The environment requires that sunlight and air generally work better when the sun is oblique.

In the summer, infirm people should avoid practicing under direct light.

The fresher the air, the better.

Air pollution, mostly containing carbon dioxide, soot, dust, bacteria, etc., inhaled into the lungs is unhealthy.

In the fog, practice boxing to avoid the opening of air pollution.

銆€銆€When practicing Taijiquan, you should choose soft, flat areas, such as grass, plastic venues, mud, etc. If you exercise on a harder field, you must wear soft-soled shoes to slow the ground to the feet and shift., the impact of the joints such as the knee.

銆€銆€For beginners and frail patients, it is best to practice boxing in a spacious and spacious place.

After practicing, the ground can be practiced without adjustment, which is good for the adaptability of the foot.

銆€銆€In addition, the environment is quiet and easy to concentrate and emotionally calm.

This is especially important for beginners because beginners are most susceptible to interference from outside objects.

銆€銆€Precautions Different people should adjust their exercise intensity and quantity according to their physical condition during exercise, and keep fit and prevent injury.

銆€銆€Prepare for the activity Before the formal training of the fist, you should prepare for the activity, jog properly, exercise the body slightly, and then press the leg properly, pull the ligament, do a few lifts, especially the knee, the contraction jointThe activity is open.

銆€銆€When you start to learn Taijiquan from the simple, it is best to start with simple, that is, to learn simplified Taijiquan. After the practice of conversion, master the essentials of movement, you can transition to learning traditional Taijiquan.

銆€銆€The low center of gravity exercise is suitable for Tai Chi Chuan. The unique form of exercise is that the knee joint is always in a semi-squat position. The lower limb exercise load is relatively large, continuous, low center of gravity exercise, it is easy to cause knee joint humerus, ligament injury, causing pain.

Therefore, in the process of boxing, don’t over-purchase the low-centered boxing posture of “Tai Chi Pace”, and focus on the “walking frame” and the unity of essence, qi and god.

銆€銆€Time should not be too long, practice time should not be too long, there must be a certain rest between the set and the set, do not put a set of punches several times in a row.

銆€銆€Related links Currently, Tai Chi Chuan mainly has twenty-four types, forty-two styles, Chen style, Yang style, comprehensive and many other routines.

People of different physical qualities should choose the Taijiquan routine that suits them, not as much as possible.

Too many rituals in learning Tai Chi will cause the practitioners to lose their strength and affect the overall practice.

Moreover, due to the length of the exercise time, the intermediate rest time is too short, the amount of exercise is too large, and it is easy to cause muscle strain and joint damage.